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Are We The Last Ones?

Novel By: AnimeChick521
Action and adventure

Its the year 2050 and an unknown disease wiped most of the country and the government isn't helping. What will a small group of friends do to stop them? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Dec 24, 2012    Reads: 24    Comments: 0    Likes: 2   

The day of their dangerous journey started off as any other. They got ready for school.

Her alarm went off and she pressed the off button. Alex pulled the covers off, stretched, and quickly got dressed in her uniform, which was a navy blue shirt and black pants. She exited her room and went to check on her younger friend, Flip and his companion, Spark.

She walked quietly down the hall and stopped when she heard Flip. She opened his door and saw that he was still asleep, with Spark sleeping quietly at his feet, and a stream of smoke escaping his mouth. She smiled at this and Flip turned on his side, making Spark fall to the floor and curled up in Flip's chair, wings stretching and returning to his back. Alex shook her head and tapped Flip on his head.

"Flip, wake up. We need to get ready for school."

Flip quickly sat up and gave Alex a look that screamed 'Get out of my room.' Not wanting to have any conflict, Alex left and wandered the halls until she remembered to wake up Drew. She tapped her fingers on his door and received no answer.

Drew was already up, but he didn't want to get out of bed, so he sat there, reading another book from his collection. The Encyclopedia Vampyrica.But he still wasn't ready for school. He heard Alex tap on his door and closed the book. Yet again Alex interrupted his reading time. He slowly got dressed and began packing up his backpack with various items that he needed for the day.

Alex, Flip, and Spark waited patiently for Drew downstairs and he finally made it downstairs within twenty minutes. He received stares from Alex, but brushed her off as he picked up his lunch and headed outside, not caring about what she said. The others grabbed their lunches and kept their distance. Twenty-five minutes later, they found themselves at the entrance o the school. Flip looked around and gripped his backpack strap, a look of worry in his eyes.

"Hey Alex, where do you think everyone is? I don't see them here."

Alex looked around and saw that Flip was right; no one was there, not even the teachers who made out behind their cars so the students wouldn't see. Drew closed his book and slid it inside his back pocket.

"Flip, keep your commentsto yourself and let us handle this. Unlike you, I can actually keep my calm." Drew said.

"Keep my calm? If I didn't know, I think that you're hiding something from us." The younger boy shouted.

They stood there arguing until Alex held up her hands in an attempt to break them up. She slipped her phone in her pocket and sighed."We should go back home and check the news. I found some things out, but Drew will brush it off if he doesn't believe what we say."

Receiving a nod from the others, they all left to check out what exactly Alex was so concerned for.


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