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Tags: Introduction I, Hate, Hospitals., They, Have, Clear, White, Rooms, With, Doctors, And, Nurses, That, Act, Like, Everything, Is, Ok, When, It, Actually, Never, Is., Horrible, Metallic, Taste, Makes, Me, Want, To, Scrub, My, Mouth, Over, Again. “mrs., Kalligan?”, Mr., Archar, Called, Out., The, Wonderful, Doctor, Down, Earth, Unlike, Many, Other, Professionals., He, Doesn’t, Hide, Anything, Just, Spits, Them, I, Remember, We, First, Found, Out, Brother, Had, Brain, Cancer., Then, Thought, Was, A, Big, Fat, Jerk., Now, Can’t, Think, Of, Any, Way, Would, Be, Told., Snapped, Back, Reality, Sound, Mom, Silently, Sobbing., Stood, Up, Off, Cold, Metal, Seat, Gently, Tip-toed, Them., Well, Aware, Past, Midnight, Fact, There, People, Waiting, For, Their, Loved, Ones, Trying, Get, Some, Shut-eye. Just, As, Got, Turned, Rushed, Door., Raised, Eyebrow, At, He, Looked, Those, Sad, Puppy-dog, Eyes, His., Kelvin, Younger, Gotten, Worse., I’m, Guessing, Worsened, Lot, Considering, Us, Around, 12:30, A.m. I, No, Response., Kel, 10, Years, Old., Didn’t, Deserve, Suffer, This., Diagnosed, Only, 8., 8!, Has, Been, Through, More, Pain, In, 2, Than, Ever, 14, Alive., Saddened, Left, Building., Course, Raining, Sighing, Car. “start, Car, ”, Harshly, Commanded, Mom., Know, Being, Mean., Seemed, All, Anger, Sadness, Disappointment, I’ve, Holding, Spurted, Lava, From, Volcano., Don’t, Even, Why, It’s, Coming, Now., Not, Getting, Worse, Deal., Could, Better., Feel, Right, Life, Spiraling, Control, Random, Moments, Causing, These, Outbursts., Grrrrrr!, Sometimes, Myself, So, Much. “i’m, Sorry, Honey, Whispered., Her., She, Gained, About, Appearance, Today., Hurt, See, Her, Much, Pain., Will, Tell, What, She’s, Hiding, Because, Go, Going, Through. When, Reached, Home, Inside, Three, Reasons., 1), Stay, Outside, Rain., 2), Couldn’t, Stand, Awkward, Silence, Taken, Place, Between, 3), Really, Needed, Sleep., School, Tomorrow!, Saw, Wished, Time, In..., Survive, Reckless, Mindless, Story, War, Army, Death, Future, Govt, Doesn't, Enough, Soldiers, Conduct, An, Experiment, Using, Kids, Soldiers., Worked., Kat's, Dad, Part, Bigger, Joins, Well., Dies, Gets, Drafted, Into, Army., Journey, Shines, Light, On, True, Friends, Love, Life.

In the future, the govt doesn't have enough soldiers for the army so they conduct an experiment using kids as soldiers. The experiment worked. Kat's dad was part of the experiment and her bigger brother joins the army as well. So when her brother dies in war, she gets drafted into the army. Her journey shines a light on her true friends, her love and her life.

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I hate hospitals. They have clear, white rooms with doctors and nurses that act like everything is ok when it actually never is. They have that horrible, metallic taste that makes me want to scrub my mouth over and over again.

"Mrs. Kalligan?" Mr. Archar called out. Mr. Archar is the wonderful doctor that is actually down to earth, unlike many other professionals.

He doesn't hide anything, just spits them out. I remember when we first found out that my brother had brain cancer. Then, I thought that Mr. Archar was a big, fat jerk. Now, I can't think of any other way I would have like to be told. I snapped back to reality to the sound of my mom silently sobbing. I stood up off my cold, metal seat and gently tip-toed my way over to them. I was well aware that it was past midnight and the fact that there people waiting for their loved ones, trying to get some shut-eye.

Just as I got to them, my mom turned and rushed past me to the door. I raised my eyebrow at Mr. Archar and he just looked at me with those sad, puppy-dog eyes of his. Kelvin, my younger brother, had gotten worse. I'm guessing he worsened a lot considering the fact that Mr. Archar called us over at around 12:30 a.m.

I stood there with no response. Kel was 10 years old. He didn't deserve to suffer like this. He first got diagnosed when he was only 8. 8! He has been through more pain in 2 years than I have ever been through in the 14 years that I have been alive. Saddened, I turned and left the building. Of course, it was raining out. Sighing, I rushed to the car.

"Start the car," I harshly commanded my mom. I know I was being mean. It seemed like all the anger, sadness, disappointment I've been holding in just spurted out like lava from a volcano. I don't even know why it's all coming out now. It's not like Kel getting worse is a big deal. He could get better. I don't feel like I know anything right now. My life is spiraling out of control at random moments, causing me to have these random outbursts. Grrrrrr! I sometimes hate myself so much.

"I'm sorry, honey," my mom whispered. I looked over at her. She had gained about 10 years in appearance just today. It hurt to see her in so much pain. Of course, she will never tell me what she's hiding because she doesn't want me to go through what she is going through.

When we reached home, I rushed inside for three reasons. 1) I didn't want to stay outside in the rain. 2) I couldn't stand the awkward silence that had taken place between me and my mom. 3) I really needed my sleep. I had school tomorrow! When I saw what was waiting for me inside, I wished I had taken my time coming in...


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