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A Pack of wolves, make their way to a kind of heaven they call "Altierion" (All-Tear-Re-On), but they encounter some tough challenges along the way that test their strength and will to reach their destination. View table of contents...



Submitted:Sep 18, 2012    Reads: 12    Comments: 2    Likes: 1   

What is Altierion like? Is it like a dream, where nothing ever goes wrong?

Where do I find it? Is it in the sky? The only thing I know about Altierion is

that to find it I must follow the scent of The Bloodthorn Rose. I'm told it's a

warm, sweet scent of the riches, most luscious, and purest blood there ever

was. In my solitude I search relentlessly to find this paradise known to the

wolves as Altierion, in legend it is a place were darkness doesn't exist, and

everything is always in perfect harmony. But that's all a legend as far as

anyone knows; no one has ever proved its existence. But I plan to get there

so I can find out the truth for myself. After all, I can't live with the humans;

they're scared of us wolves and will go as far as killing us to make themselves

feel secure and free of harm. But even if wolves were completely wiped from

the face of this earth there would just be another animal that would take our

place as a feared beast that cant be trusted. So I search for this Altierion to

escape from this world of hate and distrust, and if there exist such a thing,

forever run with a great pack, with hundreds of wolfs on a never-ending journey

into the setting sun. But at this point that just seems like some child's fantasy.

The harsh reality is, the world has been ravaged from a war between to humans

that lasted for what seemed like an eternity. But when the smoke had finally

cleared from that war the result was devastation and what remained was a wasteland

of endless deserts with gray and black sand with little life to be found. During the

war the humans had managed to destroy almost all the life on earth; most of the

remaining life on earth are insects and humans, Pest all the same. Though most

species of life, and most cities were destroyed during the war, there are some cities

and tribal villages scattered around here and there. But most of the remaining cities

are just as run down as the world is, and the ones that aren't, are heavily monitored

by whatever governing systems the humans are using during these post apocalyptic times.


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