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The Runaway-Chapter 2

Book By: Sapphire Love
Action and adventure

Gemma Marley is a 12 year old 7th grader who's parents are attempting to file a divorce. Heartbroken, poor Gemma runs away, in hopes that the fussing of her escape will stop the separation. During her aimless strolls around New York, she meets up with another 12 year old runaway. the two 7th graders are in the same position. they're parents are getting divorced and they need to find a way to stop it from happening. But New York is a dangerous place for two 12 year old runaways. they need to watch each others backs and stay out of trouble.

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I kept running until I made it to my destination. The Waterson's Bank faced me from across the street casting a greenish light on my face from the glowing dollar sign $ on the top of the building. My parents didn't know, but I had been saving up some cash for the last few years. Every month, my grandparents would send me a bunch of cash for college since we were hurting on money for the last 3 years. My parents didn't want to tell them so they kept it a secret. They hated asking for money. So I told them. And that's how my funds started coming in.

Looking both ways, I crossed the street. It was quiet out. Probably because New York was the most dangerous place at night. But i wasn't worried. When my parents decided to have a kid in New York, they knew I had to be able to defend myself. When I was born, my future social life ended. By the time I was four, I had mastered karate and knew how to pick any kind of lock. I learned the lock picking from the internet. Yes, I knew how to use a computer and how to hack one. By the time i turned 11, I had mastered hand-to-hand combat and knew how to use a knife. But baseball was my favorite thing to do.

As I approached the steel doors, I recited my bank code. 1223. 1223. 1223. 1223. 12 was my lucky number, and 23 was the day I was born. Easy to remember. Opening the door, I walked through the doorway and entered the huge building. A gust of hot air greeted me as I stepped through the waiting room. There were rows of booths on the far right of the room, with small lights on the walls.

Slowly, I approached the last booth on the right, walking stiffly with my back straight to make me look older. There was a woman on the other side of the window. She looked like she was somewhere around 30 years old with long brown hair and bright green eyes and wearing a pink skirt with floral designs along with a yellow blouse. Her smile was warm when I approached the window. "Hi," I said softly. I admit it, I was nervous. Why? I have no idea. But she was really nice. So i decided to relax a bit. "Hello. How can I help you?" she asked. "I would like to... um..." How was I supposed to say that I wanted to take money out of my account? Oh well. "I'd like to take some money from my account please." She hesitated, then said,"How much?" I knew that if I asked for too much, she might get suspicious, so I said,"100 dollars please."

"Security code please." "Oh, um... 1223," I said quietly. "Alright," she said,"I'll be right back," and she disappeared behind the curtain. A few minutes later, she came back with a wad of cash in her hand. "Here you go," she said sliding the cash under the little hole in the middle of the glass. "Thank-you," I said happily, grabbing the money and stuffing it in my backpack. She looked at me curiously, as I zipped up my backpack and started to walk away.

I made it outside, and began to head deep into the shadows of the night again, in hopes of finding some decent shelter for the night.


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