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Book review on Expendables

Book review By: Brogan Beaumont
Action and adventure

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The day this film hit the cinemas, i knew it was a 'must see!' I wasn't sure that the actors playing the charactors was going to work out, with the age difference; particulary Stallone! But they did, they worked extremely well, they forfilled the charactors perfecty.

A movie that's crammed pack with action! Explosions at almsots every corner! But sprinked with that tiny bit of romance to have your heart on the edge.

No matter what number you are in, what size you are.. The hero always comes out better than the villan "Nothing is impossibe" quoted itself by Bruce Willis in the fim.

Bruce Willis, starring Barney and his comprads are payed to fly into 'Villento' a spanish speaking Island in 'Gulf' to topple a military dictatership. Explosions, shots fires, sword fights. This film is certainly one to keep you struggling to stay on your seat, i was hanging off the edge the whole way through the film.

Starring all the best actors, Jason Stylone; Anold Schwarzenegger; Bruce Willis and Jet Li, As you can guess just by knowing who this film is starring - this film is deffinitely MACHO!

I parcticulary enjoyed the scene in which Sylvester Stallone; Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwazenegger.. Three of the biggest actors of all time, on one screen!... So you're not intreged yet?

I really loved this fim! You have to be out of your mind to not want to watch it! (Me, being girl - even enjoyed it!) You could watch this movie, numerous times yet not get bored.

I could not pick out any majour fault in this fim, because i enjoyed it very much, but i would of liked to see more of Jet Lii in the film, as he is only in the first few minuetes. This film is abseloutly Amazing and very macho, infact.. more macho than the A Team!

My faverouite part of the whole entire film, was the last 7 minuetes - this 7 minuetes i was glued to the screen, i didn't even want to blink incase i missed a glimce of action! I was on the edge of my seat with my jaw almost touching the ground!

When Jason Stathan and Bruce Willis finaly come into confrontation with the whole spanish army of dictators to save the beautiful spanish lady who Chuck played by Jason Stathan fell inlove with! also fighting for the freedom of Villeno

Review on Media studies.

This film is crammed with effective music to project the moment

In the begining of the movie, the first scene was a close up on the moon, this is called instert - and this showed that something strange; wrong; scary.. was going to happen that night..It also displayed Mice on scene by zooming out of the moon and showing a view of the moon the sea trees.... etc;

Not only did the movie use non-diegetic sound, but also alot of Diegetic sound - booms bangs clashes and clangs: almsot every second! there's never a dull silent moment! I found the last scene the most loudest scene because of all the Diegetic sound it contained

Not many special effects were used in the first few scenes,but getting further into the movie lazor reighs were used to symbolize the aim of the shot - where or who it was targeted at.

This movie took the creator, alot of time ; patients ; pausing fast forwarding rewinding; and A LOT of stunt men, but it got there in the end and i'm sure i won't be the first to say, THIS FILM IS A MASTERPIECE! and masterpieces are not created in a day!

I noticed that at the start of the film, it showed the Spanish army with a low angel shot - making them apear strong; powerful and threatening - but when the ending unfolds; the final scene on the Spanish army is viewed at a high angle shot making them look some what small, defeated, and not threatening.

The creator of the film, placed dummies as props to picture people falling of building, and doing all the stuff that could seriously hurt an avarage person - these dummies look extremely real! These dummies were used to picture someone, falling of a building etc.. This film took 50,,00 stunt men a day... Now can you imagine the action?

I urge you to watch this, it is abseloutly fantistic. I especialy urge teenagers to watch this; also frankily all boys of ALL ages!!


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