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Higher Beings (3)


Page 1, The third installment of my soon-to-be-published novel.

(chapter five) {Sunday}



That night, to my surprise, nothing strange happened. I didn’t have any dreams or hear any voices. It was a perfect night of rest. I slept soundly without disturbance. I awoke perfectly rested and revitalized. Now it was Sunday, I went downstairs and ate some breakfast, then got dressed for church. I was very religious, I had been a part of The Church as long as I could remember. Many people looked down on me for this but that was because they did not know what Christianity was. The public is exposed to false Christianity, most radio preachers and televangelists are false Christians and try to use my religion to make money. Real Christianity differs in many ways from the stereotypes presented on television. The Church of Christ was all the way across town, it was an enormous building just like all the others in Filger but it had beautiful stained glass windows presenting images of the stereo typical Jesus, doves, crosses, and crowns. It was very beautiful artwork. When I was younger, Mr. and Mrs. Oberlin would drive to church and we would go as a family, but then Mr. Oberlin became very sick from old age. When he started to get sick, he would stay home from church. Later on, it became harder for him to move around the house and so, Mrs. Oberlin would stay home with him to make sure he didn’t fall or something while he was moving about. I came down the stairs and sat on the couch to watch television. About five minutes later, Mr. and Mrs. Oberlin emerged from their bedroom and took seats with me. We said ‘good morning’ to each other and talked for a little while. Then Mrs. Oberlin went into the kitchen to cook breakfast. We ate, went back to the living room to watch a little more television. Fifteen minutes or so later, I grabbed my Bible and went off to church. I expected Jezzabel to pop up out of nowhere and want to follow me everywhere like the previous days, but not today. She didn’t show this time. I walked on to the church ignoring the alley between the two apartment buildings. It seemed like it would be a normal day, the most normal day in the past few, but things aren’t always what they seem to be. It took a little while to get to the church and when I did, those two men in the long black coats, the same ones that had been at my house the day before, were talking with the preacher, Chuck Denning. I wondered what was going on, I waited for them to stop talking, then went and asked Mr. Denning what was happening.

“What’s going on?”

I asked him.

“I found a threatening letter in front of the church doors.”

He had a look on his face that looked like he had seen a ghost.

“The church got a death threat by letter?”

“Yes, the envelope had a pentagram on it.”

I was disturbed deeply by this.

“What did those men say?”

I asked.

“They said things like this have been happening a lot lately, and that it seems like it’s all being done by a gang of Satanists.”

“That’s kind of obvious.”

I thought to myself.

“Was there anything damaged?”

I asked, I couldn’t see anything broken from the outside.

“Well, not exactly.-”

He started, I knew what he was going to say next.

“-Nothing was stolen or broken, but a pentagram was drawn in blood on the wall behind the pulpit.”

He continued.


I said. I wasn’t very surprised because of the day before.

“I’m afraid we won’t be having church today.”

He said.

“I can see the reason in that.”

I told him.

“I need to sit down for a second.”

He said and sat down on a nearby sidewalk bench, the church was right next to a bus stop, that’s why there was a sidewalk bench so close to it. He put his head in his hands and closed his eyes. I looked at the church, it was taped off by the police. I went to get a closer look. I looked directly into the door from a short distance away, the church doors had been left open allowing me to see the pentagram behind the pulpit. An awful goat’s head, drawn in blood. Other than that, nothing had been so much as moved. Something was definitely wrong here, that much was obvious, but what concerned me was that they had targeted me as well. I had no idea what would happen later, but I knew that it probably wasn’t going to be good. I looked the pentagram over thoroughly, it was exactly the same as the one in my house.

“I think church is canceled today, kid.”

An officer behind me said.

“Yeah, I know.”

I replied. He shrugged and walked away. I decided there was nothing I could do and slowly walked away. I walked back down the street, I wondered,

“How am I going to explain this to my parents.”

and thought about how they would react. I ran through a couple of mentally simulated conversations with Mr. and Mrs. Oberlin and finally found one good way to tell them, then I heard it.


It was another voice, I stopped shoegazing and realized I was right in front of the alleyway. I got that feeling of immense danger again, my heart began to race and my innermost instincts told me to be ready for anything. I looked down the alley and saw someone wearing a completely black robe with a hood that hid their face. There was a big black puddle beneath her feet that covered most of the ground in the alley. A dense black fog shrouded her. There was a pair of beady, blood red, luminous eyes fixed in the fog just above the stranger, watching me intently like a predator watches its prey.

“Wayne Oberlin.”

She repeated. This time she spoke more loudly, I could tell it was a young girl.

How does she know my last name?”

I just stared in confusion and awe at the spectacle I was beholding.

“Wayne Oberlin, come here.”

She demanded, then stuck out her hand and motioned for me to come to her with one finger. She had this aura of authority over the earth and the universe itself seemed to tremble in her presence.

“There is nothing to be afraid of.”

She said. Her voice was low pitched and smooth, he authoritative atmosphere made me want to believe her but my innards told me not to relax. I swallowed the lump in my throat and said,


I was so scared, that was the only word I could utter.

“I am here to help you.”

She claimed. Her voice softened and became more assuring.

“Help me with what?”

I questioned. She paused for a second.

“… Fulfilling your purpose in this life.”

She said.

“What would that be?”

“I am not allowed to tell you.”

She took a few steps out of the fog, toward me. An obviously superior being, reaching out to me from her blackened realm. I stayed put, too scared to come forward but too amazed to run away.

“Come with me and you will fulfill your purpose in this life.”

“I want to know what it is first.”

I demanded in a sudden burst of courage. She paused a moment more.

“… Your purpose is to help mankind become a greater being.”

I liked the sound of that. She walked toward me and stuck out her hand with her palm facing the sky, her fingernails were very long with black polish on them, her palm had a cross tattoo with a flamed pattern surrounding it. The flamed pattern reached all around her hand and continued up her sleeve.

“Who are you?-”

I asked. She didn’t answer.

“-Where are you from?”

She took a couple of seconds to answer. Precipitously, I felt like I was equal to her and had the right to demand answers from her now that I was so close to her.

“My name is Laveyette… And I am one of the entities who were meant to guide man to his goal.”

She said. I was too awed to say anything back, unable to make eye contact with her, I looked around at the street. I didn’t notice anything at first, but then I looked at a sign outside a store across the street that read ‘Big Jakes hardware’, while usually it was colored green and orange, now it was completely colorless, the entire world seemed to have lost its color, but there was a bubble around me and Laveyette that still held its color. I looked around at other things, also black and white. Then I notice that nothing was moving, not even a breeze in the air. I looked at a bus that happened to be driving by, it was completely still, but the most shocking thing was that there was nobody inside of it. I think my heart skipped a beat when I noticed that. I was not at home anymore, I was someplace else, someplace where she made the rules, where she was in charge and I was merely visiting. I was at her mercy, in her power. I looked back at her, the black fog came in close behind her and loomed ominously over her, swallowing even more of the ground and sky. I could see the two glowing red eyes peeping out of the mist, fixed on me. They blinked rapidly and at an almost constant rate.

“Come with me, Wayne.”

Laveyette said demandingly.

“I don’t know about this.”

I said. Now I was convinced she was something of a greater power.

“… I understand, this must be a very big step for you… I will give you two days,-“

She explained, took a few steps forward, and put her hands on my shoulders.

“-But when those two days are gone, I will come get you, and I will not give you a choice.”

She continued. Those words put a chill in my bones.


I said.

“We are going to need you pretty soon.”

She said comfortingly. I wasn’t very comforted by that.

“I don’t know who any of you are.”

I said in awe of what I was hearing.

“I will come back in two days.”

She said before turning and walking a short distance down the alley. Laveyette stepped into the black puddle she was in before and then turned and looked at me.

“I will see you then.”

She said, then sank into the puddle and disappeared. The black fog did the same. I couldn’t believe what I had just seen. I looked around, the colors of the street were back in their places. I glanced at the bus that drove by, it was moving again and I could see it was packed with people, a little boy was peering out the window at me. I looked back at the alley way, the black puddle was gone and there was not a trace of activity. I walked to the spot that the puddle had formed in, I looked the ground over thoroughly but couldn’t find anything out of the normal. I was looking for a logical explanation for what had just happened.

“What the Hell just happened?”

I mumbled. I tapped my foot on the gravel hoping to find a trap door or something that would explain all of this but found nothing. There was one and only one explanation for what I saw, I just didn’t want to believe it. I got on my knees and began brushing gravel around on the ground still trying to find something that could possibly give me a hint as to what just happened.

“Is something the matter?”

I heard an old man say. I looked up and then over my shoulder, he was looking at me funny.

“I… Dropped my pocket knife.”

I lied to keep form looking crazy in front of his granddaughter who was right beside him.


He said and moved on. He had snapped me out of the confusion phase I was in. I got to my feet and looked around the street, everything was back to normal. Nothing to worry about. Nothing different. Everything was just fine. I was still extremely uneasy about this.

“What is she?”

I thought. My thoughts began to run away with me.

“Could she be an angel?”

I walked on toward my house while I thought about it.

“She DID have a cross on her hand.”

I thought maybe I had just encountered an angel, but that didn’t make me feel any better, usually when a person in the Bible came in contact with an angel it was because they had to do something very important. I didn’t like having a big job to do, I was always afraid I would screw it up.

“What do they need ME for?”

I was convinced she was an angel of some sort, after all she had a cross on her hand, wouldn’t that convince you if you’d seen the same thing I had? I wanted to know what God wanted me to do.

“Well, I’ll find out in two days.”

I thought. I was still troubled by this.

“Just cooperate and everything will be okay.”

I told myself in a futile attempt to calm down. I don’t think anything could have gotten me to calm down after seeing what I had. I walked on and then realized that I had passed my house. I was so caught up in my thoughts I forgot where I was going. So much was happening in such a small span of time, it was mind numbing. First, something ‘attacked’ me in the alley, then, I noticed Jezzabel, while in the woods she had gotten poked in the eye with a branch and the wound healed back up in a matter of seconds, next, the little ordeal at my house with the pentagram and such, finally there was this, my encounter with a seemingly angelic being. It was happening so fast I couldn’t think. I walked back to my porch, Ally was lapping milk out of a small bowl on the floor, I kneeled down beside her and patted her on her back, she purred very loudly. I sat and petted her for a few minutes and then went inside.

“Back already?”

Said Mrs. Oberlin laying on the living room couch.

“What’s wrong son?”

Asked Mr. Oberlin who was reclining in his chair.

“Well… Church was canceled today because of a robbery.”

“A robbery!?”

Exclaimed Mrs. Oberlin.

“The church was robbed!?”

Mr. Oberlin yelled in an outrage. His face was bright red, he looked like he was going to pop an artery.

“Yeah… Very tragic event.”

I sighed. I thought it best to leave out the part about the pentagram as not to worry them too much. I sat down on the far side of the sofa at Mrs. Oberlin’s feet as they rambled on about how terrible it was. I stayed and listened to them for a while before going up to my room.

“Do you know who did it?”

Mr. Oberlin asked. I thought for a moment and decided to say

“No, I don’t know who did it.”

“What did they steal?”

Mrs. Oberlin asked. I thought it over for a moment and then decided that it was okay to tell her

“They didn’t steal anything.”

“So what did they do?”

Mr. Oberlin asked.

“Well, Chuck said they left a letter on the steps that was threatening the church.”

“They threatened the church?”

“Yeah, the church got a death threat by letter.”

“Did they damage anything?”

“Well, the locks were picked an’-.”

I stopped myself before I said ‘there was a pentagram drawn on the wall’.

“Why did they break in if they were just gonna leave a letter on the steps?”

Mrs. Oberlin asked. I couldn’t come up with a little white lie to explain why so I just shrugged. Mr. and Mrs. Oberlin exchanged confused looks for a few seconds before Mr. Oberlin picked up the phone and called one of the other members of the church to find out more about what happened. I don’t know how he didn’t hear about the pentagram drawn on the wall behind the pulpit but some way or another, he didn’t. Or maybe he did and just didn’t think anything of it, or maybe whoever he called didn’t see it. Going up the stairs I realized Ally had followed me inside, I stopped half stride and watched her desperately attempt to scale the stairs, when she couldn’t I picked her up by the scruff of her neck and carried her up to my room with me. I laid down on my bed and grabbed one of the photographs off of my wall, it was a picture of an Extra 300S, which is a really awesome sports plane, mid stall. I looked at the wall where I had scraped off all the paint in order to get rid of the pentagram someone had painted on it. I looked at it for a second and then told myself,

“You should really do something about that spot.”

so I got up and took a few posters of metal bands from the other walls in my room and hung them on the plywood spot. When I was finished I had almost all of the plywood covered up, there were just a few places around the edges that still peeked out but other than those couple spots it was mostly covered up. Doing a little redecorating eased my mind, I wasn’t worried about Laveyette anymore, I thought if I just cooperated with her everything would be fine.

“I got to meet an angel.”

I told myself.

“I got to meet an angel.”

The more I told myself that the better I felt about it.

“I got to meet an angel.”

I said aloud.

“So you really like that Jezzabel girl, huh?”

Mr. Oberlin said. I turned around and found him standing in the door way with a blanket wrapped around himself.

“Wha-? What?”

I didn’t realize he had been there and was a little startled.

“You like that girl that always follows you around?”

He repeated.

“Well… Yeah, I don’t know any guy who wouldn’t.”

“She is very pretty.”

“Are you kidding?”


“She’s frickin’ HOT!”

“I think she likes you too.”

“Nah, what makes you think that?”

“She follows you everywhere.”

“That’s just because I’m the only guy who doesn’t drool over her.”

“You really think that?”


“Well, I don’t.”

“Dad, she could have any guy she wanted, what are the chances she’d pick me?”

“You’re a handsome young man.”

He always encouraged me like that but I never listened to him, after all he was my legal dad, your parents will always tell you things like that.

“There’s plenty of stronger and handsomer men in Filger.”

I refuted. He came beside me and put his hand on my shoulder.

“Do the both of you like the same things?”

He asked.

“Wha’do’ya mean?”

“Are you interested in the same things?”

I thought for a moment and recalled that she liked the same music as I did and that we both liked life science.

“Yeah, I guess we do.”

“Then that’s probably why.”

I didn’t like it when he got all philosophical about finding the perfect girl for you, I just looked at his marriage, he and Mrs. Oberlin were always arguing about one thing or another, that’s why I never took any of his advice, but I should have listened to him. He took his hand off of my shoulder and walked away downstairs. I continued about my business by sitting down at my computer and playing a flight simulator. It wasn’t a real fancy flight simulator but it was ‘as real as it gets’. I flew a digital F4U-Corssair, an old World War Two plane, over Michigan and then stopped. I didn’t know what to do now. I got up from the chair at the computer and walked over to the big window. I looked out on the town, my house was rather tall which gave me a fairly good view of things. I could see over the tops of most of the houses that were around mine, and I could see the tall buildings of downtown when I looked to the right. When the sun would set, it would send a thin beam of light into the town and illuminate the ripples on the clouds. It was a rather pretty sight. The light was a pinkish purple hue that made elegant patterns when it mixed with the gray of the clouds. When the sunset was over I decided to look at a book so I walked to the other side of the room and scanned the little book shelf I had filled with books, only the two bottom shelves had books on them because the top shelf was stuffed with CDs and stuff I got at music stores. I looked through the books and found one I hadn’t yet read, I plucked it from the shelf and got back to my feet. Something shiny on top of the chest high shelf shined light into my eyes preventing me from starting the book. I moved my head to one side to get the light out of my eyes and found it was a CD. One of the cheap blank CDs you buy at electronics stores, there was a little yellow sticky note on it with writing. I picked the note off of it to get a better look. The note read,

Sorry I had to leave in such a hurry here’s something for your trouble.

You are in my prayers.


with a little doodle of a hart under the text. I smiled at that, it felt good to know she cared about my wellbeing. I put the book down and picked up the CD, I opened it, put it in my stereo and started listening to it. It was a couple of songs I had never heard before by bands I had never heard of. In the middle of the audio I pressed the pause button.

“Did Jezzabel come by!?”

I hollered to Mr. and Mrs. Oberlin below.

“No! Why!?”

Mr. Oberlin hooted back.

“She didn’t!?”

“No! Why!?”

He repeated.

“No reason!”

I was a little startled by that.

“How did this get in here, then?”

I thought. I pressed the play button on the stereo to listen to the rest of the audio, and then laid down to think about this.

“Did she break into my house?”

The more I thought about it the more and more it seemed like she did it, but why would she? I didn’t quite know what to do.

“Just keep an eye on her.”

I told myself. I listened to the rest of the CD she gave me. In total it was about fifteen minutes long, at the end of the CD the music stopped and a home made recording began. Jezzabel’s voice rang through the stereo.

“Wayne, this was just a couple of songs I thought you might like. I hope you enjoyed it… And if you’re wondering about how this got into your room, I would advise you not to worry about it.”

I was a little startled by that. Why should I not think about how she got that CD into my house? I started to think hard about it.

“Maybe she just came in while my parents were out doing something else and they just didn’t notice her.”

It seemed like the most reasonable explanation, so I just agreed with myself.

“Yeah, that’s what happened.”

I thought.

“Besides, she said not to worry about it.”

Just then Ally walked into the room and found a couple of pecans to pounce on, I had swept the floor and there shouldn’t have been any pecans still there. I looked at the window. This time it was shut. 


(chapter six) {Monday}

“The Image of Man”


I awoke the next morning thinking about Laveyette and what she said about coming in two days, now it was just one. I was a little uneasy but I just had to swallow it because it was Monday. I went downstairs to the dining room to eat some waffles, I couldn’t finish but one of them.

“Is something wrong?”

Mrs. Oberlin asked with concern in her voice.

“Hmm? No. I’m just a little tired. That’s all.”

I told her, I didn’t think it a good idea to tell anyone about the ‘angel’ ordeal. I wondered if I would see Jezzabel today, I thought that this would be my last day on earth, but that wouldn’t come until much later.

“I wonder if I’ll see Jezzabel today, if I do it will be the last.”

I was sad because it was ‘my last day on earth’.

“We just met too.”

I was depressed, not sad, depressed. I tried to live out the day like every other day of my life, the getting up, going to school, coming home, going to bed and waiting for the next day. At the time I wasn’t thinking so clearly, any other time I would have realized that this whole angel idea was based completely on the fact that this girl, Laveyette, had a cross tattoo on her hand and she looked very ominous at the time I met her. I started to look over my life, all the things I never did, the girlfriend I never had, the children I’ll never have, the planes I never flew, and so on, all the usual stuff. I thought about the extreme lack of friends I had, it brought tears to my eyes.

“Look at yourself, Wayne. What have you done? Where have you been? Why didn’t you do something worth while with yourself?”

I was depressed to the point I didn’t feel like talking to my own legal guardians, I didn’t answer when Mrs. Oberlin asked

“What’s wrong, sweetie?”.

I always had a very strong respect for Mr. and Mrs. Oberlin, I had never ignored them before. I just grabbed all of my supplies and walked off to school, I didn’t think of anything but the next day, the day Laveyette said she was going to take me away, I was worried.

“What if she’s not an angel, what if she’s a demon of some kind?”

I worried. I was depressed, I went through school without saying anything to anyone not even Dakota, in case you’ve forgotten he was one of my only friends, I think he could tell something was wrong with me so he just left me alone, that was what I normally preferred but this wasn’t normal, I wanted to talk to him one last time just to have one last enjoyable moment but I didn’t know how to approach him while he was around his friends. I at least had to try. During lunch, I went to the schoolyard and found him while he was talking to some of his other friends. I tried to get in on the conversation by simply butting into it. He was talking with three other people, two were other men and one was a shapely young girl, I was a little intimidated but I thought I would be gone or dead the next day. I had to at least say hello. Dakota and his buddies were huddled around a magazine filled with pictures of very nice looking sports cars, I approached and stood on the tips of my toes to get a look, I couldn’t get a decent view.

“Holy shit, look at that Dodge Viper.”

Said one of the two guys, I started to say something but couldn’t come up with any commentary, I couldn’t see the picture anyways.

“I’d go for that ride sitting on the hood.”

The other guy said.

“That would look better with a jet black paint job.”

Said Dakota. I took in a breath to say something but nothing came out. The girl, I never learned her name, looked at me with curiosity, I looked at her for only a second then turned and walked away. He didn’t even realize I was there. I was going to leave and never come back and I didn’t even speak to the only friend I had. I walked away and didn’t so much as look at anyone for the rest of the day. It hurt to think I would be gone tomorrow and I never said anything to him the last time I ever saw him, he was my best friend, I felt so bad about myself. I got home late because I walked so slowly home, I was so depressed I didn’t think there was any more meaning to life, I thought mine would be gone tomorrow. That’s what hurt, my life was over and I didn’t do anything out of the ordinary today. I didn’t even socialize with any of the people I cared about. I walked slowly home, I reached the alley between the two apartment buildings.


I heard the voice again, I stopped and looked around thinking Jezzabel was here before realizing it was the disembodied voice again. I hadn’t heard it for a while.

“-it’s okay, I’m right here.”

It said, I thought it was strange that it could only say a small range of words. I felt two arms wrap around mine and hold them down to my body, I didn’t do anything. They held me tight for a few seconds and then let go. I expected something profound to happen, but there was nothing. I waited for a minute, and then went on. I wondered what I would do for the rest of the day. I thought about how hardly anybody would know or that I was gone when I finally did leave. That thought made me tear up a little bit, then something hanging on a light pole caught my eye, it was a flyer, written on it was


At the sandlot 513 Senior St.

Tonight at 6:00!

Performing “Path of Ash”!

Ludicra was a band, and an excellent one at that, but I didn’t own any of their albums, I didn’t want them because I was pretty sure they were antichrist, I would listen to satanic bands but I wouldn’t buy from them. I thought since today was going to be my last day on earth I could go on and see them, it would be doing something different. I had never been to a concert before, because I had nobody to go with and I could just as easily listen to music at home, so why not try it? I grabbed the flyer and ran home, when I got home I told Mr. and Mrs. Oberlin I was going to a concert, they seemed a little relieved because I wasn’t acting depressed anymore, I still was but I just didn’t show it. They approved, I put my wallet in my pocket and ran off down the street. It wasn’t anywhere near the time mentioned on the flyer, but I went on anyway. I had never been to the sandlot on Senior Street, so I was going to see what it was like. I jogged down the road and turned at the corner of the block, Senior Street was right next to the street my house was on. I jogged down Senior until I came to an empty lot, I stood at the entrance and looked in, the ground was covered with, of course, sand and there was a small stage in the middle of the lot. I could see a van with ‘LUDICRA’ painted on the side of it. Ludicra was here so I thought maybe I would get to meet them personally. That would have been nice but I never met them. There were some lawn chairs scattered around the lot for customers to sit in, I stepped into the lot but a large guy standing next to the gate stopped me and said,

“Admission costs money, bud.”

He held out his hand, I took out my wallet and asked

“How much?”

“Thirty dollars.”

He replied, I picked through my wallet, all I had was two twenties and a nickel.

“Ya got change for forty?”

I asked, took out both bills, and placed them in his hand.


He said sternly, and put them in his pocket. I thought it best to just let it go, I went in and sat down in a lawn chair. I didn’t quite know what to do now except wait, so I waited and watched the lot fill up.

“Maybe Jezzabel will be here.”

I thought, but she never came. It was starting to get crowded but I seemed to fit in with everyone else, I was wearing a T-shirt with the ‘Metallica’ logo on it, plain jeans and a black jacket. Everyone else had pretty much the same wardrobe, but with a couple of chains, piercings, and tattoos. I looked around at all the commotion then realized that I was still holding the flyer, I had been holding it the whole time, so I got up and threw it in a trashcan, when I came back to my seat there was somebody in it. This guy was enormous, he wasn’t wearing a shirt so It was easy to tell he worked out a lot. He had very long hair and tattoos covered his body, he had so many tattoos it looked like he was wearing a shirt from a distance, he was casually smoking a cigarette. I didn’t want any trouble so I just turned around to go find another seat.

“Hey, dude, was ’is your seat?”

He said, in a very deep and rough voice.

“Hmm? Me?”

I turned back around to him.

“Yeah, was ‘is your seat?”

“Yeah, but I can go find another.”

I thought it best to be a subtle as possible as not to get into any fights, a lot of the other men here looked pretty big, and could probably have easily killed me. I was big but not strong, I was tall and skinny.

“Sorry, man, here.”

He got out of the seat and pulled up one that someone happened to just have left. He pulled it up, right beside mine.


I sat down in the seat.

“You ever heard Ludicra before?”

He asked.

“Yeah, I’ve heard ’em.”

“Are they good? Never heard ‘em before.”

“Yeah, they rock.”

“Huh.. Do you think there’s gonna be a mosh?”

“A what?”

I had never heard that term before.

“A mosh.”


“You don’t know what a mosh pit is?”


“How many concerts you been to?”

“Before now, none.”

“Really? Never before?”

“First time in my life.”

“Ah… A mosh pit is just one real big group of people who are just punchin’ each other’s lights out for the fun of it.”

“Just for fun, huh?”

“Yep, ya just beat the shit out of the fucker next to ya for the Hell of it.”

“Sounds like fun.”

I lied when I said that because I was scared and didn’t want to sound like a push over.

“It really is… Got a watch?”

“No but…-“

I took my cellphone out of my pocket and checked the time.

“-It’s five forty nine.”

“Kay, I’m ‘a go get a beer. You want anything?”

“No thanks.”

He got up, walked away and came back with a glass bottle in his hand.

“Shoulda started by now shouldn’t it?”

He said. As soon as he said that the stage lit up and the band members of Ludicra walked onto the stage and tuned their instruments. After a few seconds of tuning, the drummer began bashing his drum set. The guitar started in and everyone stood up and cheered. I stayed seated.


The guy with the tattoos yelled. I was the only person sitting down, I didn’t see the point in standing up. I never stood up and cheered when I was listening to Ludicra on the internet, so why would I do it now? To keep from being an oddball I stood up and flashed the ‘rock on’ sign, that’s your thumb curled into your palm with your two middle fingers curled over it, with your pointer and little fingers sticking straight out and spread as far apart as possible. The lead singer gave me one back. For most of the song I was having a good time but then the guy behind us yelled

“Mosh pit!”

picked up a chair and whacked the guy with the tattoos, he, of course, retaliated with a smile. Pretty soon there was a big group of people in the middle of the lot who were pummeling each other with everything they had. I was caught in the middle of it all and struggled to get out, however everyone kept me inside the group. One short guy had landed a hit on the side of my face, I glared at him and he went away with a scared look on his face. My height made me look many times more menacing than I really was. I tried to push my way through the body of people but I couldn’t get moving at a steady pace. Eventually I got out, I made a sigh of relief and then someone grabbed me from behind.

“Hey, what’re you doin’?”

It was Mr. Tattoos again.

“Taking a breather.”

I replied to him.


“I’m tired.”

“You haven’t hit a single person, get back in there and kick some mother fucker’s ass.”

“Well, I-.”

“C’mon… It’s fun!”

“Well, yeah, but-.”

“Just try it will ya?”

“… Okay.”

I decided to try it so I wouldn’t look like a coward and plunged myself into the crowd. I didn’t know where to start but then the short guy who had hit me before landed another one on the other side of my face, this time I knew what to do, I swung a punch at him but he ducked and I hit some other guy in the arm, then that guy threw a punch at me but I stepped back just far enough that he would miss, I threw a punch back at him and got his nose. He glared at me. I turned around and made haste through the crowd to get away from him. He was much bigger that I was muscles wise. As I ran through the crowd I managed to make my way back out of the crowd unintentionally. I thought that if nobody saw that I had run away, that I would just stay on the edges until it was over.

“What the Hell are you doing!?”

That low, rough voice again. The tattoo fanatic was right behind me. I turned around to face him.

“What the Hell are you doing!?”

He repeated. I tried to explain to him but it all came out mush.

“Well I was- I was- There was a- I couldn’t-”

He grabbed my shoulders.

“Kid!... Are you pussy?”

I shook my head and said


“Good! It’s alright to hit somebody. You won’t hurt ‘em. You’ll just hit ‘em.”

“Well, it’s just that, I don’t really like to fight.”

“Okay. Okay. You’re not fightin’ ‘em, you’re just hittin’ ‘em.”

“Uh, who do I hit first?”

He sighed with disapproval.

“You really haven’t been to a concert before, have you?”

“I told you I haven’t.”

He sighed again with the same disapproving tone.

“You just run in. Pick someone. And kick their ass! Okay?”

“Alright, but I don’t like to hurt other people.”

“For the last time, you’re not gonna hurt anyone… You know what, why don’t you just hit me?”


“Hit me.”

“What for?”

He slugged me in the shoulder.

“I hit you, now hit me.”

“Uhm, okay…”

I pulled my fist back. Right before I swung he stopped me and said

“Not in the face.”


I drew my fist back again and hit him in the chest lightly.

“Hit hard. Like you mean it.”

I hit him harder. His muscles felt more like steel than flesh.


I hit him with my other hand because the first one was throbbing from hitting his rock hard chest.

“Do it again! Harder!”

I punched him in the lower stomach area. He let out and pained ‘OOOPH!’ and bent over clutching his stomach.

“That was good enough. Now jus’ do that to those other guys.”

“Uhm. Alright.”

I turned back around and looked at the still moshing crowd. Once again, I didn’t know where to start.

“Just go in, pick someone, and kick their ass.”

I quoted the man to myself.

“Pick someone, kick their ass. Pick someone, kick their ass.”

I repeated it over and over in my head. I forced myself into the crowd and put my fist in the mouth of the first face I saw. I hit them over and over again, then moved on to the next person. I felt alive, I don’t know why but it felt good to hurt somebody. A couple of seconds later I was slugging the sense out of everyone that I saw, that is, except for girls, I promised myself that I would only hurt girls when they attack me first, and since this was just for fun I didn’t hit any girls, regardless of who hit who. I was going insane, I picked up an aluminum trashcan and slammed it down on top of some poor guy’s head, I didn’t quite know what I was doing but I knew it felt good. I was being hit more than anyone as well, I was a bloody pulp on legs, I was being struck more often than I was lashing out. I mauled multiple people then I ran into the guy with the tattoos who had joined in the same time I did. I accidently punched him in the mouth. He looked at me for a moment then spat some blood into his hand.

“Not bad, kid!”

He bellowed. I was a little scared of him, but my fear was killed by the hearty laugh he let out afterward, however when he was finished laughing he looked at me with a twisted grin, I knew what was coming next.

“Alright, buddy, show me what’cha got!”

He put his fists up in front of him readying himself for a fist fight. Now I was scared.

“Wha-? What?”

I stuttered.

“This is a mosh, kid, every man for himself!”

I sighed and got ready for Hell.

“If you say so!”

I sounded a lot more confident than I really was. He came toward me with his twisted smile, swung at me and got me in the stomach, I went sprawling to the ground on my back. I pulled myself to my feet as quick as I could, making it convenient for him to knock me back down. While I was on the ground, he found a conveniently located chair and was about to mash me into the ground, but I rolled over barely dodging his assault. I managed to kick him in the face and put him in a daze before he could swing it at me again. I stood back up and he gathered his wits.

“I can’t take this guy.”

I thought. He threw the chair at me and it knocked me into a nearby snack vending machine, powered by a generator, the plastic shattered and multiple pop cans spilled out onto the ground The first thing I did was pick one of them up and hurl it at him, I got him on the face and I think broke his nose. I threw one more at him but he deflected it with another steel chair he picked up. I looked around to see what else I could use, I saw a trashcan, but that was it. Before he could come at me again he got his hands full with some other guy who jumped on his back, I took advantage of this time and pulled some brass knuckles off of some guy who had been knocked out and happened to be lying close by. They weren’t much but it was all I could get at the time. He finally wrestled the other guy off his back and onto the ground, he was bent over him when I charged in and got him in the forehead with the brass knuckles. He jumped back and fell, flat on his butt, blood gushing from his forehead.

“Hey! Hey! Hold on!”

He yelled with his hand on his head.

“What’s your name, kid?”

He asked.


I replied.

“Pleased to meet ’cha. I’m Lucifer.”

“Lucifer? That’s a weird name.”

“Yeah, everyone calls me Lou.”

“Okay, Lou.”

I ran at him again to get in a few more hits, by now everyone had settled down a bit because they were all very badly beaten. I smacked him twice in the stomach and one in the face before he grabbed my arm and put me in an arm bar.

“Okay, I think this mosh is pretty much over.”

He said calmly. I looked around for a second and saw everyone helping each other up and getting back in their seats.

“So it’s just over when everyone gets tired of getting their asses whipped, huh?”

I said.


He let me out of the hold he had me in, and I dusted myself off.

“You ought to return those.”

He said pointing at the brass knuckles had I picked up. I dropped them on the owners chest, he was till out cold.

“Why is your name Lucifer?”

I asked, he shrugged and said

“Just is. Why’s your name Wayne?”

“Got me there.”

“But everyone calls me Lou.”


Everyone took a seat and let Ludicra go on with their concert. They played a lot of their best songs, and it was fun. Lou offered to get me a beer but I told him I don’t drink.

“Oh, c’mon, man, try it.”

He pleaded.

“Nah, I don’t drink.”

“C’mon, dude, you trusted me with the moshing thing, trust me on this. You looked like you really liked moshing, how do ya know ya won’t like this?”

He was right, I did enjoy the mosh pit, so I decided to try a drink.

“Okay, fine.”

I said, he handed me a glass bottle. I looked it over and sniffed the mouth of the bottle, it smelled alcoholic of course. I took a drink.

“Not bad.”

I said. It tasted kind of neutral, like water, it didn’t taste good but it definitely didn’t taste bad.

“See? Would I lie to you?”

He said as if he were notorious for telling the truth.

“Not bad, but not exactly good either.”

I told him.

“Ya gotta wait for a little while.”

He explained, I took his advice and another drink. I was feeling noticeably better after five minutes. My body was just so relaxed. Yes, it hindered my ability to walk, but at the time I didn’t care, I felt so mellow and calm, I had forgotten all about what tomorrow was supposed to be. I forgot all about the disturbing things that had been happening, I just kept drinking and drinking until the concert was over. I was drunk, I’m not proud to admit it but I was as drunk as a hillbilly at seven P.M., I couldn’t stand upright and after ever so many drinks I stopped being relaxed and started to get stressed out, It wasn’t calming me down but making me angry, I got furious. Lou and I, both being drunk, walked around town after the concert leaning on each other in order to stay upright and yelling profanities at passersby. Lou and I hobbled around town cursing and complaining about everything under the sun for a very long time before he said that he was tired and passed out on a park bench. Having that been done I walked around town looking for home but was too drunk to figure out where in the world I was, I stumbled around town for hours before I started to become sober. As my brain cleaned itself back up, I began to have a sense of direction and it was easier to stand up. My brain was recovering from the alcoholic bomb I dropped on it. As I was going around the corner of a building I tripped and fell into someone, they wrapped their arms around me and held me tightly to keep me from falling to the ground.

“Suh… Sorry, sir- ma’am… I… I’m sorry about that.”

They stood me up and held my hand to keep me from falling over again.

“A little too many drinks, huh?”

She said. It was Jezzabel, but my vision was still blurry so I couldn’t quite see anything but her fiery red hair and the light bouncing off her sky blue eyes, the rest of her was just a blur. I smirked and said,

“Uh… I’m not as think as you drunk I am.”

She giggled at my intentionally backwards sentence. I was sobering up but I was still drunk enough to have the need to goof off.

“Let’s get you home.”

She said and guided me to my house. She kept me close to her as she pulled me through the streets. It wasn’t long before she had found my house and led me to the porch. I collapsed on the steps, Jezzabel sat down beside me and brushed my hair with her fingers, I was so numb I didn’t really notice until I slapped her hand away and asked,

“What the hell is touching my head?”

“I am.”


She continued to brush my hair for a few minutes or so. Then she kissed me on the cheek and told me,

“Just relax and take a break.”

I took her advice.

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