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Things i need to tell someone

Miscellaneous By: SecretGirl97
Action and adventure

I Write this to get stuff of my mind thats all. Hopefully i will feel better about it.

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I Am 14 and go to school in the uk. I am in year ten at school. I have some amazing friends, I am really not that popular at school, but the few friends i have are good ones. The trouble is, were all in diffrent forms ! Firstley there is Josh, we used to go out, but now were just friends . He used to come over a lot and we would get on random busses and press the bell to get off all the time but now he doesnt come over at all. Then there is Caroline , She is ok i guess, but she only started my school a few months back, I only have one lesson which is the same as hers , but i still see her on mornings & break and dinner. Then there is Courtney. I don't know why but i feel like i can tell her anything, sometimes i think she isn't listening but she somehow remembers everything i say , I think she is one of my best friends because i can tell her things i cant tell my parents. I have told courtney about the social servitaves involved with my niece and nephuew , and i think i can trust her, but i think she spoils her self because she always acts up for the teachers and walks out and doesnt come to guidance. Then i sometimes copy of her because i dont want to be left on my own. I dont have all my lessons with her either , that is hard but i am some how coping. Caroline , courtney & Josh are the only good friends i have in my year. But because of getting the bus to school i have made more friends in year 7, two boys called Aaron & Lewis, aaron is so easy to get along with and lewis is just so innocent ! He is adorable, But unfortunatley there is another boy. Called James, he has to spoil everything for me ( he is in year 9 but is somehow the same age as me ) He had a best friend called Michael who got on the bus to but has moved house and has left james to get the bus by him self. I think he gets jelouse of me and aaron because he is being horrible to me. He has called me names and teases me about being with aaron and he says we are going out but we are not. He once punched me in the arm and he pushed me a few times. I try to avoid him at school as much as i can but that is hard because he seems to follow me around. My dad is a bus driver so i get a free bus pass :D He has a mate called Lee and apperntly i fancy him but i dont. I am over him now. Once me and josh got on his bus (he is a busdriver) and started ringing the bell for no reason :P But he is getting married next month so i have to get over him dont i ? This is going to sound so stupid but my dad only got friends with him like last year. but I knew he was going to be friends with him before my dad even KNEW him. I have visions and they come true, I normally take no notice of busdrivers who are driving busses ( i get on 4 busses every day) and am not bothered about who is driving it but everytime i got on lees bus his face would stick in my head and i constantley thought of him, ( my dad never even new who he was then ) and then a few months later my dad is best friends with him! I have visions. An all thecome true.But wha freekd me ou latnight was I had a vision of lee. He was in some kind of trouble at his work but not exacly his work. lol well the strange thing is i have never thought about him ever because i am over him. But my dad told me later that night that he got threatend to be beaten up by some teens, but the weired thing is, the night i had the vision, i had a nother vision, of him lying in a hospital bed. (...) Anyway i dont want to talk about it.

I dont like CME At school. We are sposed to be doing an essay on a computer about racsm but i dont like it and get bored and go on games instead . I dont like the teahcer either. Its james.s form teacher. He is so annoying i just dont see the point in doing the subject, I want to work with animals (dogs) when im older and i dont think i need CME To work in a kennel !!!!!

Im moving house, I dont want to because i will have to stop getting the bus, Ok I hate james but if i stop getting the bus then i will have to leave aaron, and i know aaron hates james to but i know that when i move house james is just gunna rub it in my face that he is best mates with aaron now. Today at school i was with courtney and James said something to me so i hit him then walked away with courtney but him and his mate followed us but thankfully a teacher was there so he couldnt hit me or anything.


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