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Book By: verdelet
Action and adventure

Chapter 2 of THE KING OF STEEL

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# CHAPTER 2 ## SEYHAN: ### DWARVEN MINING CAPITAL Vusill sat behind his desk of stone and ore. Angry as usual with the lazy goblin slave workers, although very pleased with the coin their sweat had made him. He was short, as dwarfs normaly are, with hair blacker than coal and a heart to match it. He ran his mines like a kennel. The worker dogs would wake up, eat from a shared bowl on the floor, go to work and dig. Until he said otherwise. And when he felt they had worked enough he would send them back to their cages to sleep in piles. In the mines of seyhan space was a luxury. And slaves deserved no such comforts. The ore the slaves mined, he sold. Every weapon, armor, wheel, lamp, or horseshoe in the north, east, and west side of the world came from his mines. The southern side of the world was all ocean and of no concern of his. Water rusted metal, and thus hurt his profits. Vusill waited. There was a goblin slave who had been planning to overthrow vusill and free the goblin slaves who would be willing to help him. Maypuck he was called. And he must be made an example. Dydma however, the young goblin who had brought maypucks treachery to vusills attention, deserved a reward. Though vusill refused to give the goblin coin due to his strong beliefs that slaves had no use for money. They had food that he had to buy them. Warm places to sleep that he had to supply the bars and locks for. And clothing that he had to trade his valuable ore for. So a coin reward was out of the question. A private room would be a waste of much needed space. And a speech of dydma's brave and righteous efforts would be a waste of time that could be used to dig. Suddenly a thought emerged from the back of his thick round skull. The perfect reward. A promotion. From slave to honorary ear slave. It was perfect. The title would give the young goblin a new purpose, and he wouldn't even realize that nothing had changed. Vusill relaxed. He leaned back in his mountain bear fur chair, with a smug snarl on his face, and proped his smooth custom leather boots on his desk, and settled down for a well deserved nap. No sooner than he had began to drift off a loud knock rang through his office. Enraged he bellowed, "who the devil is disturbing me with such racket!" As he slammed his stout fists down on the desk. "You as'd me to bring you maypuck an' dydma sir. Iv go' 'em both right 'ere sir" came a gnarled voice from the other side of the thick cherrywood double doors. The voice belonged to ganjyd, vusills more or less warden. Though he had no power in the mines he was very good at convincing the other goblins he did. So vusill used him for menial tasks so that he himself had less stress to worrie about. "Confounded goblins and their small brains and loude mouths," vusill muttered to himself as he got up to unbolt the doors. He opened the right door to see ganjyd holding a chain in each hand. On one end was a scrawney beast with scabs and scars covering his body and whelps from falling debris in the mines. On the opposite chain end was a much meaner looking beast with the thick skin of a seasoned miner. He had scars fron numerous fights with what could have been a saber cat from the looks of it. He wore the expression of hate and defiance on his face. The first goblin looked scared and worried in the presence of vusill. Without saying a word vusill took a step back and gestured with his left arm for the three to enter. With the exception of the rattling chains and dragging feet they entered in silence. Vusill resumed his seat behind his desk and folded his hands calmly in front of him. The three goblins stood opposite him. Vusill turned to the rougher looking of the two chained goblins. "So maypuck, you thought it wise to attempt a rebellion? Did your small brain happen to think it would go unnoticed? Unpunished?" He said in his deep dwarven voice. He waited for a response. "Well?" The scared goblin looked into his eyes fearlessly. And with a raspy vioce that mirrored his appearance said "im call'd dydma sir. M'ypuck be th' small bast'rd o'er there." He then let his dry scaled lips curl into a slight smirk. "Is that so?" Vusill asked in genuine surprise. The thought of the timid goblin almost in tears before him starting a rebellion was humorous indeed. "Phftthahahahaha!" Vusill belowed. "This little pile of bone and flesh thought he could take me!?!? Hahahahaha!" Vusill eyes teared up as he tried to stiffle his laughter. Dydma stared at vusill calmly. Maypuck looked to the ground and hung his head in shame, trembling visibly now. Ganjyd let out a small crackle. "DO YOU THINK ME A FOOL!? DO YOU THINK YOURSELF ANYTHING BETTER THAN A PETTY SLAVE!?" Vusill screamed as he slamed his fists down on his desktop, sending pebbles and dust into the air as it cracked under the sheer force laid upon it. "ANSWER ME YOU INSIGNIFICANT WORM!" He bellowed at maypuck, with a spray of saliva misting the young goblins face. "I j'st thot itd be nice t' see m' fam'ly agin sir. I pr'mis iv lernd m' less'n." Maypuck began to weep. "LIAR!" Shouted vusill. "Ganjyd, unchain mister dydma here. And escort the both of them to the fabrication chambers." With those last words maypuck completely lost his nerve. "Sir, no, plees, no!" Begged maypuck as he fell to his knees in despair. Vusill ignored his please as he walked around the desk and put his hand on dydma's shoulder. "Dydma my boy you're going to want to see this, i know." As he said this the two met eyes and shared an identical, cruel smirk. Dydma was growing on vusill. His lack of compassion for his own kind made vusill proud. *this wretch may be more usefull than i thought* and with that last thought, vusill turned and walked towards the large cherry wood double doors, to make his way through the mines and to the fabrication chambers. An hour later the goblins maypuck and dydma were waiting just inside the fabrication chambers first room. Extravagant machines and an assortment of complicated conveyer belts surrounded them. Ond could scarcly hear himself think amongst the noise echoing throughout the stone walled room. Maypuck had finally stopped crying and begging and now crouched on the floor, In silence, chianed to the wall where ganjyd was instructed to leave him. dydma stood, strong and confident, beside him. "I 'ope you fin' yur dig'ity 'efore you die" he taunted. As his mouth closed the door nearest them opened. Vusill entered, and immediately threw a single key on a silver ring to dydma, who caught it without a moments hesitation. "I had hoped we would have more of an audience than what ive gathered. But we'll have to do with the seven houndred i could spare. Word has to get around somehow with you devils" vusill said in a matter-of-factly sort of way. His tone almost implied a shrug. "Now, dydma my boy, unlock this worm and bring him with us." As he said this he began to walk away. Dydma quickly unbolted the chain lock from the wall, firmly took hold of the chain end, and gave it a yank, sending maypuck to the ground befor he began dragging him ruthlessly after vusill. They crossed two more rooms almost identical to the first with the exception of their size, wich seemed to be getting wider. They approached a very large set of intricately designed steel doors. Vusill stopped and turned, with his back to the doors. "Beyond these doors lit one of my proudest investments. Although i believe one of you may appreciate it more than the other." He said with an evil smile. He turned and held his flat palms against the doors. A bright silver light emerged from his fingers and spider webed its way through the steel vains of the doors. A low hum followed and the light dimmed. Vusill lowered his hands and turned to see the surprised and bewildered expressions on the pair of hideous faces behind him. As he turned a series of metal clicks, pops, grinding,and sliding came from the doors, followed by the rattling of chains and the opening of the doors. The dwarf turned once again and entered the doorway, followed closely by dydma dragging the near dead weight of maypuck. The room they entered resembled a colloseum more than the factory rooms previous to it. Lining the walls of the gargantuan chamber were rows upon rowes of seats. Filling less than a tenth of the total seats sat the seven houndred goblin slave spectators vusill had mentioned. In the center of the cathedral was a strange device indeed. There was a rectangular table in the center with hand, ankle, and head straps. Surrounding the table were eight mechanical arms towering over the table, set symmetricaly across from one another. At the end of each one of the arms was eight separately terrifying tools. One designed for cutting. Three had strange claws ment for holding or extracting. Two looked like giant needles. And the remaining two were hovering over an adjacent squared off table filled with strange jars of liquid, mechanical gears, various wires and a particularly strange devices with two glass cylinders petruding from the front of a circular steel plate. The company of three made their way to the center of the room. Once approaching the machine vusill stopped and turned to the crowd. "MY USELESS SLAVES! YOU HAVE BEEN CHOSEN TO WITNESS THE REPERCUSSIONS OF THE TRAITOROUS ACTIONS OF A FAILED BETRAYAL!" Vusill bellowed. "LET THIS BE AN EXAMPLE FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO WOULD PLAN TO EXPRESS YOUR DESIRES OF FREEDOM OUTSIDE THESE BEAUTIFUL MINES!" He then turned to dydma. "Escort this worm to the machine. Lock him in. And then step aside." With his new instructions dydma jerked the chain and dragged maypuck to the machine. Maypuck gave a slight struggle but was no match for the strength of his much larger captor. With a single hand dydma lifted, slammed and held maypuck onto the table. He met little resistance. With one hand pining him down dydma used his other to secure the arm and leg straps. Once he was confident maypuck was going nowhere he fastend the skull straps and returned to vusills side. "BEHOLD! I SHALL BESTOW THE GIFT OF OBEDIENCE!" Shouted vusill as he crouched down and pulled two cylinders from plugs hidden in the floot. The cylinders were engraved in much the same way as the entrance doors. As they rose with the dwarf the strange silver light traced the intricate designs engraved on the collums. The mechanical arms sprang to life. First came the cutting blades. Spinning to fast to follow with the eye. They lowered themselves to the surface of maypucks skin, tracing down his chest and out through his arms and legs. With each severed arterie came a stream of blood pushed out of the vain by his still beating heart. His screams filled the previously silent chamber, echoing off the walls and amplifing them a houndred fold. Once dissected the three claws took the place of the blades and inserted themselves into the incisions and spread open the skin of maypuck like a gutted deer. The screams grew louder then stopped. While the claws held him open the two needles began to work. One siphoning the remaining blood out the other replacing it with silver fluid. As the needles were busily completing their tasks the two instruments over the adjacent table began removing the organics and inserting the mechanics. As they were nearing the last few pieces set aside on the table the needles retracted and rotated 180 degrees. thin Steel thread emerged from their tips and they began sewing the open wounds shut while the claws closed little by little. Once complete all arms returned to their original positions. Maypuck lay still on the table. Lifeless. The seconds that crawled by seemed an eternity for all in the room other than vusill who stared intensely at the corpse and dydma who had enjoyed the spectacular display of technolgical advancements and sencless killing greatly. Suddenly the blades fired up again. They lowered and began sawing the upper sections of maypuck's skull. Once they had made a complete rotation a single claw removed his skull cap with a sickening, squishy pop. Another claw following through to remove the brain and scoop the excess muscles left behind by maypucks eyeballs. Once cleared the circular plate was inserted into his skull with the two glass bulbs replacing his eyes. The skull cap was replaced and sewn back into its original place. The arms retracted a final time. The silver light fadded from the collums as they returned to their hidden home beneath the floor. The cathedral was silent once more. A dim silver glow emerged from maypucks glass eyes. "Ordeersss massster." Came a raspy vioce from maypucks thin scaled lips.


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