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Tullulla's story

Book By: ShadeTia
Action and adventure

Tags: Magic, Love, Romance

Tallulla lives a normal life until her home is bombed by the Shadow King and she is rescued by people with Magick. Are they really who they say they are or are they working with the Shadow King? Is she even who she thinks she is? And what will she do when it comes to choosing her heart or her mind?

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Chapter 1

Tallulla hopped off the school bus and waved goodbye to the driver, who took one last look at her rumpled figure and frowned, as he closed the doors and sped off. She sighed knowing what her adoptive mum would say to her when she saw a bunch of tangled knots instead of her neat braided hair, her freshly ironed clothes now torn and crumpled and bruises and cuts covering her body. She turned and headed up the lane to her adoptive parents house. Before she could even reach the door a tall, thin and incredibly beautiful woman came running out. "There you are dear! Are you alright? Where'd those bruises come from? Not those horrible bullies again I hope! Come on dear let's get you inside and sat down then you can tell me all about it," the woman said frantically but sounding concerned too.

"I'm fine Yvonne honest! I just walked into the basketball net at school. It's nothing I swear." Tallulla protested as Yvonne dragged her into the house. She was surprised as Yvonne completely hated her.

"Nonsense girl I've never heard such rubbish you're one of the most observant girls I've ever met you wouldn't miss a basketball net that's for sure!" Yvonne ranted as she shoved Tallulla into a chair. Tallulla tried to let out a final protest as her adoptive mum shoved an ice pack onto her eye. They sat in silence for a few moments as Yvonne tried to disguise the fact that she had a black eye and bloody face. She wouldn't tell her some girl was picking on a poor, hopeless kid so she had stepped in and then ended up in a fight with the ugly beast. She knew the silence wouldn't last long though but what Yvonne next said wasn't what she was expecting, in fact it was about something completely different but unfortunately for her it was the worst subject in the world "Now about this hair of yours I know a women that thinks she might be able to re-dye it black…" She started.

"No," Tallulla almost screamed at her "My hair stays red!"

"But why dear? The only thing it's doing is reminding you of that dreadful month."

"It's also stained with my father's blood and it would have stayed black unless it was fate to be stained and obviously it was!"

"But dear it only reminds you of both your fathers and your mother's deaths."

"I don't care it stays red" Tallulla said with a tone to her voice that ended the discussion, she waited a while longer in case her adoptive mum had anything else to say then she got up and left.


Tallulla was crying. She had spent 10 years trying to forget her parents' dead bodies and just as she was managing to do it Yvonne had to go and remind her about it again. Another tear slowly slid down her face as she sat on the beach watching the waves peacefully glide up the shore and back again.

Suddenly she heard screams from behind her up in the village. She was confused but didn't hesitate she turned and ran straight for the house not far from where she was stood where she knew her twin brother was. Her younger brother came rushing out of the house before she could reach it. She reached for him and hugged him. "What's going on?" he asked her.

"I don't know Tom I honestly don't know. One things for sure though we need to get out of here." Tallulla answered.

"How? And what about Yvonne and Mark?" Tom questioned.

"1. I don't have a clue how to get out of here and 2. Yvonne and Mark can look after themselves." Tallulla quickly answered.

Tallulla suddenly felt a hand go round her mouth and she kicked out desperately. "It's a'right am not here to hurt ya like the people in ya little village over there am here ta elp," A gruff voice hurriedly explained "Nah you gonna be good or do I ave ta tie ya up?" She nodded as a way of telling him that she would be good and he removed his hand and gripped her wrist instead. "Wha…" She started but he cut her off "Now's not the time kidda. I'll explain lata." She fell silent and he started to drag her towards the steps to the main road. Tom was nowhere to be seen. "Must already be at the van." She heard the guy mutter to himself. She glanced behind her and saw her village, her home in flames no more screaming or shouting not even the sound of roaring flames just a horrible silence. She didn't cry at this point just watched the place she could no longer call home burn to the ground as she was dragged off.


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