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Submitted:Nov 2, 2012    Reads: 53    Comments: 12    Likes: 0   

Okay I'll just put up and example and rules.
step 1 Name(last&first): Elsa Valentine
step 2 age: 14
step 3 hair: Long wavy dark brown hair with a white ribbon on the side.
steo 4 eyes: Blue-green color
step 5 main outfit: A green tank top with blue shorts and green flip flops. She wears a white ribbon on her tail.
step 6 sleepwear: A plain white gown and bare foot.
step 7 Personality: curius, skillful, hyper, but sky at first, kind, genirus, and not a morning person.
steop 8 background: She came to the island after her father past away, so that she could get away from all the mean spirited humans that made fun of hybrids.
step 9 Animal type: domesticated cat
step 10 Features: spiked up black cat ears that have creamy-white tips and a long black fluffy tail that also has a creampy-white tip.
step 11 Someone your close to on the island: none at the moment (Can be: a best friend, boy/girlfriend, brother/sister. or Crush. give info on them too because tehy will be your second character)
step 12 Likes: milk, fish, books, adventures, stories, camp fires, and listening to people singing.
step 14 fears: ocean, rain, and small places.
step 15 Hobbies: fishing, reading, writing, exploring, vallyball, running, and sleeping.
okay, now rules: (Sorry)
1: You must have at least two features from the animal you chose and you must be human/animal.
2: You have to have clothes that you'd wear near/on a beach.
3: If you chose a bird or a dragon you don't need two features, just one, but you can have two if you want.
4: you must have a full name
5: try not to pick the same animal as every one else, so before chosing an animal look at the other's choices first.
and 6: If you have a second character, you must decribe them like you did your first character, but leave out step 11
Okay that's all I think.


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