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Twins Or Nothing

By: victoriadudley102

Page 1, Victoria finds her match but this new girl in earth science look like victoria they could be twins. Intell they find out there in the same ophane house and most of the people look alike so victoria thinks it\'s wired for some reason .

I had a perfect life intell this new girl in my earth science class came up to me and said why I had a book in my hand. Well I really love books and never will stop reading that doesn't mean am a dork or anything right? Well this girl is like a stuck up bitch but revese that to stuck up because some people hate when people swear well people in my school cares if people swears. I dont really care if my friends swear . I do not have a lot of friends anymore like I care or anything . Sence I moved to New York City I been hated by everyone in school they just look at me like am a clown or something I hate when they do that. But this new girl was kinda wired like me she gets into trouble like Victoria I heard that she does. She also lives in a ophane house like me , well the same one and her name was Shelby. Shelby was 13 and had brown hair , and with brown cute eyes. Well I am Victoria and am 13 , With Brown long hair , beatiful cheekbones, and brown hair. Shelby could be a twin because shelby and Victoria look alike and they wear the same stuff most of the time. The wired thing is in the ophane house there are a lot of people that look alike and wear most the same stuff. But most people in the ophane house get along except shelby and Victoria and some teachers think it's kinda wired in some way. Victoria calls adults at the ophane house teachers because they act like teachers and all her friends think it is wired. Shelby hates adults period and want to move back to were her mother and her dad lives but can't because her mother and dad broke up and died one day in a car crash but she thinks her mother and dad is still alive for some reason. Victoria's mother died from a house burning down in a alley where they where visiting the families grandmother . The grandmother was making tea in the ketchen when she fell and she took the teapot down with her. The thing is how did the house get on fire when the grandmother never had the burner on . When Shelby told me what happed to her mother and dad she didn't know what happed at all just like me. Someday I will find out what happened to my mother. Most people at the ophane house didn't know what happened to there parents. But all Victoria knows that is going to happen is asking a teacher what really happended to her mother and what happened to shelbys parents. If they don't tell us then they can look forward to victoria looking for information from the information office. It looks easy to just sneak in there and look in the folders but really it isn't. There are cammers every where even in everyone's room. It's like they don't trust us or anything , well there is one kid who whats to run away from the ophane house but he can't there are guards at each end of the buliding . There was this one kid who ran away and we saw him the next day but he didn't look that great so nobody runs away from this place.

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