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Dixons attack the zombie apacolypes

Book By: wolflover1200
Action and adventure

Tags: Life, Or, Death, Zombies

zombies attack the school of Dixon high and now 19 survivors of a class room need to cure of kill zombies attacking the school ellie a 17 year old girl bullies a girl name cheyanne and now they have to face their fears and try to defeat the zombies

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Dixon's attack: The zombie apocalypse

By cheyanne Larson


A number of 4 students walking in the dark damp corridors of school at night only the leader was holding a flash light "tom something doesn't feel right." A small teenage girl said by a boy's side "calm down kylie it's not that bad" said another girl in her Dixon dukes dance team uniform as she was holding the flash light "I thought we're going to prank somebody Ellie?" a tall teenage boy said with his sport shorts and a black t-shirt on. "Yeah by the looks of it in your text we're going to." Said a boy with a white long sleeve t-shirt and black pants "We are Dylan and Tom and I just know who we're going to prank cheyanne Larson hee heh" Ellie said she got to a locker that was supposably would be Cheyanne's but it wasn't it was abbie's her best friend Melissa a girl that fakes everything with Ellie told that her locker was Cheyanne's but she lied trying to protect Cheyanne's dignity "quick give me the keys." Ordered Ellie just then right behind them glowing green eyes appeared right behind Kylie Piper a junior student and so were they Kylie turned around she saw the creatures "run zombies!" as she ran off running away from it Ellie was trying to open abbie's locker then clank! It opened "yes!" she said "alright guys remember to-" she stopped her sentence she saw as her friends Dylan and Tom were turning into zombies "NO!" she screamed running away trying to find Kylie the zombies were not too far away then she found and started running with Kylie "Go! Go! Go!" Ellie screamed they got out of the dark high school not so long away was the Oak-wood cemetery with some graves including Cheyanne's dad's grave were empty

Chapter 1 the end of the world

The Dixon High School bell rang almost to Halloween. "Thanks Melissa for saving my butt yesterday" Cheyanne said. Cheyanne's friend named Melissa smiled "you're welcome." Melissa said "Hey do you know what they were planning to do to me anyway?" Cheyanne asked Melissa. *sigh* Melissa sighed "they were trying to prank you by hurting your feelings Cheyanne; anyways don't you have that upstairs class of yours to go to?" Melissa asked. "Hey that's odd" Cheyanne said looking down on the ground seeing footprints. Melissa looked down, her jaw dropped. "Oh my god!" They knelt down, Melissa pick up some of the brown stuff. "It-its mud" she said. "Okay, 6 hours ago something or someone was walking the corridors at this school with Ellie and her friends" she explained to herself and Cheyanne. "Hey, Halloween is coming up soon so somebody was trying to prank them; you know to teach them a lesson." "It wasn't a lesson, it was real" a voice said behind them that sounded like Ellie's so they turned around. It was Ellie. "Ellie?!?!" Cheyanne said. "What are you doing here?" Melissa asked. "I'm trying to tell you something but I just can't think straight" Ellie started to tear up a bit. "Just tell us what made these strangely oddlish footprints." Melissa requested. "Alright, 2 of my friends were turned into something I'm terrified of!" Ellie explained. "I just want them back to normal instead of this zombie stage they're in" Ellie said. "What zombies!?!" Melissa and Cheyanne yelled. "Yeah" Ellie answered. "A zombie turned them into creatures I don't like, but keep this a secret, don't tell anybody including parents. Got it?!" They nodded. "Good. Well we better" -"aaaaaaah!" They heard screams coming from the girl's bathroom. They looked down the hall. "Abbie, Kylie." Ellie said then she started running. Cheyanne and Melissa followed. "How did the zombies get in here in the first place?" Cheyanne asked. "It was night, who knows" Ellie said. "Kylie Piper is the only person I can turn to" she explained. They stopped right in front of the girl's bathroom. They slowly walked in, it was dark. Ellie grabbed a flashlight from her pocket. Then Ellie turned it on "Oh God," Ellie said, "What's that smell?" Just then they heard a low growl and turned and saw nothing. "Ellie help!" Abbie screamed from one stall in the back. Then Ellie walked towards the stall and opened it Abbie and Kylie were hugging in fear, shaking. "Are you guys alright?" Ellie asked as something was walking up behind her. "There is something bad behind me, isn't there?" she asked. They both nodded. Cheyanne, Melissa and Ellie turned around and looked at it. It was a zombie "Aaaah!" Ellie Melissa and cheyanne screamed then Ellie grabbed both Kylie and Abbie and started running out of the bathroom. The zombie slowly followed them. As they were running they saw the upstairs class where Cheyanne's other friends are. "Let's go up the stairs, now!" Cheyanne said as they looked at each other. They nodded at Cheyanne and ran up the stairs. First they saw was Mrs. Law but then we ran into her, "Oof" we all said. "What are you guys doing here?" Mrs. Law said angrily. "Uh sorry Mrs. Law, we're running from something we're terrified of" Cheyanne said. "Like what?" Mrs. Law said. "Like uh" - we heard a load growl that echoed though the halls. Mrs. law looked up and said "Oh no, come quickly now, hurry!" So they started dashing into the class room where they found out it was Wednesday and the social worker was waiting for them. they suddenly halted as the class and Mrs. B were staring at them as they were sweating and out of breath. they went to their seats Mrs. Chapman waved at Cheyanne she waved back. Then Dantron said " how come you guys are here today I thought you guys were at cheer-leading and dance practice." then Ellie said "long story D, tell ya later." Then Melissa said "there won't be a later cause you know that zo"--"sssh" Ellie shushed her "you know we can't tell them they'll get eaten we just have to wait til their gone and tell them later" Ellie said sitting into her seat "cheyanne lock the door we need to warn them." Melissa said in a whisper. "alright." so cheyanne headed out to the front door hurried shut it and locked it Ellie did the same thing for the back room. They met back at their desks. "Ellie we need to warn them" cheyanne said. Ellie nodded "Mrs. B Mr. seibel we need to talk." then cheyanne stood up and said "there is something we need to tell you about the last 50 seconds." then Melissa said "if you joins us you'll enter at your own risk" "there are freakishly disgusting zombies coming to the up stair's class room." kylie said "and if we don't fight it off we'll all get kill by them" abbie finally said "maybe it the curse" Richard said they all looked over at Richard the kinda weird kid. Then Ellie said "what you say?!" then David asked "how do you know all this?" "the book." Richard said as he pull out a scripture of a zombie spell from a black book. They all gasped in fear "you mean." Ellie asked "yes read this and the knowledge of the zombies will come to you" Ellie grabbed the paper and started reading "forever known who came and passed the creature known as in the scripture is the zombie of hands" "read more."said Richard. "And those who know that their family member is dead prepare to make sure that family member is dead" then Ellie finished reading the scripture "what the heck does this even mean?" then Cheyanne said "maybe it is a curse brought unto me." "what?" Ellie looked at cheyanne with a questioned look on her face "cheyanne what are you talking about?" she asked "my dad and grandpa are dead and almost my grandma but how can he be alive he's dead 14 years it's been since he died I was 3." cheyanne finished her speech "maybe the curse was brought on all of us just look at us we have family members that are dead and I hate to say this cheyanne but I have to be responsible to say this to you but here it goes I think your brave kind and caring I don't any zombie taking it away from you okay" Ellie said "help!" Mr. Tennyson yelled from the front door "uh oh" abbie said "come on open the door the zombies are gunna get him." Melissa said then Ellie and cheyanne went running to the door to save Mr. Tennyson

chapter 2 the fight

as they let Mr. Tennyson in they saw zombies coming up he stairs Ellie and cheyanne's eyes went wide "come on Mr. Tennyson Run!" then we slammed the door and locked it "phew close one" cheyanne said then Ellie and cheyanne sat in front of the door "it really was a close one he almost got killed I say if we do this fast and quick we might save all of humanity from here including the town." Ellie said "thank you!?!" Mr. Tennyson said all shook up "zo zo zo" he sputtered "zombies?" everyone in the classroom said "gaaaah" he screamed like a girl cheyanne and Ellie started to laugh "brains." said a zombie at the door banging it cheyanne and Ellie looked up and looked at each other "aaaaaaaah" they both screamed "I've got an idea but it sounds insane but it's for all of us" Ellie took a chair and broke the legs off and gave one to each of them. "get ready guys here they come" Ellie said in a frightened way then BOOM! The glass broke the door's window was shattered they all looked away from the glass so it wouldn't get in their eyes. The zombies were trying to get in but they didn't have a key then Ellie and cheyanne attacked "get out of here you big headed no brained dummy." Ellie said while hitting the zombie in the head with the broken chair piece then the zombie's head fell I off and landed in cheyanne's hands "aaah" they screamed then cheyanne passed the head to Ellie "aaah no I don't want it you have it." Ellie screamed passing it back to cheyanne back and forth and back and forth they went on passing it then cheyanne grabbed the stick then hit the head towards Melissa like a baseball "aaah" then Melissa duck "are you insane" "sorry?!?!" Ellie and cheyanne both said "we're trying to kill zombies here." cheyanne said "duh you think." Ellie said struggling trying to get a hand of a zombie off her then cheyanne held up the stick trying to attack the hand that grabbed Ellie's shot down at it then Ellie's hand was released the zombie came in an bit cheyanne's hand "gaaah" I screamed then Ellie punch the head of the zombie it released its jaw from me Ellie looked down a cheyanne's arm there was blood they knew she was bitten "oh no" Melissa said as cheyanne started to faint Ellie and Melissa lifted her up "we got to get her to the class room stat"and then they took her to the class room

chapter 3 the spreading virus

Ellie and Melissa rushed cheyanne to the back room and Ellie yelled "we got one wounded" "gaaah" cheyanne yelled "where?" Mr. seibel asked "Here." Ellie pointed at the bite mark it was black they lifted cheyanne's sleeve up and saw the veins that were black "here get her on the table." so they laid cheyanne down on the desk table "i know what's going on." Richard said "she got bitten by a zombie didn't she the only way you can cure her is from the flower of the weeds" Ellie looked at Richard like he was insane "what do you mean is she going to die?" Ellie asked "no but she will turn into a zombie." David said "but you have to get 3 flowers 2 grasses and a zombie's flaky skin" Richard said "here the list of symptoms she'll have before become it." 1 black veins 2 coughing up blood 3 zombie transformation "well let go abbie and kylie we got somebody to save that's changing into a freaking zombie" Ellie said "wait I'd brought base ball bats here" Mr. seibel said as Ellie received the metal one the other two got wooden bats "'Ellie take care of the zombies we'll take care of cheyanne from here." Melissa said "alright take care of her Melissa I'm counting on you" Ellie said running out as the zombies were running into the door trying to get in the zombie went through the door and came in then Ellie hit the zombie with the bat and got a piece of the flaky skin of the zombie "here take this one kylie it's the only skin we have." Ellie threw the zombie skin to kylie she caught it and put it in her pocket then they ran out and looked out the window they saw 2 roses and daffodil "oh thank god." Ellie said they ran down the stairs open the door and chained it up "abbie pick grass kylie pick the flowers" Ellie order meanwhile back at the room.....(cheyanne coughing up blood) Melissa came closer to see what's wrong she grabbed a Kleenex from a box a dabbed it on cheyanne's face "hurry up Ellie we don't have any time left" Melissa said worried "Ellie!" abbie called worried then Ellie turned around and saw zombies as abbie was pointing her right finger at then "NO kylie picks those flowers fast!" Ellie yelled from the stairs so kylie pick the 2 roses and the daffodil and ran to the door "alright go abbie ill be right behind you." so they decided to go off to the field and find 2 long blades they found 2 of them in different areas then they pick them and then they both ran put the 2 blades of grass in their pocket then the zombies were blocking their way so they started hitting them with the baseball bats "this for you the ones who bit cheyanne!" abbie yelled then slam! Hit the zombie in the head. "Hurry!" Ellie said running up the stairs they both ran up the stairs up to the class room "alright we got it." abbie said happily kylie where are you over here kylie said in a sad voice "oh god no cheyanne!!" Ellie screamed as they ran to the room they saw cheyanne lying there not breathing "where's is a cauldron when we need one" abbie said "wait wasn't there one in the science room of 215" Ellie asked Mr. hennings "yes but you better hurry before we're out of time" he said the four girls nodded and started running to the back of the room opened it saw the cauldron it was big "oh boy." they all said then Ellie grabbed one end of the cauldron the rest picked up the other sides "ready!? One two three pull!" ellie yelled they all started to pull then they got it out by the help pf the rest of the class "here get the water" Richard said as everyone spilled their water into the cauldron "yuck." Ellie said here put fire under the cauldron everyone broke pieces of chair and put them into the fire pit abbie grabbed a lighter from her pocket and lit the fire pit "it worked" then they got off of their knees "first the juice from the flowers." Ellie said kylie passed the roses first to abbie and Ellie she had the daffodil they all held their breath and squeezed the juice out "uuuugh." cheyanne moaned "what's wrong." Melissa asked then she looked over cheyanne's arm was a zombie arm nothing but bone and gray skin "we have to hurry guy!?" Melissa pointed to cheyanne as she was changing into a zombie "oh god alright guys put the grasses in there" Ellie said then they started to rip the grasses and put it in the cauldron it bubbled and sizzled "alright one last thing the skin kylie do you have it." Ellie asked kylie then kylie nodded out of the pocket was the skin of a zombie "finally the last ingredient of the cure with a batch of this we'll cure everyone from this zombie sage they're in plug your noses." Ellie said so everyone plugged their noses and started holding their breath they dropped it in the puff of smoke the the potion turned blood red "grraaagh hurry!" cheyanne said in her multi-voice as half of her body was taken over by zombie form "oh yeah where your water bottle?" Melissa said "over there" Stephan said pointing at cheyanne's desk so Ellie quickly grabbed it and put in some of the batch of potion "come on open wide cheyanne this will help you get better" abbie said lifting cheyanne up giving her the potion she was part choking on it. "gulp cheyanne gulp it." Ellie said calmly "you need to fight this thing that taken over you come on." Melissa said worried "wait look." dantron said cheyanne's hands began to revert then her upper arm face the red eye she had revert back to hazel then veins be came themselves again "Uuugh." cheyanne moaned holding her head ""what happen I remember half but it's blank now" cheyanne said "hee ha long story girl long story" Ellie said

chapter 4 the end of the rise

Mrs. law was making a zombie fighter flag for the zombie fighter crew that was abbie ellie Melissa and cheyanne David Stephen and dantron Mr. hennings, Mr. seibel and the rest of the class while ellie was telling cheyanne that she was about to become a zombie but they cured her the cheyanne said "what I was a zombie" she yelled "yeah it seemed like it but we changed you back for good." abbie said "so alright so we know how to cure them back to students and teachers but any ideas how to?" Ellie asked "well there's a fire water extinguishers and the sprinklers outside so maybe if we can track them all there we probably might be able to cure them from this" Melissa said "yeah that how I came here through the first day of school" cheyanne said "i think me and ellie should pull the fire alarm and pour the potion into the extinguisher Richard dantron you'll do that while the rest of us set up some bait" then they all looked at Mrs. law then she asked "why are you looking at me like that?" 2 minutes later while Mrs. law was dressed up in real meat bacon steak as David was setting up a hidden camera next to the wall and hit the record button and he walkies talkie Ellie and Melissa cheyanne and the rest of them saying "it's all set guy do you see me?" David waved into the camera "yeah we see ya" everyone said in the liquid room dantron and Richard poured the potion even the extra batch to make it full they radioed ellie and said "potion's done with" dantron said "good you guys we need you get this stuff done now I sense something's coming into the school Stephan and Mr. hennings were at the office with the ipad waiting from the zombies to get Mrs. law then they saw the creatures coming towards her "alright ready set NOW!" clank clank boom!" the alarm went off the red ooze came out of the sprinklers and suddenly started to change them back "brains brai bra gaaah" tom yelled "guuuagh" Dylan changed back to themselves then the sprinklers in the field with the dead zombies brought them back to life and into human form they were part of the foot ball team and the cheerleaders became themselves again teachers began worrying about the kids half of they cloths they had were ripped and and no shoes Mrs. law ran out of there and said "I quit I have better jobs than this" "yes finally there back to normal everyone" Ellie said "we did it together it's not like were friends but we can be." "oh here I want to get you something I found" this cheyanne pick it up from her pocket it was Ellie's glove "where did you?" ellie asked "I found it by my dad's grave I thought it needed sewed up so here." cheyanne said "cheyanne I need to tell you something right before I Pranked you I was at your dad's grave and I saw this moon stone on the ground I took it to his grave it was like 9:30 pm before tom Dylan and kylie came they said put it on there we put it and left it there I didn't know it was cursed the same curse that Richard found out I didn't want to prank you I want to take a moonstone into your locker and put it in there right by your dad's picture any way I'm sorry cheyanne can you forgive me." ellie said giving cheyanne a hug "Ellie thank you for not pranking me and thank you for telling me this and yes I forgive you But first we gotta make sure not to prank each other okay?!?" cheyanne asked Ellie "well alright just as long as we don't hurt each other promise" ellie said holding up her pinky finger "promise!" yelled cheyanne putting their pinkies together and then they walked down the hall to meet the other students, as they were walking cheyanne forgot something the moon stone "Oh wait." she said running to it pick it up and walk back to ellie and started to walk again


and so the 19 survivors meet the rest of the classes of all the years Ellie and cheyanne and the rest became all friends and they save the town save America and all of humanity from the dreaded zombies the curse is broken. And what left is friendships that will last forever until the ends of the earth

the end..

to this very day the flag still stands beneath the American flag of Dixon high school where Mrs. law put it up and it stands to this very day and remains there forever in the hearts of the survivors who saved the city of Dixon a man once said to me "be careful what you wish for or it may come true" James T. larson 1945-1998


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