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The story in which Nathanael dies...

This is just a portion of it...that I've written. Goes with my other two stories, "Title Pending" and "The Capture and the Rape" So go read those if you haven't read them yet.

Once again, criticism is welcome. It's demanded...

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"YOU DON'T OWN ME ANYMORE!" Jessa screamed through her tears, lunging forewords and plunging the sword deep into Nathanael's torso. Judging by the sickening noise it made, she knew she had made her mark.
Nathanael stared down at the blade impaled in his stomach, then slowly back up to meet Jessa's eyes. Deep, clotted blood spilled from the entry wound and onto Jessa's trembling hands. Nathanael choked and more of the dark liquid spurted up.
They stood like that for a moment; neither of them moving. Until Jessa finally pulled out the sword. The Prince clutched his gut, then fell to his knees. Finally falling face-down in the dirt.
In a state of shock, Jessa collapsed to her knees beside him; vivid imageries of her brother's long gone mangled body flashed through her mind.
Nathanael strained his neck towards Jessa. He opened his mouth to speak, his voice coming out in low rasp.
"I guess you're stronger than I gave you credit for, girl." He smirked a bit, blood continuing to smear on his lips and run down his chin. "Come here," He pleaded, carefully rolling onto his back "Lay with me for a second."
Jessa looked at him blankly, unsure how to react.
Nathanael noted the puzzlement in her expression. "Please." he stated again, "I'm not afraid to die, but I don't want to do it alone. Just let me hold you, for just a moment."
Jessa continued to stare at him, unsure what to do. Nathanael softly tugged on her wrist, bringing her down to his level. She hesitantly laid her head on his chest, being careful of the wound. She listened to his slowing heartbeat as he carefully wrapped his arms around her; one arm wrapping around her waist, and the other gently weaving his fingers in her hair, cradling her head to him.
Jessa was surprised by his sudden gentleness. She had never seen this side of him before; never knew he was capable of such an act.
"My aunt used to tell me that the simplest of deeds could make a person at peace." Nathanael murmured, his eyes fixed on the sky. "She said to me once, that the only thing another person needed, was the touch of a human being."
The rain continued to fall on their two bodies. Jessa was glad for it, covering up the saltwater on her cheeks.
"You know, you remind me of her," He continued. "My aunt that is. Sometimes I wonder if you're the same person." The prince turned to face Jessa, his aquiline nose barely brushing her forehead. "You're such a nice girl, Jessa. You...didn't deserve...t-this," He drew his tongue across his stained, cracked lips "I-I'm....s-sorry."
Nathanael's eyes began to take on a glazed look. Jessa knew he was struggling to hold on.
"I j-just....needed som'ne t-to love m-me...again. E-even...even if it w-wasn't....for...real." He softly brushed his fingers across Jessa's cheek.
Jessa forced a smile on her face. "It's alright, Nathanael." She lied. "You didn't do me any harm." She figured he knew she was lying through her teeth. But she saw a faint smile form on his lips as he closed his eyes.
"You're s-such...a..n-n-nice....girl....Jessa..." The Prince murmured one last time, pressing his cold fingers to her lips.
"And you're just a destroyed shell of a man. " Jessa whispered, wrapping her arms around the dead prince's neck. She continued to lay with him. Hoping this last gesture of comfort would help him move peacefully.


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