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In a world were magic is common one girl's power is the most unique. Able to walk in the dreams of those who need who most. In these dreams she fights the fears of the person but outside these dream worlds another battle of her past and what will become of still go on.

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Episode 1

Hell. That is what they brought me to. It was so long ago. I was young but smart. I knew they wouldn't kill me. They needed me. I was their rulers most prize possession. He often times would come to my cell with gifts. He gave me nice clothes and toys. But he couldn't buy my feelings for him, he never did the simple things that every other children grew up with. He never just read me a book, never sat down and just talked with me, he never even took me out of the fort. Let me start from the day I first came to that gate of hell.

I was thirteen years old when they brought me. I remember waking to a scream just to find it was my own. When I sat up I found that I was a large room decorated with pink flowers and orbs that glowed faintly as they floated around the room. The bed was soft and comfortable but I was scared. I saw the door across the room. I leaped out of the bed and ran for it. I didn't know where I was and I wanted to be in my fathers strong arms.
As I grabbed the door knob, a huge shock ran through by body. My back arched in pain as I gasped for breath. When my grip released the door knob I screamed for my father. I fell to the floor still crying out for him sobbing in between. I laid there on the floor and just cried.
I saw the door swing open, just missing me, and a man dressed in a blue robe decorated with gold around the hem and collar. He looked down at me with his blue eyes and blond hair, frowning. "Poor girl. I had hoped to get here sooner." He bent down and wiped the fresh tears from my face. "I thought you could seance magic. Maybe they had it wrong." he put his hands under my arms. "Lets get you back in bed and something to eat." He lifted me up and tucked me back in bed.
"Where am I?" I asked as a stared at him blankly.
He didn't look at me. "I'm not allowed to say."
"Then why am I here?"
he looked at me. "You can feel it can't you? You can feel how much power I have, right?"
I nodded. "Yes. You have a lot at hand."
"Yes. I've very powerful but so are you. You just need to tap into it." He looked away and began to leave. "I've said too much. I'll go get some food." I grabbed his wrist and he stopped with a jolt. I let my power coarse through him. I could feel his worry and fear for me. I felt another power trying to fight mine. I let my power dig deeper into him. Images flowed into my mind. I saw him running down the hall hearing a scream. Then stopping and opening a door to find me there."Stop."
His voice was commanding and it startled me. I let go of him and looked at his face. He was sweating and his breath was heavy. I looked away. "I'm sorry. Did I hurt you?
He shook his head. "No. I just tried to fight your magic." He looked at me grinning. "I've never encountered someone so powerful and so young too. I mean, this much power would kill a child your age."
I tugged his sleeve. He looked at me again but this time his grin faded. "I don't fell so good."
He put the back of his hand on my forehead. "You're strength was used up when you tried to open the door. After doing that little trick just now you made yourself sick." He laid me down. "Rest now girl. I'll get food and medicine." After he left I slept and dreamed.
I was standing in a huge field. Fog swirled at my feet as I started to walk. I could here voices and tried to follow them. "She's the one. I know it!" It was the man from before. "She's just like her mother. Her power is strong. Even I couldn't stop her from entering my mind. She looks just like her too. The long brown hair. The pine green eyes. If they were the same age I would have sworn they were twins." I looked around. I could feel his power but there was another. He was even stronger and it felt slimy.
He spoke. It sounded low and rough. "hmm. That's even more reason to be wary of her." there was a pause. "We need her to use that power for us. You must get her to do so."
"Who do you think I am. She may have strong power but she has no clue how to use it. She doesn't even realize that she sings when her does her magic." The voices were fading now. I couldn't here what they were saying anymore. I turned and started walking the other way. The fog had cleared and the moon shone bright. The grass turned to gravel at my feet and rocks grew Larger and larger the farther I walked till they were great pillars of stone. I could here singing. It echoed of the pillars making it sound like it was more then one person. I stopped where the voice sounded clearest and sat with my back against a pillar and listened.
She sung of heroes and of dark magic and light magic. She sung of how this hero did know who he was till he encountered a woman and fell in love with her. She used him to fight for her and to get things she needed. Another man came to her but he was not tricked by her beauty and saw her true greedy self. The woman tried to cast spells on the man but he too was a strong magic wielder. The fight lasted a week and finally the man trapped her in her own home, unable to do magic anymore. The hero was furious with the man. He yelled at the man to release his love. The man smiled and put his hand on the mans forehead. The hero saw all the great things he had done before he had met her and then he saw all the evil things that she had made him do. The hero fell to his knee's and wept and swore that he would repay all the people he had harmed. The man left leaving no trace that he had ever been there other then the woman being trapped.
The song stopped. I stood and looked around. Everything was fading. "Wait! Who are you? Don't stop singing. I don't want to wake up just yet!"
The voice repeated a verse from the song. "And the hero wept like some heroes do when they've realized what they've done."
I awoke and sat right up startling the woman beside me. A warm wash cloth fell from my forehead. I picked it up and handed it to her. "How long have I been asleep?"
She took the wash cloth and set it in a bowel. "Almost a whole day. You had an awful fever and I was afraid you might never wake." She put her and on my forehead and smiled. "You have a very powerful healing magic in you. Some men wouldn't have woken up for days with the fever you had." She stood and grabbed the bowel. "It didn't start to go away till you started humming something. Was it something your mother or father sung to you?"
I shook my head. "My mother died when I was very young and my father always sung songs when I was ill or couldn't sleep but I don't remember him singing a song like that."
She smiled. "It was a very pretty song. I wish I new the words so I could sing it to my son. You see he is very ill as you were but he has no magic to fight it with and not even the magic wielder here can help."
I saw sorrow in her eyes and thought a mother should never have to bury her own child. "I will right them down for you if you remember the tune." I grabbed a notebook that was on a stand beside the bed and began to write the song down. Before I handed it to her a stared at it and remembered what the robed man said. 'She doesn't even realize that she sings when she does her magic.' I ripped out the page and handed it to her. "If it does not work bring him to me. I may be a child myself but maybe I could do something."
Her eyes filled with hope as she took the paper. Thank you child. May I ask what your name is?"
I smiled. "It's..." There was a knock at the door.
"Clare. It's your boy. He's gotten worse."
The woman stared at the door and dropped the bowl. She knew that if he had gotten worse then he was then there was no hope for him. "I did everything that I could. I am the best healer here and I couldn't save him." She put her face in her hands. "I couldn't save my own son."
I got out of the bed and put a hand on her shoulder. "I'll save him. I promise." he looked at me but this time there was no hope. I yelled at the man at the door. "Bring him here and be quick about. That boy doesn't have much time left." I could here his foot steps running down the hall.
I made Clare sit on the bed. "Have hope. For your son if nothing else." She gave no reply of understanding. I ran to the windows and opened them letting the fresh air in. I looked down and found that I was in a tower. Looking down at first made me dizzy but remembering the boy I ran back in. I grabbed the bowl and filled it from a pitcher that sat on a dresser across the room. I set the bowl on the bed stand. I turned at the woman and put my hands on my hips. "Look if you're just going to sit there and be no help at all then move. I understand that you have done everything in your power to try and help your son. But you don't have to do this alone. I'm here now and I can help. If you really love your son you won't give up on him till after he breaths his last breath. Now if you are just going to be depressed then get out."
She stood to leave but stopped at the door. Her eyes were wide and a look of horror washed over her face. It took a second to realize why till I heard a scream. At that moment I knew that it was her son. It was a blood curtailing scream as if someone had cut off his head and hew was still alive. She opened the door and there he was. A young boy of eight rapped in a blanket held by a huge man. The boy fought the blanket. His eyes were blood shot and drenched with sweat.
Clare took her son into her arms and ruched him to the bed. She unwrapped him from the blanket. His clothes had been sweated through so she stripped them off him. He was thin. You could see his ribs and the out line of his pelvis. He fought as he tucked him in. He made sure that he wouldn't kick the blankets off before she looked at me. Hope again filled her eyes. "Please I can't do this alone. I need your help."
I smiled. "So you were listening. I promised, remember." I turned to the boy. He looked at me those blood shot eyes. He was fighting a losing battle and he knew it. I grabbed the chair and pulled it close to the bed. I looked up at the man. I could feel both Clare and his power. The man had more power then her. "I need to use some of your power." The man looked at me as if I had asked to use his priceless sword. "I need to use some of yours because I fear mine will not me enough for him."
He nodded. "I agree. If it's fore the boy." He put his hands on my shoulder.
I put my hands on the boys arm. I could feel evil in him but there was something else. I let my power seep into him. I reached his mind and there it was. The source of what was trying to take him was there. It was fighting him here. It was a small spark in his eyes trying to grow. I entered his mind. Pain surged through my body and I blacked out. When my eyes opened I was no longer in the bedroom. I was in the place of pillars. But this time I was on one of the great pillars of stone. I look around and saw the boy in a cage in the center of the pillar. Past him I saw at the far end two figures were fighting. I ran two the boy. When I got there he had his hands over his ears. When he saw me he released them. "Who are you?"
"I'm a friend of your mothers. Do you know how I can get you out?" I looked at the cage and saw that there was no door.
He pointed at the two figures. "One of them have to win. Who ever wins get to choose what to do with me." He looked at me scared. "One of them is me." he put his hands on his ears again. I stood and ran over to the two figures. One of them was a dog like creature but this and its body was misshaped. The other was a man. He was big and looked strong but the creature had him pinned. "Stop! Stop it, both of you! You're killing the boy!"
The creature looked at me still pinning the man to the ground. He cackled. "Good. Let him rot. That's what I'm here for. To kill this boys dream and if he's dead then his dream can't come true." He snapped at me and cackled again when I jumped back.
I glared at the creature. "Your a dream eater. Aren't you?"
"Yes child. I am and maybe I'll come to you next."
I looked around and found a rock. "I was sent to save this boy and I will do as I promised." The man looked at me. "You're what he wants to become. He wants to grow up to be like that man who brought him to me."
The man nodded. "He is our father."
I nodded back. "You want to be like him." I looked back at the creature. "The only one dieing today is you." I through the rock and it hit the creature dead center on the head.
He shook his head. "The boy can wait. You die first." He leaped off the man and at me.
I turned, almost tripping, and ran. I needed to by some time for the man to catch his breath at least. I looked around for some kind of weapon to use. There was nothing on this bairn rock. I could feel the creature breathing down my neck. It's breath spelled putrid. I was nearing the other end of the Pillar. I stop for a brief second to turn.
I could hear the boy and the man yell as one. "No!"
Just as they yelled I felt the infected claws of the beast run down my back. It burned and I wanted to scream out but I didn't. I fell to the ground on my knee's. The creature walked around to face me. His skin looked as though it was rotting and its teeth were stained red from blood. I was gonna die. I knew I was gonna die. "That was a pathetic chase. It was more fun with the boy."
Looking into his eyes I saw all the evil that filled him. All the hunger to kill that fed the evil. But deep down I saw something. It was a spark. The same spark that was in the boys eyes. It was trying to grow but it was fading and it was fading fast. I understood then what I had to do. I smiled at the beast. "I know the secret of this world now and I will kill you." I was in a dream world and I was in control.
The hound snarled at me. "You're dead child." Time seamed to slow down. I saw his jaws widen and could see the back of his throat. I brought my hand up in a lose fist and dreamed. When I looked at my hand again I held a silver knight and on the blade were the words The Dreamer. The knife slid smoothly through his neck. Time went back to its normal speed. We both stopped when my hand had gone all the way past. His whole body fell and his head rested on my lap. I set the knife down, set my hand on its head and closed my eyes. I smiled as I felt it change under my hand. When I opened my eyes the boy was sleeping there healthy and smiling. "You'll see me again when you wake."


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