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T.L.P the first prologue

Book By: The prophet
Action and adventure

The secret tale of the lost prophecy is about to begin. Join the adventure as you experience the tale of the world's hero.

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<html> The Lost Prophecy prologue.

The Human mind is a complicated subject. We make decisions based on experience. We love those who are dear to us. The food we eat, the taste it brings. The fun we get, when we are happy and pleasant. We would get hurt, but get back up again. The morals of civilization where bound with happiness. But political leaders had to change laws, to cut back on spending. People lost many jobs. Most of the money was sent to pay debts owned by other countries. It was so bad it is that everything turned to a communist society. People walked the streets and tried to rebel. But higher officials punished them. Science was an option, to go back, to erase everything. But we went to far. Humans tampered with a force they should not have tampered with. Humans tried to move back in Time. They were successful in sending an plant matter 2 minutes to the future. They tried to reverse the process so they could send themselves back in time. They wanted to recreate the world and it's history in it's own image. But an unbalance of negative ions caused the machine to go berserk. By doing this created an unstoppable black hole. The black hole could not be stopped and the world had collapsed and restarted into a new world. There was a survivor. An infant. He had no one to raise him. So he had to raise himself. He brought life into the New World. There was no sun. But he raised one. There was no moon, he created one in his own image. Some called him a God, a magician. He started a new world. A world of peace, of no evil. People were born. They had children and their children had children and so forth. The people worshiped this man. And called him the "Sage of light". Humanity began to evolve again on this new planet. Thousands of years had passed. But then one-day tragedy happened. Darkness began taking shape. The Reincarnated souls of those in the previous era were imminent. War was brought upon the people of this new era. And so this is were The Lost Prophecy begins.



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