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Drew and Myst in an wondrous new world and need to find a way home.

Submitted:Nov 20, 2012    Reads: 12    Comments: 2    Likes: 1   

World of Unknown

It was a cold midnight; two people were seen walking together along a street's edge. One was a young male, the other a young female. They were roughly in their teens. The girl had long, flowing hair that hit her waist. Her hair, the color of the sky above them, while her eyes were the color of the grass. They sparkled with interest and curiosity. Her male companion had short, fluffy hair that only hit his neck. It was the color of golden brown. His eyes were the color known as Deep Ocean blue. His eyes were filled with kindness and lovingness. They smiled and laughed together as happy as to be. But then the girl began to feel quite cold. So they looked for a store to go in, so to warm their freezing bodies.

The girl huddled towards the boy so to become at least a little warm. She was quite comfortable and didn't want to move. Finally, the boy came along a store called Booksie. He gently pulled on her arm and led her in. It was a book store filled with books. Old and New, Ficton and Nonficton, Blue, Red Purple, and Yellow. It was a wondrous sight. Quickly, they headed to the ficton books, their love, other than for one another. They found a book, an old dusty book. There was even dust on the pages itself. It was called "Unknown". They flipped thru the pages but alas there was no words to be seen. Till they got to the end of the book. It was in a strange and abnormal language.

Something they never seen before. Then an old hag came out of no where. She was a dwarf of a woman and her hair was a long and ragged. Her nails were filthy. Her eyes, oh goodness, were hideous. She only had one left! She screamed a banshee scream. Hurting both their ears. They huddled against one another. Holding on for dear life. Then, she spoke telling them to drop the book. The book, itself was starting to glow blue. The girl dropped the book and the old witch gave a startled look. Next thing, they knew they were sucked in the ol' portal and tooken to a new-old world.

They hit the ground with a thud. They looked around in such a daze. Feeling sick and queasy, all in one. Then, a young man on a fair horse held a sword at them. Then young man got in front of her, shielding her like a knight in shining armor.

"Don't fear, I'm not going to hurt you or your maiden".

"How do I know this is not a trick or a scam?" said the young gentleman.

"I took an oath when I was made a knight, not to hurt or maime an innocent soul or souls".

"I guess I trust you alittle bit more"he mumbled back to the knight.

"So what are your names?" said the knight.

"My name is Drew and she is Myst" Drew said, "what about you, Knight?".

"My name, Mr. Drew, is Knight Silver-tail" said Sir Silver-tail.

"So how did you come apoun my world?" asked Sir Silver-tail.

The twosome told their tale of how they needed some warmth and had entered a bookstore when they came across a book.

author's note: what should happen next??? i would like ideas


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