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Tags: Mel, Gibson

This is in response to Jfmn98 story request . Gulp.
Well here it is. I hope it wasn't what you were expecting.

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It was dawn all most and Mel, yes, the Mel. As in MEl Gisbon. Was sitting on the edge of his bed listening to the subtle quitude. And while he sat there, he thought. He thought about all the things he had done and every thing he was. Up till a few weeks a go, that had been his entire life. His familly, his wife, their kids. But now, now that he was here. All that seemed so distant. He sctatched his head as he tried to recall the events leading up to this moment of thought and loneliness and rememberance.

He had gotten back from the scene of his next big movie and instant hit. "Journey across the river land." A whimsical romance about a younge irish man who ventures out into the world beyond his fathers estate. In search of love and haunted by his tragic past. His agent had assured him it would be a smash hit at the box office. Mel wasn't as sure. But he decided to do it any way. For the money.

He got home late and that's when he first met him. A dark figure standing in the kitchen door way. He wore all black and Mel mistook him for a robber. Or worse, a derranged stalker. Goodness knows he had had his share. "Who are you? Get out of my house." The figure tilted his head slightly and even though only his eyes were visible, Mel could see the amusement there. A quesioning look slid across the mans eyes and he spoke. "Are you happy here Mel?"

"How do you know my name?" Duh. Dumb question.

"Well who dosn't know the famous Mel Gibson?"

"Get out." The man stepped closer and Mel braced himself.

"And if I dont? You cant win Mel. You cant even compete. It's better if you learn that now." Mel didn't know what was happening. But suddenly he felt faint and then every thing went dark. Stiil. Quiet.

He awoke in the back seat of an old cadilac. The driver was a tall man. Foreign lookinga nd with an implacable accent. "Are you all right mr. Gibson?" Mel had the odd emory of maybe mumbling a yes, before falling asllep again. He was so tired.

The next time he woke up he was surrounded by nuns all praying to jesus christ. What the heck? He was quickly reaqquainted dwith the tall driver man. Jarrick. And told he was the key to saving all humanity. "We've seen you. In the moving pictures." How could he explain to these weirdoes that he was an actor. Not a bloody super hero. He tried to run but realised he wa immobalised. Damn it. He would just have to go along with the sharade until he got a chance to run.

Now that he was wiser, he knew it wasn't a sharade at all. The man who had knocked him out was Allistair of the dawn star revolution. Dont ask. And Mel had spent most of his time doing either one of two things. Either he was thinking of new ways to keep allistairs ever growing army at bay. Or writing love notes to his wife. He couldn't tell his kids, he didn't have the heart. Now though, he just sat. And waited for the first rays of ligtht of to pierce the horizon. A new day was dawning. What happened next, the fate of the world rested on his shoulders. But right now, he just sat and waited as slowly, as the hidden horrors of the world woke to meet him once again.


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