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Just a normal school day, All the boring lessons,Then there is maths.The most boring lesson there is.But when a new supply teacher turns up , there are questions to be asked...

Ami, a 14 year old girl , hates school. But when a new teacher turns up to teach, there are questions to be asked. Who is he ? What does he want from this little girl ? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Oct 14, 2011    Reads: 246    Comments: 27    Likes: 4   

When one thing happens, it can lead to another, and another, and another... A ring of stuff happening that loop into each other like the mystery of the universe. Things like that are everywhere, they happen all the time, and they can happen at whatever place they want. Unfortunately for me, everything started for me during Maths. Maths equals boring add complicated minus interest multiplied by more boredom!

I slumped on my desk, feeling extremely sorry for myself. I was one of the 10 people in this class, waiting for Mr. Dunn to arrive. I sat right in front of the classroom, which just made it better, as I had a close-up view of all the complicated equations and whatever it was Mr. Dunn was going to throw at us. To make things better, Josh, my ex-boyfriend, was sitting next to me. He wasn't bad, really, quiet during lessons, with handsome blonde hair... I must have been nuts to dump him, but he didn't complain, although, ever since then, the atmosphere between us was always a little awkward.

I looked behind me, and of course, Brandon was staring at me. When he caught my gaze he gave me a quick smile and lowered his eyes on to his desk. I think I must have heard Josh sigh, or was it my imagination? Before I could even blink, two girls from the other end of the classroom, Courtney and Ellie, gave me furious glares and yelled: "Who are you looking at?" I started and turned away hurriedly, blushing. Courtney and Ellie were two extremely girly-girls. Their lip-stick, and make up made them looked like much too sweet cakes. Tarts, I call them, and we weren't too friendly.

At the far end of the classroom sat the 'Gruesome Threesome'. Jade, Dean and Charlotte. The trio who can't resist getting into trouble, as if they had fun copying out the dictionary. They were gradually isolated after Dean told us how 'exceptionally monotonous it is to duplicate the dictionary'. No one seemed to be able to understand them anymore.

Then, in the row just in front of the Threesome,there was Abby, an extremely tall yet quiet girl, who, despite her looming appearance, was quite friendly and nice to everyone. Sitting next to her was Liam, staring into space with a dazed and confused look on his face as if he was being bombarded with complicated Maths questions, which is actually what should be happening... I frowned and peered down at my watch. Why isn't Mr. Dunn here yet?

No one else seemed too concerned that our Maths teacher wasn't here. The whole classroom was alive with activity. It's amazing how out of order pupils can get when a teacher's not here. There were squeals of laughter and a yelp of pain as a paper aeroplane hit Ellie on her neck. Everyone yelled louder than the next, even Josh was talking to Abby louder than usual. And then... The door creaked open. It wasn't even a paticularly loud creak, but everyone froze in their place, Charlotte was halfway through telling Jade about how perfect her aim was with the paper aeroplane, Ellie was turning on Dean for the 'fatal wound' on her neck. It was as if someone had pressed a pause button on the whole scene. I looked up sharply, my heart sinking. Knowing Mr. Dunn, we would all be...

But instead of Mr. Dunn, another man stood there. His dark hair was messed up, his deep blue eyes swept through the frozen choas in front of him. There were some unshaved parts down the sides of his face. I caught something gold glint under the light, and as the man strode towards Mr Dunn's desk I caught a brief glimpse of a golden ring on his ear. The tip of some sort of tattoo was was on his upper arm, just poking out from his jet black T-Shirt, which seemed to emphasise on his tanned muscles that seemed to say 'Bother me and you'll get this'. He was like a rugged Hercules. Surely he wasn't our new teacher? Everyone just stared at him in silence, their heads swivelling to follow his every move. They looked horrified, fascinated, confused (Liam), surprised... But whatever they looked like, one thing was certain. This guy was not to be messed with.


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