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Chaos Stream Chapter 2

Book By: xkiritoxx
Action and adventure

Flint is an ordinary 18 year old boy, he has a girlfriend, studies at a university, enjoys sports but one day after university his world is tipped upside down as the his true path is created before him

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Chapter 2

A trial begins.

When Flint awoke he figured "it was just a dream" but he eventually came to acknowledge with a old lady looming over him "i'm in a freaking nightmare" he yelled, "well for someone who just got stabbed and beaten badly i'd say your going to make a very fast recovery" the old lady giggled to herself. "Would you mind telling me who you... Dam where is Lou" Flint worried, "you mean the girl she's fine i sent her home and as for my name i'm the elder Estelle" she explained. Flint's vision slowly began to return and what stood before him was in fact a little old lady with a wooden staff and what appeared to be a white robe with gold trimmings.

"What happened to the man that attacked us" Flint asked "there was no one there when i arrived both of you where unconscious" Estelle explained "my wound is all healed even though i only got it a few hours ago" Flint looked dumbfounded, "oh that yeah i was shocked myself I'm not even sure how that healed maybe you have a guardian angel looking out for you" Estell cackled, "that almost sounds convincing there Stella" Flint snickered, "Stella that supposed to my nickname" the little old lady asked, "sure your name is pretty long and i can't be bothered to say the whole thing" Flint began to laugh "lazy kid" Stella smiled smacking Flint on the head with her staff.

"I have a request for you young man" Stella turned towards the door indicating for Flint to follow her " I wish for you to return to me tomorrow I wish to train you in the art of fighting" She continued "I can fight well enough thank you" Flint sulked, "really that's why i found you half dead was it" Stella snapped "next time you may actually lose your life, the choice is yours" she finished showing Flint to the front door slamming it shut behind him. "Dam what the hells her problem" Flint sighed walking back towards his house, "where on earth am I don't even recognise this road" he started panicking running through all the different roads.

"A soul, a tasty and unusual presence of a soul" something whispeared in the shadows, "what the hell is that" Flint stood shocked staring at a creature with sharp fangs, claws and a red surrounding body. "You smell oh so yummy i have to eat you now" the creature said happily charging towards Flint who instantly started running the other way. "What the hell is with this day it just keep getting weirder and weirder" Flint yelled still running away from the creature. Two shadows over looked Flint running away from a tall building one short and one tall, "i guess its time for his coming of age test" the tall one said, "so far he shows no promise of the original" the shorter one snickered.

"Okay ennough is enough" Flint yelled standing and turning around, "you finally let me eat you" the creature smiled "You want to eat me well come take a bite of my fist" Flint yelled charging at the monster as it charged towards him only for the creature to go straight through Flint. "Ha for such a big creature certainly aren't for good at eating things are you" Flint laughed getting very shakey "what the hell why is it so cold suddenly" he thought falling to the floor a twang from a pipe sliding along the floor next to him. The creature turned around a white hollow thing being absorbed into his mother like a noodle. "What on earth is that an arm but mine is still attached" Flint thought grabbing the pipe tightly in his hand standing up.

The creature circled Flint, "come on the ugly this time i can promise you it will be very different" Flint said very cocky, the creature took to this taunt and began charging. Flint grabbed the steel pipe tightly with both his hands standing his ground, blood poured to the floor "I guess it was an overestimation" Flint thought falling to his knees. "You tasted good but i didn't finish my meal" the creature yelled in pain with the pipe sticking out of its back slowly disapearing into the air. "I have to say this day just keeps getting more and more messed up" Flint thought looking up to see the college in front the distance. "How about that with all the running i'm home" Flint giggled to himself.

"So what do you think about him" the tall shadow said to the smaller shadow, "whether he is the original or not his passed and must be defeated now i would say" the smaller shadow explained.


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