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Flint is an ordinary 18 year old boy, he has a girlfriend, studies at a university, enjoys sports but one day after university his world is tipped upside down as the his true path is created before him.

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Chapter 1

Voice in the darkness.

"I sometimes ask myself... why am i here, why did this supposed god put me on this planet".

"Flint wake up your going to be late to college" a women shouted, turning over to check the time Flint rolled out of bed "Its eight in the morning mum i have plenty of time" The tall Blond boy yelled back. Once Flint was washed and dressed in his blue baggy trousers with his red and black jumper he set out for the college.

"Flint you are ten minutes later" the teacher sighed whilst everyone else in the room snickered quietly "as per usual the class clown eh Flint" A boy with gelled back brown hair, black trousers and blue t-shirt laughed, " I see your still the class comedian Thomas" Flint said shaking hands with Thomas.

"Now everyone silence in here please I have a lot of science to cover today and with you all being so loud nothing will get done now anyone who hasn't got there homework complete will be running laps with our football team" the teacher explained with a slight smile on her face. "She so did that on purpose for me" Flint thought sulkily "guessing you forgot to do your homework eh dude" Thomas laughed, "man let me just borrow your book so i can copy it" Flint continued sulking, "yeah about that pal well" Thomas started.

"so boys where is your work" the teacher smiled gleefully. After class both boys where running laps with the football team, "you know lads its becoming common that your jogging with us now maybe you should give up science and just join us" a tall boy with ginger flat hair, white shorts and green football top bullied. "So we have the class clown, class comedian and the knuckle head eh Robert" Thomas tried to laugh but was to out of breath, "if your going to try that sort of thing try being more fitter first weakling" Robert ran off laughing "man what i wouldn't give to give a smack" Flint spat in anger.

"Finally your done Flint you know its rude to keep a lady waiting" a mid height girl with black hair, white skirt and red blouse snapped, " yeah, yeah sorry about that Lou but the teach had me running laps again" Flint explained as they set off for home. "How are you so unfit especially considering you fail to do your dam homework all the time" Lou snapped again. "i can just never..." "I found you at last" a voice interrupted Flint, "what the hell'd mean you finally found me idiot i was only running laps" Flint snapped at Lou "what on earth are you going about" Lou asked quiet surprised. "You just said you found me at last like we ain't seen each other in a long time" Flint snapped once more, "Flint did you eat anything today" Lou asked concerned.

"Watching you two is like watching a comedy act you know" a man with black spiky hair and black cloak laughed. "I've been watching you both since you left the college and your like a couple of morons" the man laughed once again, "are you looking for a fight or something pal" Flint asked "could say that Flint it's only befitting since your of the same blood as him" the man said with seriousness to his tone now. "How do you know my name and who's him" Flint asked very confused and now very worried, "details, details where was that fighting instinct from a moment ago Flint" the man sarcastically replied, "oh i know who he is" Lou said snapping her fingers, "hes your stalker" she said happily. The man got very angry by this comment "I should kill you girl" he said very angrily, "Lou go home now" Flint commanded as the man started walking closer "NOW" Flint shouted.

"Unfortunately she has seen me and i cannot let this be Flint" The man said drawing out a dagger and lunging for Lou only for Flint to jump in the way. "Dammit you weren't supposed to get in my way now ill only get half the satisfaction of killing the original" the man said once more angered, "Flint are you okay you need to go now this man is dangerous" Lou said tears in her eyes "Lou get out of here now" Flint said once more standing up and punching the man directly in the face. "Now you know Lou should say nice punch and you should go something ain't right, but that's only because I'm stronger than you" the man yelled grabbing Flint and throwing him to the ground stamping on the previous stab wound. Flint began to yell in pain as pain went straight through his body causing him to begin to black out, "you have to get up" a heavenly voice yelled "I can't this pain its... i can't bear it" Flint screamed, "pfft coward i'll help you out just this once after all i did promise" The voice explained.


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