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All four seasons of D(X)UG lie in this here book. No longer a short story, this story is extended to be about 236 pages worth. This will fill your entertainment to the maximum if you are a fan.

D(X)UG is about a dog (anthro, furry, etc.) named Doug, who was left to die during a shipwreck on the Bloomberg IV when he was only months old! Somehow managing to escape, he grows up to be seventeen years old, adopts two children named Steelio the lion and Bengt the wulf who were abandoned on the streets, and meets a blue dragon named Lucario. Together, they were a happy family, until Doug does some research on how the Bloomberg began to sink and where his parents were. Finding out that someone and not something caused the shipwreck, Doug goes on a search to find his parents and find out who caused the shipwreck! But, what happens when you add some dark evil spirits in there?

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All four seasons ressurected into one!
By. Troy Chittock
Season 1/4
Troubles in the Family
Episode I: The Origin
"We need to get off the ship before we all die! Get Doug!" Maxwell demanded, putting life jackets on everyone in the room. Farah looked guilty, and she set Doug back down into his crib. "We can't bring Doug..." Farah said. "What?! Are you insane?! We need him for-" Then Doug's hearing muted, and he fell into a deep darkness... He was asleep. He couldn't even hear the emergency alarm going off anymore!
Doug was only a lil' pup when this disaster occurred over him and his family. His fur was nice and soft, like most of the baby furries out there. His eyes were big and round, cute puppy eyes. Now, he is different. The disaster was a shipwreck! But, that shipwreck was no accident!
{December 13th, 2008 The Bloomberg IV 02:48 A.M.}
Doug woke up in his crib, all alone. He was locked inside the room, while water was flooding inside. He tried to cry for help, but he was only a lil' pup, so he only made gaggling noises. He cried, he coughed, and he whimpered, yet nobody could hear him. He could hear people passing by the room as they tried to get off the ship.
Finally, the crib broke, and he fell into the flooding water. He was floating around (the lifejacket was still on him), and he continued crying. He cried, yet nobody could hear him. As the water continued flooding, he rose to the roof. If he didn't get out soon, he would drown!
Soon enough, he hit the roof, slowly dying away. Then, he was underneath the water, drowning... He could feel his lungs crippling. Then, he closed his eyes, and everything went quiet.
But just then, somebody busted open the door, and all the water from the room came flooding out. Doug washed up into a hallway that led to the rest of the rooms. It was only the heroic stranger, and baby Doug. The stranger was an adult raccoon, wearing a black trench coat. He tried to wake the baby up, but the baby held completely still... Was it already too late?
He picked Doug up, and ran through the hallway. There was a ladder that lead to a little hatch that lead to the main area, where you could see the sky, and where the lifeboats were! As the raccoon ran to the hatch, somebody was starting to close it, and lock it up! Just before it was closed and locked, the raccoon sacrificed himself, and threw Doug underneath the hatch.
Then, the hatch locked. The raccoon was trapped, as water flooded the entire hallway! The man who locked it up just then noticed the raccoon! he tried to open it back up, but it was locked up for good. The raccoon drowned in the flooded hallway. Then, the man who locked it up, picked Doug up, and went looking for a life boat!
After a while of searching, he found a lifeboat, but it was the last one! The new stranger was a pelican, wearing a plain red t-shirt and blue jeans. The stranger jumped into the lifeboat, and tried to lower it as fast as he could, while Doug was still asleep (or possibly dead)...
Many other people tried to get inside the lifeboat, but with all of the pelican's guilt, he ignored the strangers.
But, the pelican lowered the boat too fast and the chain lowering the boat snapped and broke! The two of them fell down into the ocean with a big *SPLOOSH*. They were still inside the boat when they crashed into the ocean, so they were okay (kinda)...
They were beside the giant ship as more of it began to crash. Then, the boat began to lean over their boat! It was falling over them! The pelican tried to row away out of danger, but he broke the paddles! What bad luck...
Then, the pelican sacrificed himself and threw the baby out into the ocean, just as the pelican was crushed by an entire ship...
Doug was alone in the middle of the ocean...
Episode II: Rumor's on the Island
Doug is seventeen years old, and is very different. He is bigger, stronger, faster and smarter. He now lives on Malibu Island, a very small place with less people than the average islands, such as Hawaii. Malibu Island, again, is very small, but people would like to come there and open shop.
Doug stumbled upon two homeless children on the streets. There name's were Steelio the Lion, and Bengt the Wolf. The two of them were only little cubs, at the age of eight years old. Doug felt bad for them, so he took them to his house, fed them, cleaned them up, and raised them.
Also, Doug ran into someone on the streets. His name is Lucario the Dragon. They just bumped into each other, and instantly became best friends. Lucario pretty much lives with Doug, and they are a lot like brothers for how close they are, the same thing with Steelio and Bengt!
Together, they made the perfect family. Together in a small cottage, with everything they need. Food, water, clothes, but they were actually low on money! They were becoming a poor family, as they didn't have any jobs. Doug tried to get a job, but they didn't accept him!
Doug can still remember the shipwreck, and he constantly has nightmares. He believes someday he can find his parents and re-unite with them. He still searches and tries to find information about them. For now, he has no information about them...
Let the real story begin...
{April 17th, 2025 Malibu Island 03:07 P.M.}
"Bengt, do you know where my pack is?" Doug yelled as he searched under his bed. Bengt came into his bedroom and stared at Doug, "Excuse me?" Then Steelio came into the room, holding Doug's worn out backpack. It was army green, and stained with many fluids and other things that I don't know how to name?
"I found it! It was in my room!" Steelio said, tossing it to Doug. Doug caught it, and put it onto his back. "Thank you, Steelio!" Doug said, walking outside of the room to the living room. "Why do you need it?" Bengt asked, following Doug.
"I'm going to the library again."
"But you went there yesterday"
"Nothing can stop me from completing my research and finally reuniting with my parents!"
"Alright, but can Lucario not make dinner this time?"
"At least Lucario didn't make it..."
Then Doug went out the door, walking away from home. Just then, Bengt burst open the door, "Doug, wait!" Then Doug looked right at the door and stopped in his tracks, "What?!" Bengt looked sad, "If you do find your parents, are you gonna leave us forever?" Doug looked guilty, "I can't promise if I'm staying or not..." and Doug continued walking to the library...
Bengt just watched him walk away, almost crying. Once Doug was out of sight, Bengt closed the door, and headed to Lucario. "Hey, Lucario? Do you think Doug will stay with us when he finds his parents?" Bengt asked, softly tugging Lucario's tail.
"I don't know how to answer that, my little furry friend..."
Once Doug arrived to the library, he went to the Computer Room. He walked on in, and sat in front of a computer. He went to www.google.com (ofcourse you know the website). He searched, [Bloomberg IV Shipwreck passenger list]. He pressed [ENTER], and got the following listings:
[Bloomberg Rumor: Who caused the shipwreck?]
[The Bloomberg IV: The Shipwreck: Who is guilty?]
[Discussing The Bloomberg IV Incident: The Victim was aboard?]
He was in awe of the links. The shipwreck was NOT an accident! According to the listings, the one who caused the shipwreck could have been aboard! Then Doug searched, [The Bloomberg IV Complete Passenger List], then pressed [ENTER]. He got the following listings:
[The Bloomberg IV: Who was onboard?]
[The Bloomberg IV: Passenger List]
["How do I get onto The Bloomberg IV?"]
He clicked on #2, and found himself at The Bloomberg IV's official website. He saw a giant list of all the passengers. After about five minutes of searching, he found this:
{#147}Pablo Forgonian) www.facebook.com
{#148}Douglas Angelo) www.profilemi.com
{#149}Maxwell Angelo) www.profilemi.com
{#150}Farah Merchant) www.profilemi.com
{#151}Gregory Blimpling) www.facebook.com -or- www.twitter.com
Douglas Angelo, Maxwell Angelo and Farah Merchant... There he was on the list! He was right above his father, Maxwell Angelo, and his mother, Farah Merchant! He clicked on his name, and he was taken to a website called, ProfileMi.com. He saw his complete profile, yet he never signed up for the website!
It said everything about him:
[ ProfileMi.com Meet new people! Signed in as: GUEST {LogIn} {Register} ]
Douglas Angelo Mi since: 2008
Age: 1
Gender: Male
Location: U.S.A.- Las Vegas
Relation to: Maxwell Angelo, Farah Angelo, Fredrik Angelo
Status: Deceased
Slogan [Screw off...]
MiFriends (1) {1/1 Online}
It said everything. But, some of the things on his profile were- different... He wasn't in Las Vegas, he would never tell anyone to screw off, and he wasn't DEAD! If you look at his status (if you don't know what it means), it says he is dead... "What?! How could I be dead if I'm doing research on the computer right now?!" he asked himself.
Also, in the 'Relation to:' category, one of his family members was Fredrik Angelo. Could he have a brother? He also only had one friend. But he didn't know anyone else but Bengt, Steelio and Lucario! Who could it be? He clicked on the 'MiFriends' tab, and saw his one friend:
[Chloe Bloomberg] (ONLINE)
He didn't know anybody named Chloe Bloomberg, but her last name was the same as The Bloomberg IV! What could this all count up to? What does it all mean?
"Hey, Doug would be back by now! Why isn't he here yet?" Steelio said, finishing up his dinner. It had been three hours since Doug left to do his research! "Maybe he finally found something?" Lucario said, washing Bengts plate as he had already finished his dinner. Then Bengt made a big belch, "I doubt it..."
Lucario stared at him, "Why would you say that?"
"Doug never found anything before, how could he find anything now?
"You shouldn't doubt something just because it took awhile to-"
"Awhile?! He's been searching for years, and not a single scrap of info has been found!"
Then it was quiet...
Just then, Doug bursted into the house, and he could never had been happier!
"Guys, guys! I finally found something!" Doug bursted out loud. Everyone stared at him as he set his bag down and searched for the documents he printed out.
Bengt watched him pull out the papers, and he felt weird on what he said. Bengt sighed, "I stand corrected..."
Doug pulled them all out and told them all what happened!
"So, my parent's were last seen in Las Vegas, I have a brother who is also in Las Vegas, I know a girl who is the daughter of the creator of The Bloomberg IV and the one who caused the shipwreck was actually aboard the ship!" Doug finished up his explanation. "But, the shipwreck culprit was just a rumor! It's not for curtain!" Lucario said, still intrigued.
"But what about Las Vegas? Why are your parents possibly in Las Vegas, and who is this Chloe Bloomberg?" Steelio questioned, searching through the papers. Doug grabbed all of the papers up and put them into his pack, "Well, it's said that everyone was last seen in Las Vegas..."
Lucario seemed confused, "So what?"
"Were going to Vegas, everyone!"
Episode III: Vegie-Vegas
They used up the rest of their cash on that flight. They only had $12.07, and Doug actually counted it up! Doug or Lucario would have to find any kind of way to find cash, and fast!
You can have the option to wear clothes when the law wasn't made, so about 70% of people at Malibu Island wouldn't wear any clothes, including Doug and the gang. So before they left, they bought some clothes so they didn't break the law. That was when they only had enough cash for the flight.
Once they were off the plane, they were amazed at everything they saw. Everything seemed- bigger! At Malibu Island, everything was so casual, and the airport was boring. But at Las Vegas, it was food courts and magazine stands and bright lights and music and everything!
Bengt and Steelio seemed most surprised of the airport. Doug and Lucario were just impressed. As they walked to the exit, Bengt and Steelio were in awe at everything with 'OOHS' and 'AHHS'. They tried to reach and grab for some items, but Doug was holding their hands.
Doug shouldn't treat them like their his actual child, but he promised he would raise them and take care of them. Some people stared at him of how young he looked, and though he was too young to raise a child, but some people thought he was cute.
In fact, one girl came up to him and gave him her phone number just like that. Then she ran away. It said, 'CALL ME ANYTIME XOXO 503-555-8108'. He just blushed and giggled, but then threw it away into a recycling bin.
Once they were out, they went straight to a motel to rent a room. The receptionist was a young boy at the age of fifteen to seventeen. He was a dog, just like Doug. His suit was red and shiny, and he was wearing the same hat a cabin boy would wear. To Doug, the hat seemed silly.
"Hello, welcome to Cozy Camper! We are a four star motel with comfortable rooms and there will be a waiter for you to call! My name is Jack, how may I help you?" he said, holding out his hand. Since Lucario looked older, he had to lie to the airport and the motel about his age. That was how they got their flight and their room.
Lucario tried to talk to the receptionist, but he wanted to talk to Doug for some reason. "Uhh, we just wanted to rent a room. Will their be a cost?" Doug asked, seeming a bit shy. Jack smiled and shook his head, "Sorry sir, but yes their will have to be a cost!"
Jack looked back behind him, staring at a security camera. He then looked back at Doug and whispered "Okay, so here's the deal: If the boss catches me letting you guys get a room for free- i'll get fired! So, pretend you're giving me money!" Doug seemed confused, but appreciated the help and concern!
Jack moved a bit to his left so he could block Doug's entire body, so the camera couldn't see them faking. Doug grabbed the pretend money out of his pocket, and handed it to Jack. Then, Jack turned to his left, and put the fake money into his right pocket, so the camera didn't see that there was so money!
Luckily, the boss never found out! Doug shook his hand one more time, "Thank you! But, don't we need a key or something?" Jack walked over to a little shelf. The shelf had keys on it. Each key unlocked the same room with the same number. Jack turned to Doug and handed them their key.
Their room number was #217. Doug handed Jack a real dollar bill from his pocket and whispered, "Thank you so much!"
Jack giggled, "You're very welcome! You should find your room up the stairs to your left and somewhere on the balcony!" As they began to head to the stairs, Doug heard Jack say something. Doug looked back at Jack, and saw him holding what could've been a rifle! He only got a quick glimpse until Jack caught Doug and put the rifle underneath his desk.
"Doug, come on!" Lucario said, jiggling around the room key like a bell. Doug felt strange on what he had just seen... Maybe It was just a broom? Again, he didn't really get to see what it was, and since he didn't really know what a rifle looked like, he was probably just seeing things.
Doug followed along with the gang, and he tried to forget what he saw. Doug's face looked worried, because Doug thought something bad was going to happen not only to him but to the motel- maybe even the whole world. he just had the strangest feeling that that bad thing was going to happen, and soon!
Lucario unlocked their room, and they were finally inside. It wasn't too bad. It had a painting of a little racoon walking through an office. It hanged over their bed. The motel only had one bed, good thing they brought sleeping bags. It also had a little kitchen with a mini-refrigerator.
The rug was nice and soft, and the bed was also pretty comfortable. So, they began to set up their new home. Bengt and Steelio got to sleep on the bed, for it only had room for two. They both slept in separate sleeping bags while they slept on the bed, though.
Doug would sleep on the floor in a sleeping bag. The floor was pretty uncomfortable like most floors, so the sleeping bag really helped. Lucario slept on the roof! That's right, the roof! That's where all the dragons would go when they slept. They were aloud to build nests, and then go to bed. There were a few more dragons and birds up there, too!
It was 12:09 P.M., and the gang was bored out of their minds. Steelio and Bengt were watching television, but they were watching The Three Stooges. They have seen that movie too many times for it to be funny. Doug was just reading a book he has read a thousand times, Maximum Ride BOOK 2. Lucario was just sitting outside on the roof, staring into the blue sky.
Then, Doud heard a ferocious growl. It scared him out of his spine once he heard it. He leapt off the couch and searched around the house on what made the sound. Just then, he heard Steelio complain, "Doug, I'm hungry!" He should've known it was Steelio, because he thought he knew that sound from somewhere!
Doug sighed, "I know you're hungry, and I'm hungry, too. But, I don't think I have enough money to buy lunch for all of us!" Steelio whimpered, "You gotta get a job, man." Doug somehow took that as an insult. "What's that supposed to mean? I'm trying my best, Steelio," Doug replied, "People just don't want me in their companies and I don't know why..." Steelio felt guilty on what he said to Doug.
"Sorry..." Steelio said, quietly. Doug looked back at Steelio, and Steelio looked sad. "Look, me and Lucario promise we will find a way to find money. You won't be on the streets." Doug said, putting his hand on Steelio's shoulder. "Promise?" Steelio said, staring into Doug's eyes.
"I promise..." Doug said, removing his hand off of his shoulder. Doug walked away from the two kids, and got his pack. Bengt watched Doug as he began to head out the door. "Where are you going?" Bengt jilted. "I'm gonna go check up no Lucario, stay inside, okay?" Doug answered, trying to make the two understand what he was saying.
Sometimes the kids could be troublesome and disobey. But, by the look of their faces, they were listening. They both nodded their heads, and Doug was out the door.
Doug climbed up a ladder that would lead to the roof. I know what you're thinking, 'Why do birds and dragons need ladders when they got wings?' Well, some dragons and birds in their dimension are born without their wings, and have to pay to get wings at a surgeon's office. It would cost about $2500 to get wings.
Lucario noticed Doug as he walked on over to him. Lucario greeted him, and Doug sat right next to him. "What are you doing?" Doug said looking at the sky. "Just sitting here, watching the clouds move by."
"Boring, isn't it?"
"Not really, I kinda take it as a stress reliever!"
"Yeah, it is calming..."
"What are we gonna do?"
"What do you mean?"
Lucario sighed, "Well, I noticed we were very low on money, and I was wondering how we were gonna get money! We need to eat, buy clothes, and possibly pay rent if Jack turns on us!" Doug didn't know what to say... Just then, Lucario moved his eyesight somewhere to Vegas, as the motels roof showed all of Vegas.
"What's wrong?" Doug said, poking Lucario's arm. "I sense... S-something c-c-coming this w-way!" Lucario said, scaredly, pointing to a road nearby. Lucario was frozen and he began pointing somewhere else. Doud was confused as Lucario wouldn't talk anymore!
"Lucario?! What's happening?! Sense WHAT?!" Doug tried to get Lucario to snap out of this random trance. Then, Doug say something move through the city, where Lucario was pointing. It looked like people, but they were different! They were all pitch black, and their eyes were small and shining white.
They were all holding harpoons, and shields, wearing dark plate armour. As they began to move closer, he could hear big cars moving and horses running. Then, he began to hear gunfire and screaming. He could hear something evil, something corrupt, a bad energy was approaching them and attacking Vegas.
That army was searching for Doug!
He then felt a pain in his chest, and grunted. He gritted his teeth as the pain got worse and worse. Then, the pain stopped, and he put his hand on his heart. He was breathing heavily, as he began to remove the hand. He saw a marking on his hand. It was a diamond, like The Angel!
The Avatar was a legend a long time ago, he protected the world and stopped all that was evil. But, he was slain by his own father who was corrupt by an evil curse, and then the father put bad energy over the world. But, when The Angel died, his energy spread through the world.
The Angel's last words were: The Guardian Angel will rise, and put you back into hell where you belong... Doud also had a diamond on his other hand, and his back. Then, Lucario came to his senses, and watched the army come closer and closer!
"W-what's happening?!" Lucario said, staring at Doug. Doug was thinking about what the diamonds ment. He thought he was The Guardian Angel, could it really be him? What had he done to be The Guardian Angel? Doug then stopped thinking, and grabbed Lucario's arm.
"We need to go right now! It's not safe here!!!" Doug said, trying to pull Lucario along with him. Lucario broke free, "Wait, wait, wait! What about Chloe and you're parents?!" Doug look scared, "That's not important right now! We gotta go get Steelio and Bengt!"
This was the beginning
of the war...
Episode IV: The Culprit
Doug was still wondering what the diamond marks were for. They had to abandon all of their stuff, because they didn't have enough time. They had to hurry! The army was already attacking the motel, searching for Doug. But, why did they want him? He got out a broom to fight, Lucario would use his fireballs, and the kids would have to lag behind to stay safe.
Then, they were attacking the door! "Alright! I think I know what's going on... Look at the markings on my body! Lucario was confused, as he removed Doug's shirt and looked at his back. He saw the diamond marking and he touched it. It was warm like he was left out in the day sun!
"Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god! Doug! I know who these guys are!" Lucario said in awe as he put Doug's shirt back on. Doug shook his head, "Their The Matter. They are soldiers of The Guardian Angel's corrupt father. They were told to have died a long time ago, but I guess they didn't!"
Then, they broke open the door. Lucario started shooting fireballs, and Doug started attacking people who began to get close. After about five hits at The Matter, his broom was broken into a million pieces. NOTE: The Matter are extremely strong!
Just then, Doug had a thought. Maybe he really was The Guardian Angel, and if he was, the corrupt father would want to capture him! Another thing about The Angel, is that when he released his energy, the corrupt father tried to collect all the energy to take over the world.
Lucario then accepted that he couldn't hold off The Matter forever, as he began to grow weaker. Then, Lucario threw one last fireball, "Run Doug, get out of here!" Doug saw Lucario fall to the floor, as his energy was all drained. Doug wouldn't leave Lucario like this!
He put Lucario up over his shoulder, carried Steelio and Bengt in both of his arms. It was heavy, but he couldn't leave them to die! He backed up as The Matter ran to him. Once he saw a clear path, he ran on by The Matter! He was then out the door. But, The Matter didn't give up!
Doug set Steelio and Bengt down in front of the ladder that lead to the roof, "Go! I'll catch up with you two later!" They both seemed confused, just standing there. "What? What does that mean?!" Bengt said, looking worried. Doug got onto his knees, and put his hands on his shoulders, "No matter what you do, keep running until you are completely safe!"
Lucario woke up, and was dazed. "Wh-what? Oh, right! Where are those bastards?!" Lucario said, enraged to protect the gang. Doug stopped Lucario from charging into a hundred dark matter polymorphic spectors. "Lucario, fly these two away! Go somewhere safe!" Doug demanded.
Lucario's face seemed confused, as Doug didn't look happy. The Matter was getting closer and closer, and then Lucario nodded his head. Lucario picked up the two, and got his wings out. Steelio and Bengt looked sad, as they began crying, "DOUG!!! NOOO!!! PLEASE, DON'T GO!!!"
Lucario then flew away, as the two watched Doug run away from The Matter. But, as Lucario flew them away, Bengt got something from his pocket, and let his arm out, like he was reaching for something. Then, he let the object go, as it began to majestically fall to the ground.
Doug was running on the rooftops, trying to find somewhere to go. Then, while he was running, he slipped and fell face first onto the wooden rooftop. He smashed onto the rooftop, making a bloody nose. He was dazed, and he began to slide off the roof, falling three floors down!
Then, he fell off, falling to the concrete... He smashed down onto the concrete, breaking his arm. He began screaming as the pain was unbearable. Then, hebegan to fall into a deep knockout. Soon enough, he was asleep. Then, a little bit of rain began to fall onto the ground.
Then, The Matter stopped in their tracks as they looked down from upon the roof. They stared at Doug, as he was fast asleep. Then, the rain became a heavier storm. Doug's blood began to blend into the puddles forming on the ground. His fur was getting all wet, and he was losing a lot of blood.
Lucario heard Doug's screams, and then couldn't take the pressure anymore. He headed back to Doug as fast he could, flying at speed he had never flown.
A man came out of the army of Matter. He was wearing the darkest robes you have ever seen, and the swayed with the wind as he moved. He looked down from upon the roof, staring at Doug. Then, he jumped off the roof and hit the ground, completely undamaged.
He walked over to Doug, and got on his knees. He put his finger in his blood, and then liked the blood from his finger. "It's him... We have finally found him! After seventeen years, I have found The Guardian Angel!" he said, bursting the most evil laugh you had ever heard.
Lucario landed in front of the scene, and he set Steelio and Bengt down. He charged to the man, holding out his sharp claws. He saw Doug, lying on the ground with blood flowing on the ground, and that really enraged him. "Doug, no!!! YOU SON A BITCH!!!" Lucario said, about slash at the man's face.
Lucario was dead on the floor with a bullet in his head. The man blew the smoke away from his gun, and put it back into his pocket. He picked the corpse up, holding Doug in his arms. Steelio and Bengt were crying at the scene. Doug was knocked out with a broken arm covered in blood, and Lucario was just shot!
"NO! LUCARIO!!! DOUG!!!" Bengt said, running to the man, holding Doug. Steelio went by Lucario's side, watching Bengt be brave confronting the man. "Stop right there!" Bengt said, charging at the man. Bengt was about to claw at the man, but Bengt was back-hand slapped away.
Bengt launched away, hitting the concrete floor. He was unconscious (it was a pretty strong and magical hit). "This universe is mine! Nobody will stop me, not even The Guardian Angel..." The man said, continuing to walk away, still holding Doug in his arms.
Steelio thought on what to do... He couldn't do anything. he didn't have any powers and he didn't know how to fight! The man got out a glowing white gem, and he threw it down onto the ground. It shattered, but then all the pieces began to levitate.
The pieces then turned purple, and formed a circle. Then, there was a flash, and a dark purple portal was unlocked. Just before the man took the portal, Steelio said, "Why are you doing this?!" The man looked back at Steelio, "That's none of your business..."
As the man stepped inside the portal, Steelio began to run towards the man, trying to stop him! "Please stop!!! COME BACK!!!" Steelio begged, as he tried jumping into the portal. It was still raining, so he slipped and hit the floor. He was dazed for a little bit, and continued trying to get into the portal. But once he looked...
The portal was gone...
Epilogue: Memory Lane
As Doug's vision began to come back, he moaned and coughed up some blood. He was strapped up in a chair. His arms, legs, torso and neck were chained to a dentist chair. Above him were many tools that the dentist would bring down into the subjects mouth. They were all stained with blood, and some was dripping on him!
Once he finally came to his senses, he struggled to break free. "Hello?! Where am I?! LUCARIO?!?! STEELIO, BENGT?! ANYBODY?!" Doug cried for help. He was in a room, and a light was shining on him. Anything passed the white was pure darkness. He heard a door open, and click as it closed.
He could hear footsteps, slowly getting louder and louder. He then saw a figure coming towards him. "Who the fuck are you?! What have you done to my family?!" Doug demanded answers. "My, my, you and your language! I don't know how you could've been chosen as The Guardian Angel!" The man said, finally becoming visible.
The man was wearing a clown mask, but still wearing the dark robes. For some reason, Doug recognized his voice from somewhere. "Where is my family?! Where am I?" Doug then kept asking questions with an enraged voice. He was growling as the man continued approaching.
"Since when were a couple of orphans and a room mate your family? Your real family is right here, in the heart of Vegas! You are under my control now, and you will give up your energy!" the man replied, clutching his fist. Doug then barked at the man, "Why don't you take of that goddamn mask and tell me who you are?!"
The man chuckled, "I will not take off my mask, but I will tell you this..."
The man said, "Do you remember when you wanted to find your parents and find out who caused the shipwreck?"
"Yes... What's it to ya'?"
"You have just completed both tasks at the same time..."
Season 2/4
Lost in a Dreamscape
Episode V: Memory Lane
As Doug's vision began to come back, he moaned and coughed up some blood. He was strapped up in a chair. His arms, legs, torso and neck were chained to a dentist chair. Above him were many tools that the dentist would bring down into the subjects mouth. They were all stained with blood, and some was dripping on him!
Once he finally came to his senses, he struggled to break free. "Hello?! Where am I?! LUCARIO?!?! STEELIO, BENGT?! ANYBODY?!" Doug cried for help. He was in a room, and a light was shining on him. Anything passed the white was pure darkness. He heard a door open, and click as it closed.
He could hear footsteps, slowly getting louder and louder. He then saw a figure coming towards him. "Who the fuck are you?! What have you done to my family?!" Doug demanded answers. "My, my, you and your language! I don't know how you could've been chosen as The Guardian Angel!" The man said, finally becoming visible.
The man was wearing a clown mask, but still wearing the dark robes. For some reason, Doug recognized his voice from somewhere. "Where is my family?! Where am I?" Doug then kept asking questions with an enraged voice. He was growling as the man continued approaching.
"Since when were a couple of orphans and a room mate your family? Your real family is right here, in the heart of Vegas! You are under my control now, and you will give up your energy!" the man replied, clutching his fist. Doug then barked at the man, "Why don't you take of that goddamn mask and tell me who you are?!"
The man chuckled, "I will not take off my mask, but I will tell you this..."
The man said, "Do you remember when you wanted to find your parents and find out who caused the shipwreck?"
"Yes... What's it to ya'?"
"You have just completed both tasks at the same time..."
Doug gasped, as the man began to take off his mask. As Doug could slowly begin to see more of the man's face, he began to have horrible visions. The first vision was of Lucario flying down a cliffside, dodging bullets, but was then shot, and fell to his death.
The second vision was of Steelio and Bengt, sitting at a counter with an adult penguin to their left, and an adult alligator to their right. On the counter was a lifetime amount of food. Then a bell was rung, and they began to chow down. Then it skipped to Steelio and Bengt wearing medals, and holding a lot of cash of their hands, stuffing it into Doug's back pack!
The third vision was of Doug, flying through the air and catching a female dog before she fell to her death. Doug saved her life, and then the vision skipped forward to them in a house, with two little puppies sitting next to them. He noticed in the vision that they were married, and Doug recognized the female dog's face from somewhere...
The fourth and final vision was of Doug, standing in a big, black room. And in the background was the same dentist chair he was in right now! Again, there was only one spotlight gleaming on him. He was holding a gun at the man's head, and he was down on his knees, all tied up... The man said, "You don't have the guts..." and Doug shot the bullet inside his skull.
Finally, the man took off the mask, and Doug recognized the face! The man looked a bit different from some battle scars on his face. There was one on his eye, his chin, and his cheek. He looked all jacked up, and the cuts were still swollen and sore. Doug then knew who he was... Maxwell Angelo was the master of The Matter!
He then gave out another series of maniacal laughter. Then, he said, "What?! Don't you recognize your own father?!" Doug had no idea what to say, he just stared at the one who destroyed Las Vegas, yet it was his own father... "H-how did you- WHAT. THE. FUCK?! WHO, WHAT, HOW- WHAT'S GOING ON HERE?!"
"Allow me to explain..."
I am a serial killer that has been on the newspaper for five years until you were born... My wife didn't know I was murdering all those people, and I wanted it to stay that way! I have killed many people, including that foolish dragon friend of yours...
Doug looked confused yet scared, "YOU DID WHAT?!" But Maxwell interrupted him, and continued his story...
I had an assistant named Farah Briginham. She was nice and all- for a killer like me! She still had a lot to learn, but you know... Pretty special, but not as special as you! Wanna know why you are so special? Keep listening, please.
One day, you're mother, Jolene Briggs, found out about me when I told her not to come inside our bedroom, as I was preparing a surprise for her. I was hiding a body I assassinated the past day. She got naughty, and peeked inside and I put the body inside a black body bag.
She screamed, and I couldn't let any witnesses survive to tattle on me... I got out my revolver, put the gun to her head, and put some lead inside her skull. She was dead, so then I had to use up yet another body bag... *sigh* What a waste...
Doug then noticed a tear was going down his cheek as he heard the story of his past. His father was a murderer, he made him fall three stories down, made him break his arm, shot his mother, and is now retelling the story. This was hurting him, this was very emotional for him...
But then, Max changed his face into one of those faces when you get a sinister idea inside your mind...
He got what looked like a shot from his robe's pocket. He then got closer and closer to Doug, and put his head right next to Doug's, and then he whispered, "How about you relive everything, and find out yourself! Good night, son..." and then he kissed Doug on the cheek.
He injected the orange colored shot into Doug's arm, and everything changed that very second. The shot was going through his bloodstream, and his vision became blurry... His eyesight then began to turn white, and everything that was far away began to zoom out.
Then, he moaned as he relaxed into the dentist's chair. He looked up into the spotlight, as it began to move away. He was then released from his chair. He tried to get out, but he stumbled onto the floor. He coughed up some blood, and noticed what he was injected with.
It was a deadly poison, and it was killing him. He had to find a cure, before it was too late. His father began to walk away, and Doug crawled, trying to catch up. He then began to grow weaker, and weaker, and weaker. Until suddenly, he heard a scream come from the distance...
It was Steelio... It sounded like it was coming from another chamber, a chamber that Doug couldn't get to unless he broke through a solid metal wall. He tried to call out to Steelio, but his voice then crippled, and he couldn't speak. He then continued chasing Max, but Doug was too slow...
Maxwell, shut the door, and locked it up. Doug was pounding on the door, "MAX *cough* *cough*... You bastard!!! I'm gonna fucking kill you, do you hear me?! I'm gonna, gonna, hurt... you. . . . . . . ***
Doug was dead... Really dead...
Then, Doug woke up in a field. He gasped, and then searched his body to see if he was really still alive. He was alive! He jumped in glee, and then sighed. He turned around to see Max, laying on a blanket next to someone. It was a girl, and they both looked happy. It had to be Jolene!
They were both looking into the sky, pointing at whatever cloud looked like an animal, or an object, or anything else they could laugh about. Doug walked on over, and saw that they were happy, and holding hands. For some reason, this really touched Doug, and he felt that he wanted something like that, too...
He then said, "Are you the Jolene that Max has been talking about?" But, the both of them didn't answer, like he wasn't even there!
Wait a second...
He slowly approached Max, and stood right in front of him, trying to block his vision of the sky. "Hey, dad?! Remember me?! I'm the guy who's gonna-" Doug was saying, until Maxwell pointed at another cloud, putting his finger right through his stomach. Doug did not enjoy that feeling. It felt cold, and put a shiver up his spine!
He then yipped, and jumped back. Then Doug had a realization... He held his arm out, and then tried to touch his arm, but his hand went right through it... Was Doug a ghost? What was going on?!
Max and Jolene continued laughing and pointing and holding hands. Doug was dead for sure, but he felt like he was still living... But, why did he have his feeling? Max said something about, "Reliving everything, and seeing for himself..." Doug understood what Maxwell had done to him.
Doug became a ghost in time! He was gonna see everything about Maxwell's life until Doug was born! Maxwell got a text message, and got his phone from his pocket. He opened it up, and read thr message. He took some time reading it, it must've been a really big message.
Once he was done, he got off the blanket, and got his backpack. "Baby, what's wrong?" Jolene said, grasping his ankle. Max almost tripped, and shook Jolene off of him, "None of your business... Now go home and rest!" Jolene mopped, as she wanted to stay by Max's side. Max would do this often, but why? He even took his backpack with Jolene's stuff inside!
She got up from the blanket and demanded for Max to come back, but all Max did was drop all of Jolene's stuff on the blanket. At least Jolene had her stuff back...
Doug followed Maxwell into a tunnel, at the end of the tunnel was the exit to town. Once he was outside, the town was behind him. He continued running on the sidewalk, with the backpack on his back. Doug then looked at the backpack even closer, and noticed that it was Doug's pack! Why would Maxwell have his backpack? Then Doug got thinking...
About ten minutes later, Maxwell approached a house. The paint looked to be a teal, but it was starting to chip off, so you could see the dirty, ugly wood underneath it. The windows look like they were bashed open with a bat, and some of them had bullet holes on them. What was this place?
Maxwell knocked on the door, and then a key pad came out of the wall. Doug was startled when it popped right out! Maxwell typed in a secret six digit code, and Doug watched him type it in very carefully...
That was the code that Doug had to remember...
There was a *CLICK*, and then the door's doorknob entered inside the house and then the door rose into the roof. He went right inside, and then the door slammed back down, and the doorknob came right back! Doug just went right through the wall, yet again the feeling was as cold as the artict!
"Ugh... What happened?" Lucario said, waking up, still dazed from the shot. Lucario was alive! Bengt was sitting next to him, moping and looking down at the ground.
"They took them away...." Bengt said, almost crying. They were still in Vegas, but everything looked destroyed, burnt, gray and foggy. Lucario felt his forehead, and the hole in his head was gone. "I thought I was dead! Bengt, ho-" Lucario was saying until he looked all around himself.
"Where's Doug and Steelio?" Lucario said, his face looked worried. "They... They... I... I don't... I..." Bengt tried to talk but he just couldn't speak anymore. He then started sobbing into Lucario's lap. Finally, Bengt managed to say, "They were taken away by The Matter!"
Lucario didn't know what to say. Las Vegas has fallen, and there was no sign of life in sight. Lucario and Bengt could be the only one's alive. Lucario set his hand on Bengts head, as he continued sobbing. Lucario began to pet him, making Bengt calm down just a little bit.
"It's okay, Bengt... We're gonna find them! I promise!" Lucario was almost crying knowing that Doug and Steelio were in serious danger... Lucario had no idea how to find them, and he also didn't know how he was still alive... What were they gonna do?
Episode VI: Chloe Bloomberg
Doug watched and listened as Maxwell and Farah were having their a conversation about their big plan.
"Before we launch Operation : BLOOMBERG, I gotta hide the body of the girl... Once I do, we can get onto the ship and begin the operation!" Maxwell said, tugging the body towards him. It was a dead body of a female dog, the same dog from his vision! "Ahh, Chloe Bloomberg... Daughter of the well-known Killian Bloomberg, who will in fact be on-board the ship!"
Maxwell nodded his head, and got out a body bag from his backpack. Doug was shocked as the girl who he was looking for was dead! Then, something began to rise from the corpse. It was the spirit of Chloe, and he confronted Doug. It worked the same way with Doug, nobody could see them but each other!
"So, you are Doug, right?" Chloe said, just staring at him. "Uhh, yeah... How did you know my name?"
"I have been waiting for you..."
"But, how could you be waiting for me?"
"Isn't it obvious?"
"Hell no it isn't obvious! What's going on?!"
Chloe then made a face like Doug was stupid, "You are the angel, Max is the corrupted father... What do you think? Do you know anything about The Guardian Angel?" Doug shook his head, "It's not possible... The marks are just a coincidence!" Chloe went right behind him, and removed his shirt.
She touched the diamond marking, still warm... Then, she checked out both of his palms, they were warm, too! She then went right back in front of him, "You really don't get it, do you?" Doug then began to get impatient, "How do you know all this?!" Chloe cleared her throat, "Let me explain..."
When the angel was slain by the corrupted father a.k.a. The Leader, the angel's power spread through the world, searching for a vessel, a soul with purity. The Leader, tried to collect this energy to take over our universe, but he was too late. the power had already found a vessel. That would be-"
"Me..." Doug interrupted. Chloe nodded her head, "You were chosen because you have done many good deeds in your life! Do you know what those are?" Doug thought hard... Why was he chosen to be The Guardian Angel?!
Then it hit him...
Saving Steelio and Bengt from the streets.
Tried to make Lucario, Steelio and Bengt go away to stay safe.
He had also done a lot of other stuff... Like volunteering at special events!
He was chosen because of his purity!
"You're right... I really am The Guardian Angel!" Doug said, putting his hand over his heart. He was so amazed that he was chosen, but now wasn't the time to brag... He had some dark matter to destroy! He then remembered that the angel had wings, and Doug didn't have any...
"Uhh, what about my wings?" Doug said. Chloe shrugged, "Ehh, I don't know... maybe you got unlucky and they didn't get there! I bet they'll appear eventually!" Doug sighed, as he would love to fly. He had thought about it for a while. In fact, he had a dream about it!
He was flying through the island, making newspapers fly right off their newsstands, and people falling onto the ground. Doug was whooping, feeling the blood rushing through his veins! He could feel his heart pumping in his chest, as he was going through a real adrenaline rush!
Once he woke up, he could still feel the blood rushing...
Chloe snapped her fingers, bringing Doug right back from his dreamland, "Hello? Earth to Doug?" Doug then stared right at Chloe. "So, how do you know me? because I honestly don't know you!" Doug said, seeming very confused, still. "My father told me all about you..."
Just then, Max got a call from Jolene. He answered the call, "Hello?" Then it was quiet, for a short while. Just then, Maxwell shut is phone, got his backpack, and headed out the door. Farah picked up the body, "I guess I'll keep the body until he realizes that he is being foolish..."
Doug followed Max, wondering why he was is such a hurry. He saw Max go inside the house, and Doug waited outside. What was going on? Then, Max busted open the door, helping Jolene out of the house, then, she was put inside the car, and they drove away. Jolene looked like she was in pain!
Doug watched the car drive towards the hospital, and then knew what was happening. He just watched as a pregnant Jolene drove to the hospital with a baby Doug inside her! He was being born! He then ran right to the hospital, wanting to see this...
Doug waited outside as the surgery was being done. After a while of waiting, Doug heard noises coming from the surgery room. He heard something tiny, and squeaky... It was the sound of a baby crying. Doug waited a bit longer, and then passed through the door.
He saw the cutest puppy wrapped up in a blanket. It's eyes were closed, and it was quieting down. Jolene looked so happy, and so did Maxwell. Doug even looked happy, beginning to cry. He was born, and it just made Doug burst into tears... It was silent, and little puppy Doug yawned.
He was so tiny and cute when he was a baby. Now look at him, a big and not so cute seventeen year old.
Doug then left the hospital, and saw Chloe waiting outside. "So, how was it?" she said, walking towards Doug.
"Today was the day the world was doomed, al


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