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"Caribbean Commander"

Novel By: achristop
Action and adventure

A sequel to "The Quest for Dolores" View table of contents...

Submitted:Jun 16, 2008    Reads: 203    Comments: 1    Likes: 1   

Caribbean Commander (Chapter One)

The island of Tortuga. 15th day of May, in the year of our Lord 1734.

I awoke to the sound of birds chirping in the nearby palms, and, a hand stealing it's way under the thin top-sheet of bedding. The sun was already warming the room, foretelling of another hot and sultry day to come. The fingers exploring my body found the place they were seeking, and, gently started a rhythmic squeezing. I felt the hardening flesh responding, and turned to face the owner of the questing hand. Anna! My lovely Anna! I moaned into her hair as she continued her ministrations. I reached for her….. to find that she was naked, having discarded her night wear! I threw back the top-sheet, to revel in the sight of her nudity. She was a beautiful woman, exquisitely proportioned, and stunningly attractive, I considered I was a very lucky man! I ran my hand from her neck to her breast, caressing the nipple gently with my thumb and forefinger, she sighed with contentment and a wanton longing. I stroked her soft belly, then slid my questing fingers to the juncture of her thighs, teasing her as she lifted to speed my access to her womanhood. She had brought my manhood to full erection, but, I wanted to prolong her pleasure, and trailed my wetted lips down along her right side, pausing to delve my tongue into her navel, then slowly, wetly, traced circles to her labia.
"Oh Crees! Oh Crees…..please….now?"
I had no intention of fulfilling her desire just yet, there was ample time, we had all day!…we could make love all day!! Her fingers entwined in my hair, trying to force me downwards…but I returned by the route I had just taken, arriving back at her navel. There I wormed my wet tongue into the dip in her belly, making her squirm!
"Crees! NO!….'urry!!!"
I smiled and teased her by running my fingers butterfly like across the soft down of her belly………….
"Oh Crees! ..CREES!!…..Sacre bleu!!! I said to 'urry"
I fell back onto my bolster as my manhood dwindled, hearing Anna sigh in frustration. Our son, Pierre Jean-Luc!!
Jean-Luc had chosen his time well! Now into his 4th month of life, he was learning just when to announce his hunger!
I rose from our bed, leaving Anna spread-eagled in anticipating abandon, and went to the cradle, a present from the villagers, a beautiful, hand-crafted baby crib, made from coir and cane, wherein lay our blonde haired baby boy! His feet working in tandem, he was kicking the wraps away from his body! He was too hot also, but last night had been quite cool with the French windows opened to the air, but now the sun was rising, he was eager for a cool breeze as well as food! I lifted him from his crib, placed him upon the bed, and proceeded to change the muslin wrap that served as his catch-all! After four and a half months, we were beginning to come to terms with parenthood. Realising we had this helpless little infant to take care of, was a shock to both of us. However, nature has a way of teaching, and we were both now fully engrossed in the care and upbringing of our offspring!
Having washed and changed our charge, I took him to Anna, who placed him at the breast. She had shamefacedly told me, after I queried why she was squirming as she was feeding our son, that, just as she experienced intense pleasure whenever I caressed her breast or took her nipple between my lips, she was experiencing the exact same sensations when feeding Jean-Luc! She was distraught at first, but gradually, and finally, succumbed to the feelings and now fed our son with great pleasure, often sighing as she did so with closed eyes! My lovely Anna!
I walked to the window, listening to the sound of the birds, and the muted roar of the sea. D'Avignon House stood high on the cliffs overlooking the harbour of Tortuga. I could hear, and see, seabirds greeting the new day! I picked up the eyeglass from the occasional table by the window, and trained it to seawards. We had a very restricted view of the sea from here, and, as usual, nothing was visible in the eyepiece save a small patch of empty blue sea!
As I listened to the soft mews of contentment emitting from our bed, my thoughts were far away! Far away on another island, and another time! The island of Palentenka! Another time! I thought of Moses and Dolores…and their quest to, hopefully, return to Palentenka, and refloat and return with the slave ship "Balazhad......

(To be cont................)


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