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Mayko is the best spartan soldier other than king Leonidas himself. This is more of a spartan soldier's take on the Persian wars and battle of Thermopylae. He is fighting for most of it.

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For Sparta "Persia will be defeated! Sparta will not fall!" Mayko was listening to his king, Leonidas declare war on Persia. Persia wanted the city-states of Greece to become part of their empire. Sparta had other plans. Mayko was part if the spartan army. He was ready to fight. Mayko had been trained since he was a little kid to fight. To be ready in his chance for glory. This was his chance. Mayko went home to his barracks. Spartan soldiers lived in cramped barracks. He packed his sword and shield and set off in his shining bronze armor. Mayko was a captain of Sparta's army. And he was only 22. He was the second best fighter, second only to king Leonidas himself! Mayko prided himself on that. He had defeated many kings and helped conquer many city-states and take a lot of land. It was a harsh life in Sparta, so it was actually better to be at war. There was never really enough food to go around. It wasn't the easiest life, but mayko was fine with that. He was a LOT tougher than those pitiful Athenians. They think they're so awesome with their smart nerds and hippy-like ways. "Sparta could do that," mayko thought "just we don't act like hillbillies." Mayko's first assignment was to patrol and keep Thebes safe. It was a horrible assignment for two reasons. First, the thebians were scared of him. And second, the Persians didn't attack Thebes. Not even with one puny soldier. Just when mayko thought he would die from boredom, mayko was told he was needed in Sparta because a Persian messenger was coming to Sparta. When Mayko returned to Sparta, he saw the Persian messenger already there. Mayko walked over to king Leonidas. "Did I miss anything?" Mayko asked. "No. He just arrived." Leonidas said. The Persian messenger started blabbing away about how great it would be if Sparta would join there side. He tried to convince them that together the Spartans and Persians could defeat the Athenians. Mayko was done with these ridiculous ideas. He kicked the messenger down a well. King Leonidas laughed. He appreciated what mayko had done. It was so funny! King Leonidas got it together and told 299 of his best men that they needed to go to Thermopylae and protect it. Then, Leonidas said he was coming too. The first days of the battle went great. The Spartans did just about nothing, as the other Greeks fought off the Persians. And it worked. But then, the other Greeks were called to go to their city-state. It was the spartans' time. The Spartans set up in the phalanx formation. It was finally time to kick some Persian butt. The first days went well. The Persians could not get past the phalanx formation. Then, a Greek soldier who stayed told the Persian king how to ambush the Spartans. The next day the Spartans were ambushed. King Leonidas was dead and many more. They were now just fighting to make a statement about how Greece will not be taken over. Mayko was surrounded by 5 Persian immortals. He killed 4 but the one stabbed him. "Persia will be defeated, Greece will not fall." Mayko said before his death.


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