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The hunger games just Gale goes instead of Peeta.

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Hey this is my first Fanfiction so feel free to criticise so I will be able to change it.In this FF Katniss and Gale were dating before the hunger games and gale is chosen to be a tribute instead of Peeta.This ff will be in different P.O.V's and don't worry I have nothing against Peeta after I read Mocking jay I think Gale is stupid for just leaving her but this was just an idea that popped up.

Disclaimer: The Hunger Games and the characters belong to Suzanne Collins I only own my own characters and ideas.

Katniss P.O.V

I shot up in my bed because of an unwanted nightmare I reached beside me for the warmth of my younger sister but I only felt the cold, old cot. Prim was of course snuggled close to my mother she was as beautiful and fresh as a primrose the flower she was named for, my mother had years of worry on her face she was as beautiful as Prim or what I heard and sleeping at the foot of the cot was the ugliest cat in the world Buttercup had a mashed up nose half of one ear missing and eyes of rotting squash he was guarding Prim from nightmares .When I propped myself on my elbows and Buttercup instantly started hissing at me because when Prim brought him home at first he was scrawny, belly swollen with worms and crawling with fleas I tried to drown him so I think he now hates me or distrusts me. The last thing I needed was another mouth to feed but Prim begged even cried to keep him I couldn't say no especially to Prim she named him Buttercup insisting that his muddy yellow coat matched the bright flower. Buttercup stopped hissing at me when I fed him the entrails of my game that is the closest thing we will ever come to love. Rolling out of bed I started to put my boots and my father's hunting jacket me, prim and my mother live in the poorest part of our district called the seam on regular days at this time you would find many men and woman going off to the mines for their morning shift but today was the reaping and the reaping didn't start till two o'clock so people just slept in until then. We live at the edge of the Seam so I only had to pass a few houses till I got to the meadow there was an electric fence there to supposedly keep out large animals but because District 12 was the poorest district we only got a few hours of electricity in the evening the fence was supposed to be on twenty-four seven because it was illegal to go pass the fence. I risked going pass the fence every day to find food for my family my dad died four years ago when I twelve in a mine explosion, years later I still wake up screaming for him to run so he can come back to us, but before he died he taught me how to hunt, before I went under a hole in the fence near my house I waited for a few minutes to make sure the fence wasn't on because I was just paranoid I got my bow and arrows from a hollow log and went to go meet with my with my boyfriend Gale in our favourite spot to meet, we met a few years ago in the woods it took us months to even start to be my friends but we started we started to trust each other more every day we went hunting and eventually he became my best friend and then boyfriend.

I noticed that I arrived at me and Gale's favourite spot Gale was sitting in on our rock overlooking a field of grass I quietly made my way to him and sat beside him.

Gale P.O.V

As soon as I realized that Katniss sat beside me I gave her a peck on the lips "look at what I caught "I said as I pulled a loaf of warm bakery bread with an arrow threw it for Katniss to see trying to get a smile out of her and instead it she laughs her musical laugh that she that I only ever hear when were hunting in the woods. After I gave Katniss her half of the bread she all but hungrily ripped a smaller piece from it and began to eat it as started to eat mine "may the odds " I started to say what the capitol says to us every year at the reaping "ever be in your favor she finished.after we finished eating the bread we decided to go fishing.We caught eight fish and we gathered some strawberrys from the strawberry bush Katniss found.Together we walked to the hob an illegal blackmarket inside an old coal mill.First we went to Greasy sue then to some others to trade for coins and salt.Katniss decided to go to the mayor and sell him our strawberrys instead of me because I think she knows that if see Madge the mayors daughter I will snap at her.So I gave Katniss and flatly told her to look nice then we split the food and coins then I watched her walk off.

Katniss P.O.V

When I went to the mayors house Madge which is my sorta friend we kinda just sat together at lunch at school not talking but we also sat together so im not sure, opened the door "hi katniss good luck at the reaping " she told me as she handed me the money "you too" I replied "well see at the reaping then"she told me"yup see you there" I flatly as I started to leave.Next I started walking home when I got there I was greeted with a hug from prim she was wearing my old reaping outfit which was a little big for her,her shirt was untucked from the back making it look like a duck tail "tuck your tail in little duck"I told her chuckling a little she giggled as she tucked her tail back in.It was my turn to get ready know since my bath was ready I grudgely thanked our mother but I didn't like it since she practically watched me and prim starve.Scrubbing my skin,nails free of dirt and soot next I rinsed my hair and body after I used the little soap we had.When I stepped out and dried myself a gorgous blue dress was ready for me it was one of my mother's dress it was before she marries my father "are you sure " I asked "of course " my mother answered as she put my hair in a beautiful braid.We ate befaore we left but of course it was't the food I hunted today we just ate some leftovers from yesterdays dinner because familys usually save the good food to make a feast that night because their child wasn't picked for the hunger games while the family that's child was chosen closed their shutters and prayed for the best.After we ate we walked to town square the more happier part of the district but today there were streamers , cameras and people everywhere,peacekeepers were everywhere they were people the capitol trained to help enforce the law.Everyone is required to come unless your on your death bed peacekeepers go around checking each house to make sure if you aren't there and is caught bad things will happen.I led me and prim to the check In tables after we checked in me and prim headed our separate ways after I hugger her I went to the sixteen yoar olds while she went to the twelve year olds section.

Heyy guys my next chapter will be the reaping tell me if I should continue and suggestions should be helpful


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