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The Eternal Flame- Chapters 6 & 7

Book By: ShiningStar123
Action and adventure

Everyone goes to Caster's Hideout to get Tony's sister. Then, there's this fight sort of thing between Tony's boss guy and everyone. At the end, Michael admits his 'secret'. Hope you enjoy! :)

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Chapter 6
"My sister is in the Caster's Hideout. We have to get there as soon as possible seeing as Eli could get to Takatan anytime soon." Mr.Stratford said, who had just identified himself as Tony of the Dragon Guild, the most powerful guild in Erodia.
"Alright Tony. Just give me a second." Michael answered, clearly annoyed about being rushed.
"Well sorry. I just know you have to hurry, especially since my powers can only stay with you for a short period of time."
"Yeah I know already. Ok, I've got the portal open, but are you sure this will take us to the right place?"
"Trust me, the portals are never wrong." Then he began whispering to Shay as Crystal looked curiously at them.
"Alright, everyone go in one at a time. And remember, stay calm."
"Ok." Everyone said in unison. They all stepped one at a time into the small, spinning vortex that lie ahead of them. It takes almost forever until they reach the other side, and when they do a shocking and horrible site awaits them. Tony's sister, Merisa, lay motionless on the floor, blood spilling from everywhere but her own body.
Chapter 7
"Well, well, well, if it isn't Tony of the Dragon Guild himself. How did I know you would come to poor Merisa's rescue just in time to see her die." A mysterious figure from the shadows called.
"What? She's not dead! Where is the blood coming from anyway?"
"There is no need for you to know that. Just know that she is dead, and she can not be brought back."
"What are you after Master Tetsu?"
"The death of your sister, for the raising of a demon, what else would I be after but to destroy this wretched world for all it is!?"
"You're crazy to think I'll let you do that," Tony began, "In other words, OVER MY DEAD BODY!!!"
"You incompetent fool, don't make me laugh."
"I'll show you who's the fool!" Tony grabs Michael and a huge, purple force-field hangs around the two of them, as it sucks the powers Tony gave Michael back into him. Tony begins to use his powers to change form into the Dragon when Merisa gets up. She glides swiftly to Tony.
"Don't do it brother. Don't give your life to save me." She whispers softly.
"Ahahaha, don't you see? Your sister is controlled by me, she's basically my puppet now, and you might as well listen to her."
"Never! I won't give in to you!" Tony breaks out of the purple force-field just as Shay fires a flame into it.
'So that's what they were whispering about earlier. A plan,' Crystal thinks, 'It stopped the field from draining all Michael's power.' Michael ran over and picked Merisa up and Carson shot water on her to wash of the poison-hypnosis spell.
'Am I the only one who didn't know about this? Now that I think about it, he talked to everyone at some point but me.' Crystal pondered.
'Crystal, you're the most crucial part in this plan," Michael began saying to her, 'I need you to throw ice shards at him when he tries to control Merisa again.'
'I got it! You can count on me!" She answered. Everything was still until Master Tetsu, moving extremely fast, tried to regain control Merisa. At that moment, Crystal threw her ice shards at him, knocking him to the ground.
"Brother! I'm so happy you're okay!" Merisa said.
"I should be the one saying that. Are you ok?" He asked, clearly concerned. Michael, Carson, and Shay walked over to Master Tetsu to make sure that he stayed down. Crystal joined them soon after.
"You dirty little piece of scum!" Carson exclaimed.
"Let me ask you one question Master What's Your Face. Why would you want to capture Merisa, much less use the blood spell on her?" The normal, totally annoyed, Shay asked.
"Like I said before, I want to destroy this world."
"And you're going to accomplish that by turning and innocent spellcaster into a demon?"
"Of course not. I'm going to accomplish it by turning multiple spellcasters into demons. I just need the time."
"You and me," Michael said to Master Tetsu, "Are a lot alike. Except my hatred drives me to protect people not to destroy them! It's just wrong."
"Oh shut up Michael. I know what you did to your Aunt, Marie didn't deserve that just so you could have your money." Master Tetsu announced. Everyone gasped as they thought about what he just said.
"Ok, I guess the secret's out." Michael said, raising his hands.
"What secret?" Everyone asked at the same time, except Master Tetsu, who just sat there smirking like a prick.
"The fact that I killed Aunt Marie for my inheritance, and that I hope Eli dies."


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