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If only I could save him

Novel By: alamulymala
Action and adventure

Aubrey is a traceuse, and has the perfect boyfriend. They are unstoppable together and nothing stands in their way. That is until one day while on a simple mission with a group of friends something goes terribly wrong and her lover, Jenin, dies. Aubrey now has to battle with herself and the laws of time travel to go back and save him. But the company who hired her to time travel has ulterior motives, and can not guarantee safety. Stick to the path they've given and everything *should* be okay. Will Aubrey survive the ordeal and save her Jenin? View table of contents...


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The first thing that registers is the ringing. A loud, high pitched, thought consuming ringing. It's as if an explosion went off right by my ears. A wave of nausea hit me like a brick wall and everything I had in my stomach ended up on the ground before me. I fought the urge to pass out and struggled to get up, stumbling and using the wall for support. I looked around and through my dizzy stupor assessed that I was in an alleyway. Another wave of nausea rolled by and I spent a few minutes dry heaving, bringing on a pounding headache.

I stumbled out of the alley, feeling a bit better now that I was up and moving. I look for the LED sign the men in suits told me about and found it, opening up a latch and pulling out a note. It had the date, the approximate time, and directions where I needed to go. Memorizing the turns and making a mental map, I took off in search for my destination. I already recognize the area and know that the buildings around here are close enough together to travel by. Looking for a good place to get up I settle on using a pipe on the side of a building. Grabbing onto the pipe, leaning back as I place my feet against the wall to brace myself, I begin my ascent.

I reach the top of the building in no time, swinging myself up and going out to the edge to see the streets in a different way and recalculate the way I need to travel. Taking a running start I jump over, under, and through my obstacles, using simple things to get me where I need to go instead of complicated tricks. I can tell that I'm getting close to the facility when the buildings start spreading out and becoming sparser. I pause at the last building, ducking low to scope out a way in, as well as a way out.

Descending the building I'm currently on, I stick to the shadows and reach a watch tower next to a huge barbed wire fence. They didn't design these fences too well, because they didn't have traceurs in mind. I use the window lip of the tower to pull myself up while I run up the side of the wall, using the explosive power in my quads and calves to jump and turn, easily clearing over the fence and rolling once I take the drop. I instantly start sprinting to hide behind supply trucks and other equipment they have. I look around and find a way in, sneaking in through one of the cargo doors. Once inside I mentally bring up the map of the vicinity and make my way through hallways, ducking in and out of spaces to avoid being caught. I find the room that holds what I am to destroy. Some big key piece to a reactor or something.

I pull the bag full of explosives they gave me out and start placing them and activating them to go off in 15 minutes. Enough time to get out and far enough away to be safe. I turn and run out, coming back the same way I came in and back outside. No grand chase, no one found out about me. I'm that good. The buildings I just came from loom before me and I begin to climb again, running further away, but close enough to see the destruction when the bombs go off. I count down. Two minutes. One minute. 20 seconds. Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two. The flash of light happens before the sound hits me. I can see the shock wave as the place turns into a blasted, fire hell hole. I take a moment to feel guilty about the people inside that died, but it's only three in the morning, not many people should be in there right now.

Leaving the demolished structure before me, I travel back to find a place to wait out the two days left before Jenin gets shot. I was supposed to go directly to Symbio Inc. to be brought back to the future once I was done, but I have other plans. I'm going to save him. The love of my life. My Jenin. I find an abandoned building I used to train at close to the roof gap we would be jumping in just two days time and bunker down and wait, feeling content with the fact that Jenin will be alive in a different reality. I knew as soon I saved him I would probably cease to exist, because if Jenin doesn't die, then I would have no reason to go back in time, right? Or I might create a paradox, who knows. I don't care as long as I get to save him.

I find something to eat and drink before setting off to the building we jumped. I had five thousand different possible ways to save him. Distract him from climbing, distract the security, maybe just yell and warn them sooner or tell them about the gun? I wasted too much time thinking and hear myself laughing and joking around with the boys. I sneak off and climb up first, deciding to hide on the top and warn them sooner. I didn't notice the two men in suits trailing after me, nor did I notice them take the service elevator to the roof.

I see Sakee jump the gap first, everyone cheering him on. Then Bull, Fish, and Jenin. I take a moment to admire Jenin and his flawless technique. I tear up a bit then blink away my tears before watching myself banter with Jenin, then take the jump. I never realized how graceful I looked as well. I always thought I was sloppy… Huh. I duck quickly because Jenin and I walk behind an air conditioning unit to talk. They would have been able to see me if I hadn't gotten out of view. I breathe a sigh of relief when they leave to eat.

I watch the clock, waiting at least 5 minutes to warn them. Maybe just shout out and ask who's out there. A door close by opens and I swing around to see the two suits come out and stare at me, sizing me up. I hear the sound of security as well as the shouts of the boys before they wake me up and I know what's coming. Before I can react one of the suits pulls out a gun and aims at me and fires. I duck and the bullet whizzes past me. Time stops again and I realize why everyone had stopped moving, why the confusion of where the shot came from was there. It was my fault. I killed Jenin. I hear myself cry out and everyone jumping to action. I look at the suited men and give up.

I run past them and jump, off the building, straight down eleven stories. It's only a 15 second drop but it's enough time to catch the sign of the building before I hit the ground. How ironic. Tragically and horribly ironic. The sign, the last thing I see.

Symbio Incorporated. "Traveling through time to help with the present, and to better the future."


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