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The King's Choronicles Chapter 2: The Fight With Karkusa (Rough Copy)

Book By: Phoenix Stanway
Action and adventure

Tags: Fantasy

A long time ago, The Power of Sevelta fell from the heavens. Karkusa came to Dornain, killed the King trying to get that power. Luckily, Karkusa was banished out of the heavens thanks to Rumple, Buddy, and Jack. But centuries later, a group of teenagers found the map of where The Power of Sevelta was. But they're not the only ones after it. When Karkusa comes back for revenge with an army that out matches any other, these teenagers must find and protect The Power of Sevelta at all cost. If they don't, everyone on Dornain is doomed.

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Rumple grips the quill firmly, but not to firmly. He dips the quill in the fine black ink, takes it out, and starts writing in his daily journal. He writes, "November 26th, 1489. Today, the rest of my men and I brought The Power of Sevelta. It was beautifully stunning. It was sort of a diamond shape with a blue beam and a bright glowing yellow core in the middle. When we brought it to Sevelta, King Sparrow had the biggest smile on his face. He rewarded me and the rest of my men with 1000 gold shillings. After I'm done writing in my journal, I'm going to ask him if he liked his gift, but first, I need to tell you what happened on the journey to find The Power of Sevelta." Rumple stops, dips his quill back in the fine black ink, and continues on writing in his daily journal.

A red substance came from the cracks in the ceiling. The red substance falls onto Rumple's journal. Rumple looks at the liquid. He knows he seen it before, just can't remember at the moment. Rumple put's his finger in it. "Weird." whispers Rumple while examining the liquid. He brings it closer. Rumple takes a deep breath through the nose, hoping to get a scent. Nothing. Rumple eats the liquid. Then he spit's it back out. Blood. Another drop of blood lands on Rumple's journal. Rumple looks up. It's coming from the King's…oh no. Rumple drops the quill and runs. He drips on the cedar chair leg and face plants on the ground, but that doesn't stop him from getting out the door.

"Hey you, stop." Yells out Rumple. Surprisingly, he stopped Buddy. Buddy stops, catches his breath, and then he walks towards Rumple. "What is your name son?" Asks Rumple.

"My name is-"

"I don't have enough time for this, so I'm going to call you Buddy"

Buddy frowns. Nobody appreciates him or his name, especially his name. "Why were you running Buddy?" Asked Rumple. Buddy goes to say it, "I-I-I don't remember any more for some reason." Rumple isn't surprised. One time Buddy forgot where he was for a whole day.

Rumple asks, "Were you in the King's throne room?" Buddy thinks. "Was I?" Buddy asks himself. He thinks for a little while. Then he remembered. "Yes I was." Answered Buddy with a happy voice. "Where is Sparrow? Is he ok? Is he hurt?" Says Rumple really fast. Buddy says with a confused face, "Huh?"

"The King, is he ok?"

"Rumple, King Sparrow was murdered half an hour ago."

Rumple goes silent. King Sparrow was like a father to him. Rumple goes into a flashback. When he was little and when King Sparrow was only known as Prince Sparrow was when the two friends met. Rumple was just a homeless 10 year old kid off of the streets of Sevelta. He showed courage by giving a smaller and younger kid the rest of his food. Prince Sparrow took notice of this bold move. So Prince Sparrow took Rumple into the family. Even though he doesn't live in the castle, they were really close friends.

Rumple's flash back ends. Rumple gets angry, very angry. He clenches his fists. "Who murdered King Sparrow?" Buddy takes a deep breath, "A malevolence god." Rumple becomes doubtful. "I'm sorry, but did you just say a malevolence god?" Buddy nods his head. He tries something. "Let me sum it up for you, ok?" Rumple nods his head. "You know the glowing crystal thingy you and your men brought back?"

"You mean The Power of Sevelta?"

"Yeah that thing. Well apparently the malevolence god named Karkusa came down from the heavens to bring it back. He asked King Sparrow if he can bring it back, but Sparrow said 'NO'. So Karkusa electrocuted him to death. Then I got some Spearmen to shoot Karkusa down, but they all missed because they suck. Then most of them died and the rest passed out, myself included. After me and my men regain consciousness, I asked them to go get help. They go downstairs, but they don't get help. So Jack is buying me time to go get help by fighting Karkusa." Buddy takes a few deep breaths. Rumple quickly says, "Wait. What was that last part?" Buddy gasps. He jumps with joy and excitement. "I remembered why I was running. Rumple, I need your help." Rumple became confused. He says with a perplexed tone, "And why do you need my help?"

"Because Jack engaged Karkusa alone in fight."

Rumple's eyes widened. "We need to save Jack before something bad hap-." BOOM! The whole fourth floor shook. Crumbs fall from the ceiling to the floor. Rumple put's his hood on. "You know what? Change of plans." Buddy becomes confused. "We had plans?" Rumple starts running. "WHERE ARE YOU GOING?" Yells Buddy.

Rumple yells back, "I'M GOING TO SAVE JACK."



"Oh yeah, almost forgot." Says Buddy as he is running to get help. Rumple's head is pounding with a headache, he's already tired, and breathing heavily. Rumple is running as fast as he can possible go. Trying to avoid collisions with other Seveltians, but he doesn't know if he'll make in time to save Jack.

BOOM! Jack is thrown through another pillar. "I'm impressed. Usually people don't survive this long when fighting me. Anyway, thanks for the good time. I hope you had a good time too." Says Karkusa. Jack groans in pain. "But unfortunately, it's time to end it." Jack tries to get up, but he can't. Karkusa picks up a spear. "Alemu Sintaceo." coughs out Jack while swirling his hand in the air. Karkusa throws the spear. Suddenly, lighting strikes Jack causing an electrical shield. The spear bounces off the shield and gets stuck in a crack in the ceiling which causes a giant rock to fall on Karkusa. When the rock hit's Karkusa, it made a thundering noise. "Ouch." Says Karkusa. Karkusa picks up the boulder and chucks it to the side. "That was a good trick Jack." Says Karkusa brushing is arm off. "But you can't stay in there forever." Karkusa walks towards Jack. Jack looks like he's going to pass out. Karkusa thrust a powerful punch at the shield. The shield doesn't give out. "You have powerful magic Jack. Let's see how many punches it takes for your shield to give out." Says Karkusa. He starts beating on the shield. "Alur Boishma." Says Jack. His cuts, bruises, and all other injuries star to heal at the same time. For a brief moment, the shield gave out. "Ah, it seems that your shield almost gave out Jack." This made Karkusa punch harder and faster.

BANG! Jack's shield fails. "Almost 200 punches from a god to knock out your shield. Impressive. Now let's see how many punches it takes to kill you." Said Karkusa blowing on his fists. Karkusa says, "Any last words…Jack?" Jack pulls out from his pocket, a crumbled up fortune cookie. He hands it to Karkusa. Karkusa takes the cookie. "I never liked the cookie, but the fortunes were always…interesting." Says Karkusa retrieving the fortune out of the cookie. Karkusa reads the fortune, "Someday, you'll die. And when you do, I'll be there to see it." Karkusa laughs. "This fortune will never come true. Do you know why?" Karkusa grabs Jack by the throat and begins to squeeze. "Any last words Jack?" Says Karkusa. "I do." Says a voice from behind him. Karkusa is about to turn around.

BAM! Karkusa let's go of Jack. He goes flying. A man wearing a hood that shadows over his face that shouldered Karkusa falls to the ground. "Wow…that hurt more than I anticipated." He says. Karkusa gets furious. "WHO DARES HIT'S KARKUSA, THE GOD OF POWER?" The hooded man says, "I did." He gets up. "Give up now or perish in the depths of hell." threatens the little man. He takes off his hood. "RUMPLE!" Yells out Jack. "You!" Said Karkusa.

"Are you the one who found the -."

"Yes it is me."

All was silent for a few moments. Karkusa and Rumple are just staring at each other.

"You stole The Crystal of Alerak."

"No I didn't."

"Yes you did."

"No I didn't. I found The Power of Sevelta."

"The Crystal of Alerak and The Power of Sevelta are one of the same."

"Well I found it near OUR borders, not your borders."

"Just because you found it doesn't mean that it's yours."

"Finders keepers, losers…a well…I forgot the rest, but we all know how it ends."

Jack watches as Karkusa and Rumple bicker at each other. Karkusa glares at Rumple. Rumple pulls out his cutlass. "Want to fight for it." Karkusa pulls out 2 broadswords. "It would be my pleasure." They both charge at each other. Their swords slash and clash across the room. Karkusa makes his right arm and sword disappear. Rumple is so busy fighting Karkusa and trying not to get killed, that he doesn't notice. Karkusa goes for a chop, but Rumple blocks it. "Tell me something Rumple, if you're blocking 1 of my 2 swords, where is the second one?" Rumple's eyes widen once again. Karkusa smiles because he knows that victory is his. Rumple is just about to run for it. SLICE! "AHHH!" Yells out Rumple in pain. He drops his cutlass. Rumple looks at his arm. There's a giant gash that is from his shoulder to the bottom of his elbow. Rumple walks away slowly like he's drunk. To the left, then the right, back to the left, back to the right. Finally, Rumple falls to the ground, unconscious in a pool of blood. "RUMPLE!" screams out Jack. Jack tries to get up. Karkusa raises his hand. Some sort of force grips around Jack. Jack can't move. Karkusa brings Jack closer to him. "You're not going anywhere." Said Karkusa in Jack's face. He pushes Jack into a wall. Jack blacks out. "Finally, some silence." Says Karkusa. He walks towards King Sparrow's throne. Karkusa reaches The Power of Sevelta. An arrow strikes through Karkusa' wrist as he was grabbing The Power of Sevelta. "Was that an arrow?" Karkusa asked himself. He looks at his wrist. The hole in his wrist heals instantly. Karkusa turns his head towards the direction of where the arrow was shot only enough to see if he can hear footsteps. He hears footsteps, very loud footsteps. The footsteps last for about a minute. Then he fully turns around. Karkusa is stunned. "WHAT!" He yells out in confusion. Karkusa is already surrounded by 200 of King Sparrow's men.

"Good work men." Says a man with a crossbow. "Who are you?" asks Karkusa curiously. "My name is Robert Dolly, but my friends call me Buddy." He says.

"Tell me something. Are you afraid of death Buddy?"

"Hey! I said my friends call me Buddy and you don't qualify."

"Maybe I didn't make myself clear enough for you. I am a god; I can call you whatever I want and wherever I want. So, Buddy, Are you afraid of death?"

"No, but I'll take my chances."

"Oh good."

Karkusa pushes Buddy. Buddy falls to the ground. "OPEN FIRE!" He orders in pain. Sparrow's men fire their slingshots, spears, and crossbows. Karkusa closes his eyes and sticks out his hands. All the items in the air come to a sudden halt. Karkusa opens his eyes and says angrily, "My turn." Karkusa is about to fire all of their weapons back at Sparrow's men, but a voice from the skies stopped him from doing this by saying, "Karkusa, stop this nonsense at once." Karkusa drops all of their weapons. Sparrow's men quickly gather back their weapons.

Lardied, the gods of gods, saw what Karkusa has been doing for a long time. And he was not impressed. So he said from the heavens, "Why are you killing and terrorizing these innocent people? For they have done nothing wrong."

"Innocent…INNOCENT! These so called, 'innocent' people stole The Crystal of Alerak from us Gods and your calling them innocent?" Argued Karkusa.

"They did not know better Karkusa. They thought they found something extraordinary, so they took it for themselves. But that doesn't mean that you can abandon your place up here in the heavens and go on a killing spree."

"So you're going to let them keep The Crystal of Alerak?"

"Yes." Answered Lardied. This shocked Karkusa. He never thought Lardied would ever give up something that valuable. "Don't be so shocked Karkusa. We can make another one." Karkusa was even more shocked. "Oh yeah, we can make another on…too bad it won't be ready until 500 more years."

"Karkusa, do not question me."

"Your despicable." Says Karkusa as he spat acid on the ground. "How dare you treat me like this?" Yelled out Lardied. Karkusa smiled, "Newsflash for you, I DON'T CARE!" Lardied became angry. Then Karkusa started to float in the air. Lardied was taking most of his powers. "What are you doing?" questions Karkusa. "I banish you Karkusa from the heavens." Answered Lardied. "YOU CAN'T DO THIS TO ME!"

"Guess what? Just did. You have 2 minutes before disappear and then reappear someplace random on Dornain as a normal human, enjoy." Then Lardied's voice was no more.

Jack awakens from his blackout. He looks around. Jack sees Karkusa Buddy, 200 of King Sparrow's men for odd reason, and Rumple. "Rumple." Whispers Jack. He limps towards him. "Wake up." No answer. This time Jack is shaking Rumple delicately. "Come on. Wake up." Again, no answer. "WAKE UP!" Yells out Jack. He slaps Rumple across the face has hard as he could.

Rumple jumps up and yells, "I'M AWAKE!"

"Settle down. It's ok."

"Ok?…OK!? I'm not ok. I'm in a lot of pain."

Jack looks at Rumple's right arm. It stopped bleeding, but you can see right to the bone. Jack put's his hands on the injury. Rumple starts squirming around. "Hold still." Said Jack. Rumple freezes, but you can see the pain and suffering he is in just by looking at his green emerald eyes. "Alur Boishma." Jack says while having both hands on his cut. Rumple's cut begins to heal and he sighed with relief.

Rumple gets up looks at Karkusa. "What happened to you?" Rumple says curiously. "Thanks to you, Jack, and your friend Buddy who isn't much of one, I am now banished from the heavens and that I'll be put someplace random on Dornain. I'll be fully gone in about, 1 minute."

"Why shouldn't we just kill you know? Besides, we all know you don't deserve to live." Rumple picks up a broken spear and starts to run at Karkusa. Karkusa moves to the side and sticks his foot out. Rumple trips and crashes into the wall. He gets up and throws the broken spear. Karkusa catches the broken spear. He looks at Rumple. "Save your strength." Karkusa crushes the broken spear.

"You'll need it."

"Need our strength? Why would we need to save our strength?"

"It's coming. It started coming when I came to Dornain. It's been traveling for 6 hours, waiting for its next victim."

"Who's coming?"

"I already told you. You can't stop it, none of you can. It's impossible."

"You didn't tell us but, who is coming?"

"They'll be here any second."


"Here comes…The Sons of Korah." Then Karkusa disappeared. "The Sons of Korah? What's The Sons of Korah?" pipes up Buddy. Rumple answers, "I don't know, but it doesn't sound good. Jack, go to the mess hall and tell every soldier to armor up. The soldiers in here will remain in here, just in case trouble comes our way." Jack does as he was told right away. "So…Buddy, your name is Robert Dolly. That's…uh great?" Says Rumple trying not to offend Buddy.

"My name isn't Robert Dolly."

"Oh, then what is your name?"

"My name IS Buddy."

"But you said your name was-."

"I wouldn't give my real name to a stranger. Plus you and Jack wouldn't let me finish my sentences."

"So, your name IS Buddy right?"

"Yep that's my real name."

"Well, that's ironic."

Buddy and Rumple have a little chuckle.

Footsteps came from the hall. Rumple is giving orders to troops. The footsteps become louder. Rumple looks towards the hall hoping it's not what he think it is. A mere little boy comes towards Rumple holing his little blanket. "Oh no." He whispers to himself. The little boy speaks, "Rumple? Where is my daddy? Where is King Sparrow?"


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