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The Adventures of the Four Asians and a Mexiguar

Book By: ydnAndanaoT
Action and adventure

Tags: The, Life, Of, Toan, And, Andy

The life of Andy, Toan and the rest revealed!

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"The Adventures of the Four Asians and a Mexiguar"
Neanderthal's Extinction
It all started when Andy and Toan were born in a meteorite. The Neanderthals were the first civilization to die by us. When we first met them, they were naked, so we gave them clothes. When they got ahold of them they did something so disrespectful… They chewed it and spit it out on us! They also didn't have anyone the name Andy and Toan in their species. We hunted most of them down. Little did we know, they dug underground and lived there for years until we got bored. Onced bored reeked of us, they attacked! They threw mud, dirt, sticks, and they spat at us. They were too dumb and kept missing , so we waited and they killed themselves.
Mesopotamia's Extinction
There was only one left, so we kept him as a pet, but he died while we were walking in the jungle by a pet rock whose owner was a Mesopotamian. We knew this could be worth dollars to us, so we decided to sue him. On the day August 1, 1000 BC, we went to court, and the judge was a guy named Francisco Barajas II. After we got the money, we avenged our pet Neanderthal by killing all the Mesopotamians. We didn't know Francisco was a Mesopotamian, so we spared him. He could not live with alone, so he ran and jumped into the ocean. He fell into a wormhole and was lost to the fabric of time. Although we didn't know, he had a baby with a jaguar and out came Francisco Barajas III. Francisco remembered his name, because his father gave him a name tag when he was born.
Egypt's Demise
Ages past and we were captured by the Egyptian Empire; we were going to be sacrificed, but a mysterious man helped us escape the prison. We soon knew he was Francisco Barajas VI, because he had a name tag, he said it was a tradition created by his great grandfather. We kept him alive and brought him along to our adventure and to kill all the Egyptians. We killed them in their sleep one-by-one, the last one was hard to kill, because he hired mercenaries. We managed to do it by waiting for them to use the bathroom and slipped under the last Egyptian's bed and running a knife through the bed and into his heart.
The Death of Francisco VI
Although Francisco wasn't immortal, so we tried to look for magical items for immortality. We gave him a mysterious apple, but it just gave men on Earth lumps on their necks. We framed a guy named Adam. We found this fountain, it was called the Fountain of Youth, we used it as decoration for our mansion, we had no idea what it did. Years later, Francisco Barajas VI had passed away, but had a child named Francisco Barajas VII.
Strangely enough, we never found his mother and realized all his ancestors before him had wives who left him.Only the three of us attended his funeral, Francisco VII's mom was a dog and didn't live very long. We trained him every day and he was the strongest Francisco in his bloodline. We left our beloved home in seek of adventure, blood, and a good story to tell.
Rome's Extinction
More ages past and the Romans captured us in our sleep. They put us in the coliseum to dance and fight lions and other people. We were too smart for them, so we dared them," I bet you can't turn the water mode on!" Emperor Diocletian got mad so he did it, thinking we were going to drown. Little did he know. We farted in his water and he drank and died. Later, people thought he died of illness. Now you know the real reason of his death.
With the help of Francisco we destroyed the coliseum, by setting fire to the coliseum and blamed it on the Celtics. We ran to the north and met the Goths and Visigoths and set their huts on fire with some leftover stakes. Francisco farted, and drew them away into attacking Rome and winning the war. Francisco was stabbed in the hand, so we had to run away and miss all the blood letting. We settled on Mount Vesuvius and learned of the Byzantine Empire.
Byzantine Empire's Downfall
When we got there they tried to steal Toan's hotdog, Toan got so mad he set half the empire on fire with his stakes. Andy lost his spaghetti and Francisco and Toan saw the pure rage in his eyes. They were blood red and Toan felt fear strike his throat. Andy had taken out his spork and before everyone knew it he had bloodedly murdered fifty-nine warriors with a single slash of a spork. Francisco's tacos got stolen, even Andy felt fear and the chill go down his spine, his jaguar heart had taken over his body and slashed almost every building in half. Toan was so scared he set fire to more buildings, but got overrun by 66 soldiers and got captured. Andy got overrun by 368 soldiers, and was captured. It was all up to Francisco, but his jaguar heart wore off and he was scared again. Francisco fled the scene with fear.
Francisco had ran into the forest and saw a jaguar. Something seemed awfully and strangely familiar and about the jaguar. It had his brown eyes, his hair weird spotted hair, and his weird buzz. It
finally hit him it was his long lost cousin. His cousin was stuck and suffering to a trap. He tried to free her and when Francisco touched her, he felt a strange energy fill his body. He suddenly slashed the trap in half. Francisco had learned to controlled the power that caused his father, grandfather, and generations before their deaths. He was now ready to take on the Byzantine.
Francisco marched to the Byzantine and slashed the gates in half. The guards were next to feel his wrath: Francisco had ferociously cut them in half and moved on. He went to the dull, dark prison and cut it in half. Francisco had a flashback. His cousin warned him of this and advised, "With great power comes with great responsibilities." Francisco kept abusing the power and had cut down so many trees, so his cousin took away his powers. Francisco had destroyed another trap and his cousin gave him his powers back. "Yu had regained your honor" she said. Before he knew it he saw Andy and Toan in a dark cell. Andy was using the toilet and told Francisco," STOP LOOKING!" Andy and Toan didn't believe his story. We looked around, the Byzantine Empire was no more, and almost looked like it never existed.
Glenn Paul
After many years have passed, we turned to sailors and were hired by a man named Ferdinand Magellan. He said he wanted to see what happens when you reached the end, we already knew what was there, but we just went along with it just to get a free ride. On the way, Ferdinand had died at the Phillipines at the Battle of Mactan. We watched in horror as a spear had been thrusted through his heart. We saw the murderer and tried to fart at him all three of us, but he was too far away and ended up putting our whole crew in a coma.
We sailed to the mainland and found a stowaway in our ship. He was a bald, skinny guy and said his name was Glenn Paul III. We didn't trust him until he said he farted on the people that killed Ferdinand and had a torch up to his butt and burnt them. The reason why he did this was to avenge his pet rock, the architects used his pet rock to make a house. He had rebelled against his country and became an anti-hero. When we saw his disloyalty to general people, it made us want him for our team of outlaws. We welcomed him to our crew and of four and used our ship to shoot cannons at everyone having a spear. We sailed off to the unknown seas for whatever the universe has to offer us.
The Maya Empire's Doom
We sailed all the way back to Mesoamerica and found a tribe called the Mayas. We saw that they worshipped corn- we all hated corn, so we didn't like them. We saw that they did sacrifices and they considered us as sacrifices to the gods. We were in line of being sacrificed, but Toan and Andy didn't care because they were immortal. We noticed that Glenn had disappeared, we looked around and saw Glenn being sacrificed. Francisco had cut the blade that was going to cut Glenn in half, and he cut the priest in half also. Francisco had stayed for the Mayas worshipped his Jaguar heart. We jumped off the pyramid and ran to the forest. Toan had found a stake which seemed different. His backpack and stakes suddenly burst on fire and he had found the power to set things on fire. He then set the whole Mayan race to flames.
The Battle of Claws and Stakes
Toan found power and realized Francisco was getting corrupted. Toan knew what he had to do and burned everything and we mean it when we said everything. He had set their houses, crops, temples, and even water which vaporized into thin air. Francisco got enraged and there was a great battle between Toan, "The Stake", and Francisco, "The Jaguar". Andy felt this weird sensation of energy, suddenly his spork had turn into a very sharp spork that cutted things perfectly, and it had contracted to his wrist. Flashback: Andy thought that that mysterious man in the white cart was suspicious, the crazy man who liked to sell "magical' sporks. He could've been a wizard.
Glenn had found a rock that could take the place of his previous rock. He felt something weird about his trusty, old spear. It had become incredibly sharp and when he threw it, it always warped the air, turning, and came back upon the grasp of his hand. The battle between Toan and Francisco was still going on. Toan and Francisco were bleeding on each hand and sharp gashes had came upon their ribs. Only Andy and Glenn were able to stop this battle between claws and stakes, Andy tied his spork around Glenn's spear, and threw at them knocking them both out, they didn't even remember a thing.
The Final Battle
We went to Japan and heard rumors about the Legendary Shogun Jayden Nagata. He had overthrown all who had opposed his rule. He had made the whole island of Japan a sad, dark place filled with poverty and famine. Glenn had decided for us we had to slay the mighty tyrant. They said that his favorite place was the Sushi bar on the mountains. It was called "Fish on Rice" and was filled with his personal guards. We decided to hitch-hike there on a horse-drawn carriage, to sneak past the guards. It turned out to be a trap and they lead us to a prison. They had heard us slaying down the Byzantine and was prepared to handle us. We were prison mates with an overweight man named Aaron. He proved his loyalty when Toan dropped the soap Aaron didn't do anything.
Unfortunately, they took all our weapons except for Andy's retractable spork. The bars were pretty much unbreakable and Francisco couldn't slash through them no matter how angry he got.They thought it was just a permanent accessory and let him by. Andy gave Toan his spork and Toan lit it on fire. Andy used it to melt through the bars and we got our weapons back. Francisco went to start a prison riot to distract the guards; we were able to get away from all the chaos. Aaron had found a bone on the ground and picked it up to wielded it as a deadly weapon. We ran into an abandoned cabin in the woods. We then started planning the most bold plan we ever had.
We kidnapped some samurai and stole their armor. Once Toan put on the armor his stakes turned strangely longer and had a hotter, blue flame. Once Andy had put on the armor his spork turned longer and began to turn searing hot, sparking with a certain rage or fear. Francisco had no particular abnormality; he just had his claws painted jet black. Glenn's spear turned sharper and the distance was doubled. Aaron couldn't put his on, so we just gave him a helmet and his bone became harder and heavier. We were now ready to take Jayden on.
We marched up onto the sushi bar to destroy the Tyrant. We went through all the bodyguard, and we finally made it to the room he was in. Toan blew up the door with his blue, flaming stakes. Jayden was less rice-eyed than we thought. The battle had started and he had a long katana made of a silver blade and a handle of carbon fiber. Andy tried to swipe at him, but he was too fast. Francisco tried cut him but Jayden had gotten under him and sent him flying. Glenn had thrown his signature spinning spear (which should have been impossible to catch), but Jayden caught it and broke it in half. Glenn had nearly burst into tears when he saw that.
Aaron tried to whack him with his bone, but Jayden slid his leg tripping Aaron. We were on the floor clearly outmatched. Then, we all combined our weapons to make something weird, it was a burning long bone with sharp spikes and a one big blade on top. Since Glenn was the only one that knew how to throw well he threw at Jayden and blew up the whole sushi bar. It appeared to be his katana where he had vaporized. Andy and Toan wielded the sword and they had became master swordsmen. It gave the mortals immortality and the immortal strength like no other.
Parting Ways
Such a blade should never be in the wrong hands. We decided to split it into five: two parts of the blade, the cross-guard, the hilt, and the sheath.Andy and Toan got the two blades. Glenn protected the cross-guard. Aaron had the hilt, and Francisco got the sheath. We decided it would be best to keep all the pieces separate. Andy had become a dragon slayer and a mercenary for hire. Toan went to be a treasure hunter and explored the Eight Frontiers in search for artifacts of the past. Glenn went to be a ninja assassin and killed all the criminals he ever came across. Francisco had went to the jungle to live in the wild with his distant cousins. Aaron had set out to lose weight, and to find some gym equipment.
The Adventures of The Four Asians and a Mexiguar 2: The Immortales
Coming Soon


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