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DEKAMUS VALOR (jalen simpson)

By: jessikasnowden

Page 1, it\'s about a guy i know he must be unhuman from the things ive seen from him.

dekamus valor he calls himself, he is a so called decendent of viking heritage but i know him as one of my best friends jalen simpson. for one thing he is the most amazing person in the world, i will tell you of how we met. i was about 18 and and camping with my girlfriend mallory, for i am lesbian but that doesent matter, but while i was camping i got really cold in the tent so i went outside and put a few logs on the fire. it was an illegal campsite but many people would go down there pick a spot and just camp out, it was always so beutifull outside. when i put the logs on the fire and bundled up this group of two boys walked out of the forest and dident see me but i saw them, but then i noticed something, one of the boys was really torn up i had thought he fell from a tree or something, and the other boy (jalen) who was around 12-13 at the time was carrying him out of the woods and torwards the town, i screamed at him telling him to come to me so he started coming to me and then i noticed he was messed up too, i asked what happen and jalen the less injured boy told me they were attacked by wolfs, i was freaking out and started to get my first aid kit to help the boys, but then the scariest thing in my life happened, but also the birth of what i call a real legend... out of the forest came 3 wolfs that looked pretty feirce, i screamed and told the boys to get in the tent..... but jalen told me to take his friend inside and i wouldent do it without him but he pushed me and hit me untill i went inside and the wolfs charged at us but he..... just got in stance and waited for them..... a boy not of deep teenage years yet even.... was going to try to stop a pack of wolfs counting 3.... i was about to witness a murder. i got inside the tent and held the bloody boy and my girlfriend was awake and helping me... all i heard where snarls from the wolfs and grunts from the boy..... he yelled so feriociously for his age and the noises i was hearing still chill my spin so bad i freeze up.... i saw the shadows of what was happining and jalen..... he just was a pure animal himself but with control i heard bnes snap and serious damaging noises. but the thing was this boy was winning, he was killing nearly full grown wolfs or i dont know what age they were but they were a little less heavy then him im geussing. i saw the shadows and heard yelps of pain, from both the boy and the wolfs, but mostly the wolfs... the noise stopped and i heard one of the wolfs run away. i came outside to find the boy in a bloody mess with his sword thing i dont know what the hell it was, and him just laying there still with two destroyed wolfs around him.. he was covered in blood and bites and i got my girl friend to help me get them help we ran to our car pared threw a beaten path and drove them to the hostpital. my tent is very flimsy and if he dident do what he did i dont know what the wolfs could have done to us all. this boy has heart and he still does today. i have been on many outings with him and so many things have happened i have a new outlook on life. the day of hero's was killed but still lives on in certain beings. this kid is something else i always tell myself. he is my best friend and has saved my life twice. i am moving soon but i will never forget him. this is his story and i tell it to whoever reads this for the day of heros does not have to die because of fear of the afterlife or anything. live to live and live with risk so your life can be fun and not a boring ass be safe to be happy individual. i cannot tell of how much he has helped me in my life and im sure he's helped others. he tends to stay to himself however. i know much of his history i was with him for 2 years of it. i pray for him that he becomes a star that guides people threw times of hardship, and a symbol of courage. i love you jalen simpson, or should i say dekamus valor. i wish you the best and i thank you for everything youve done for me.

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