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Events unfold in Justin Richard and Kate Smith's life that shock them to the core. Old problems surface, old rivals come back and even the reason to a murder appears. All of it somehow lands on these two kids and they have to take it head on.

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Justin was walking down the street towards his college at a slow walk. He had his new Sennheiser headphones on he got for his birthday a while back. Justin was naturally calm and laid back person all throughout life. He has been living alone for over two years now after his parents were murdered while he was a senior in highs school.

He lived in the same apartment as his crush Kate Smith. She was to him the epitome of beauty and compassion. She was nice to anyone and everyone she had met. She never did any sports but she looks physically fit. Her body was filled out in all the right places and when they had events in gym with both guys and girls she was always one of the best.

She had dirty blonde hair that reached her mid back and a heart shaped face. She had dark blue eyes and a small nose along with lightly colored pink lips. She stood at around 5'4" which was realtivly short compared to his height of 5'11" and ½.

He had what most considers a average body with a flat but muscular stomach and chest as well as arms. He had short brown hair that reached his eye brows and went a little past his ears. His eyes were a storm grey color and he wore his usual clothing of a short sleeved muscle shirt under a large white hoodie with a gold colored insides and zipper.

Justin also had on a pair of black Tony Hawk pants and white with black border vans classic shoes. On his back was his favorite backpack, a medium sized Swiss Army edition backpack. It has been with him for his first year and now second year of college.

He was fit as well since he was in MMA and he knew many martial arts and trained daily. Justin saw two humanoid shadows on a building shadow appear then disappear. He looked up and saw nothing on top of the building. Shrugging it off as just his imagination he continued to walk towards his college.

Then he started to smell smoke similar to the one he smelled when Kate's dad, Brian, had set the grass on fire at the cook out a few days ago. He turned around to see if he could see it and saw a small bit of smoke coming out of his apartment building.

He immediately took off his headphones, tucked them into his backpack and ran towards the building. He ran up three flights of stairs and saw small traces of smoke coming from a door. He looked at the number and it said 304.

"That's Kate's room!" shouted Justin. He tried to turn the knob but it seemed locked. He reared his foot back and tried to kick it down but to no avail. He knew with that kick that the dead bolt was locked as well. He stepped back a ways before he charged it and slammed into it with his shoulder successfully breaking the door down but knocking him down in the process.

Justin got up quickly before he looked around for any signs that someone was here or where the fire was. That's when he heard a faint 'help' coming from directly in front of him which was the living room. The couch blocked his view of the middle so he moved forward and saw Kate, except everything around her didn't look good.

There was debris everywhere around the room. She was lying in the shattered remains of a coffee table. Justin ran around the couch and knelt down next to her to be able to hear her. He saw that she wore just a plain blue t-shirt along with white short shorts.

"Are you hurt?" Kate nodded her head and looked down at her legs. He looked down to see a small gash in her leg with a burn mark around it with dried blood. He also noticed the small shuriken next to her leg with a bit of blood on it. That's when he noticed the small fire on the chair in front of him and Kate.

Justin turned to Kate and said "Just wait a minute while I go and put out the fire." He got up and missed the fear shown in Kate's eyes and her attempt to grab his hand to keep him there. Justin ran to the kitchen and grabbed a large pitcher before filling it with water.

Once the glass was filled he ran back into the living room before dousing the flames with water then throwing the pitcher into the corner and going back to Kate.

"Ok Kate I am going to pick you up and set you on the window seal and look around for anything t help you" said Justin before he picked her up and gently placed her on the window seal. Then he went back to the shuriken that lay on the floor.

He looked at it for any clues but all he saw was his reflection and something else. He looked closer and saw what appeared to be eyes looking at him from the dark corner of the room. He quickly turned around to see nothing but a dark and empty corner.

Justin then thought about why the smoke alarm didn't go off and looked up at it. To his surprise there was what looked like a slash mark on it rendering it completely useless. That mark only fed his curiosity of what had happened before he got here.

He felt a chill and realized that the air conditioner was now on and it was working very fast. Justin knew that if he was cold Kate would be as well. He went to the small closet in the living room and looked for a jacket.

As he was pushing around he felt something stop the clothes and turned to see nothing but a dark corner of the closet. Getting more nervous by the second he looked faster before finding a small hoodie and took it before quickly closing the closet door.

He walked back to Kate and draped the jacket around her shoulders. She looked frightened and scared but he was curious as to why she would fear anything right now. Pushing the thought back into his mind he knew it would be best to find a weapon for both of them in case what he has been seeing is real.

"Kate do you have anything like a gun or sword in your bedroom?" asked Justin.

"Y-Yes..In t-the dresser drawer u-under some clothes. J-just be careful J-justin." Justin nodded his head before he ran into the bedroom and opened the one drawer and shifted through clothes in search of any weapon.

He was surprised to see a snub nose .44 magnum and by the weight it was fully loaded. He ran back into the room where Kate was and handed her the gun. She took it with shaky hands and placed it in her lap.

"Use that if you need to, ok? I will go find myself a weapon before I try to get you out of here." As Justin walked off he saw the look of worry cross her eyes and the feeling of dread wash over him. He walked into the kitchen and found a six inch knife.

As he walked back he checked his phone to see if he had any service and to his dismay the phone wasn't even charged. He sighed and continued he walk back to Kate. As he got closer he saw her eyes widen and she turned pail as a ghost.

Justin immediately turned around to see two figures step out of the shadows. One from the dark corner of the room and the other from the closet he was in a few minutes ago.

Justin stepped back to fully cover Kate and spoke "Who are you and what do you want?"

One of the figures chuckled before speaking "If you hadn't guessed by now we are ninja boy. We are here for Kate since her father is to heavily guarded to take."

"Why do you want her father in the first place?"

"It is reasons that do not concern you boy. Now move and I will make your death quick and painless."

Justin felt fear wash over him as he heard those words but steeled his resolve and stood up straight "No if you want her come and get her." Both ninja's nodded to each other before one charged straight at him as high speeds.

It took all of Justin's skills to barley avoid a strike aimed at his throat before he gripped the knife in his hand and swung at the black clad man. The man simply stepped backwards to avoid the strike before landing a blow to Justin's unprotected face.

Justin dropped the knife and stumbled back a little. His instincts kicked in and he leaned to the left to avoid another strike from the ninja before he attempted to punch the ninja in the face. Before he could the ninja grabbed his arm and kneed him in the stomach before dropping him to the ground.

The ninja walked towards Kate and reached out to grab her while she was looking at the prone form of Justin. Then with his hand only a few inches from Kate he felt cold steel against his throat before his world turned dark.

Kate watched in shock as Justin grabbed the knife then slit the ninja's throat. Justin then hear the tell tail noise of a sword being drawn from its sheath. He turned around to see the second ninja charging at him with his katana drawn.

Justin could only watch as the ninja charged him and his life flashed before his eyes. Then he heard the sound of the hammer on a gun being pulled back and a trigger being pulled and then a loud BANG!

Justin let his hearing come back to him slowly and he looked forward the to see the ninja that had charged him with the sword lying on the ground with a hole in his head. Justin turned around to see Kate holding the .44 in her shaky hand.

"K-kate…." Said Justin.

Kate turned to him with a sad and scared face and then it hit him. He had just killed and so had Kate and she watched both right in front of her. He took the gun from her and wrapped his arms around her and she cried. Justin slowly rubbed her back as she continued to cry and cry.

"Shh Shh It will be ok, I promise. We will be ok Katie. I will make sure of it" said Justin as he held the crying Kate. Then he heard her mumble something in his jacket.


Kate pulled away from Justin and looked at him with red puffy eyes "I said thank you for being here. If you didn't come here I don't think I would have lived any longer."

Justin smiled a little "It's fine, kate. I just did what anyone would do."

"No you didn't Justin. Most would have left to go get help but you stayed and looked for clues as to who did it and even fought one of the attackers." Then she leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek then pulled back and both of their faces turned a light shade of pink.

"Now I think we need to go to my dad's. He said if anything like this every happened I needed to go to his house straight away" said Kate before she walked forward but fell. Before she hit the ground Justin grabbed her around the waist and held her up.

"You can't walk with that leg of yours. I will go see if anyone is around seeing as they must have heard the gun shot." Kate nodded her head before she sat back down on the window seal and he handed her the gun before walking off.

Kate had always thought of Justin as just another acquaintance of hers. Sure he was cute and all she just never really got to know him on a personal level. Now after what had happened she knew a bit more about him.

He was very caring and protective of others. He stood up for someone that he almost never talks to. Now Justin Richards had piqued Kate's interest and she was going to find out more about him. Justin smiled a bit as he walked out of the apartment. He just got a kiss on the cheek from his crush and he was now of some use to her.

He was excited but shook it off and focused on the task at hand. He went across the hall and noticed that the door was open. Justin walked inside and what he saw shocked him to the core. The person who owned the apartment was lying in his own blood in the middle of his kitchen.

Justin quickly backed up and went to a few other rooms around the apartment building and found the same thing. Everyone in their houses was killed and he had a feeling who did it. Those ninja had killed everyone so that no one would be alive to witness or hear what had gone on inside.

Then he remembered Kate and ran back to the room and looked inside to see her looking around her living room. Kate heard a noise from the front door and tightened her grip on the gun before she saw it was Justin and loosened up her grip.

"Thank god it was just you" said Kate.

"Kate listen, those guys killed everyone in the apartment. We need to get out of here before the cops arrive and take us in. If then get us and more of those guy come we are dead. I will drive us to your dads' house seeing as he knows about this."

Kate looked shocked at what he said "O-Ok, if you think that's what we need to do then let's go. Most of my stuff is at my dad's anyway so we can just head out." Justin nodded his head then scooped her up and held her bridal style making her squeak a bit in surprise.

As Justin took off in to a run towards the cars Kate noticed how caring and protective he was being. That and how much muscle he seemed to have. To her he looked like a skinny guy since he always had a big jacket on.

As he reached the ground floor he ran towards his apartment area. She was wondering why he was if he had no car. Justin kept running until he reached a small one car garage in the back of the apartment. He pressed the button and the garage opened. What Kate saw inside shocked her.

Inside the garage was a crimson colored '06 Subaru rally version with pitch black windows and gold colored rims.

"H-how do you have this?" asked an astonished Kate.

"My dad had this all tricked out and it was supposed to be my birthday present but they died before they could give it to me. I took the car and have been taking care of it ever since. I never drive it because I don't want to risk anything happening to it. But this situation calls for urgency and this car is what I need."

Justin walked to the passenger side and opened the door with one hand carefully place Kate inside the vehicle before buckling her in. He then went to the back of the garage and opened a long metal box on the wall.

Inside was two custom silver nine millimeters and a katana. The katana had a black sheath with a gold circular guard and the blade its self was crimson in color. The handle of the sword was black and the diamond pattern in it was gold as well.

Justin remembered finding all this in the car in a secret garage in his parents' house after their death. He shook his head of the thoughts and took all three weapons including a few boxes of ammo and got in the car.

Kate saw all that Justin had and was surprised yet again.

He spoke before she could "This was in the car when I found it at my parent's house." Then Justin placed the two guns in the side pocket of the door and placed the katana next to his leg and it rested in between the seat.

He started the car and the engine roared to life. Kate knew as soon as the engine came on that the car was tampered with a lot. The engine sounded more like a rally car you see on TV then a regular sports car.

Justin put it into first then took off out of the apartment complex and down the street towards Kate's dad's house.


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