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a girls mystery

By: natasha6351

Page 1, aqua a 16 year old girl in calafornia has gone a journey to find her mother, after everyone she ever became friends with or cared for has been killed. woth the fbi at her door she is in need to know where her mother is... only sneak peak.


a girls mystery

A wise man once told me “Of all the weapons in the world, love is the most dangerous.” I can prove that this is true. It was a summer in 1999 me and my mother were walking down the beach I was only 5. We were travelling the world. My mother was a very clever woman. On that day she took me to a little hut on the coastline, which was a store, she brought a charm (a set of steel bongo drums) for her bracelet. Then she hooked it onto her silver hopped bracelet. Mother suddenly became very wary she said we had to go in a very verm voice. She grabbed my hand and pulled me away from the shop she dragged me along the beach under a bridge and said to me there were things she couldn’t tell me until I was ready. then she disappeared around the corner and told me not to follow, I sore a shadow there were two they were men then a lady appeared behind me and said your mummies been a very bad girl…

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