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Jago: The Millennium Galaxy Race

Novel By: Anon Amous
Action and adventure


Vo: The ultimate power in the galaxy. The wielder possesses the strength to rule the entire galaxy, and shape it to their will. With Vo's current wielder the galaxy has been at peace for a thousand years, and it’s about to end. One can only wield Vo for a millennium before it is split into four smaller stones and sent across space. A grand race is held to determine who will be the next wielder of Vo, and become the new ruler of the galaxy.

The bounty hunting ship Jago and her crew are reluctant to participate in the race, but someone strong and vicious has been eyeing them. It doesn't help that aboard their ship is the most powerful of the fighting species, an Eyes of Blue, and they soon become a target as a lust for more power. There is no better opportunity than to claim the title of the greatest fighter and ruler of the galaxy, than with the Millennium Galaxy Race.

This story is COMPLETE!!!!!!!!!! There are 45 chapters.
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41. Link

Rei said that Balt dropped us off a distance from where Kiko was located, and that we would have to sneak by several of Ozias' crewmembers in order to get anywhere close to her. At least we were on the same planet now, and on the desolate side at that. We sighed with relief after learning that the village was safe on the other side of the planet.

We rushed through untamed forest and vast open fields, even flying over a large, pristine lake. The planet had a beautiful untouched atmosphere. I made a mental note to ask Kiko and Rei if we could stay a while longer to explore it once this was all over with.

We came to a stop as soon as clouds began to fill the evening sky, darkening our view but hiding our presence.

"We'll leave the shuttle here and walk the rest of the way" she said. I nodded to her and got out of the shuttle. "Here…" she tossed me the compacted S.E.E.S. that expanded once I realized what it was.

"You brought this from Thereon? How'd you know what it was?"

"Yep, thought you might want it later, might come in handy. Kiko told me about it after you had left."

I stepped into the exoskeleton and it conformed to my body. The Shredder was still attached to it as well but I doubt there would be much metal around here. Rei stashed as much weapons and ammunition as she could around her utility belt and pockets, then she tossed me a blaster with a twineulator attached.

"Take that too," she said.

We finished loading up and she took the lead as we ran back through thick brush, jumping over dead logs and rocks. She stopped suddenly and looked at me. She saw my expression change as she peered at me with brightly glowing red eyes.

"I'm going to completely soul link with you to mask your human presence okay? Eyes of Red usually can't sense other Eyes of Red, I'm an exception however." She explained in my mind.

"That's fine with me," I agreed.

"Close your eyes."

I closed my eyes and felt her take her warm hands into mine. Nothing felt any different, but once she let go and said "let's move", I opened my eyes to a whole new world.

Suddenly I was seeing split vision with her but not only that, I could sense everything around me that had vision. She explained a little to me as I took baby steps toward her.

"It'll take some time getting used to, but once you get it it'll click suddenly." The double vision was throwing me off because she would randomly change her view to some creature that had us in their sight. "All you have to do is know what you want."

"Know what I want?" I asked.

"Yeah, if you need only your vision, then know you want it. If you want only my vision, then know you want only that."

She walked up to me and it was like looking at two profile pictures of us side by side, but now only one of her eyes was glowing red, the other was dark brown like mine. But wait… looking through her eyes, one of my eyes was glowing red now too. I guess this is what she meant by completely soul linking.

I tired what she said and focused on only wanting my vision. It changed slowly to expand my surroundings.

"Not bad!" She smiled at me.

We continued again and I experimented with the new powers I had. I could see everything and anything I wanted to see since there was wildlife everywhere here. I could even choose where I wanted to see double, triple or thousands of visions in my sight. Top, bottom, left, right, square in the middle, the options were only limited to my imagination.

"This is amazing! You see this all the time?" I mentally exclaimed to her.

She mentally chuckled at me. "No, actually the visual range doubles when I completely soul link with someone. They sort of act like a router but they also share my powers as well. So I guess you could say it empowers both of us greatly, but at the cost of sharing a single life."

"We're sharing the same life?"

"Yeah, if something happens to you, I feel it as well. And I'm the only one who can sever the link." So basically she could make me feel whatever she was feeling and I could do nothing about it. What power. "Eyes of Red can't sense other Eyes of Red but they can still spot them in something else's vision. I, however, know exactly where they're at, and now so do you."

I focused on wanting to know where the Eyes of Red were at and half of my vision zoomed to the location of each of them. A red glow around their body indicated how much power they possessed. This power was getting cooler by the second. There were a lot of them so I focused on the ones that were closest to us.

"It's gonna to be impossible to sneak past all of them," she said. "It'll be safer if we separate, but not too far from each other. You can see Kiko right? We're headed there, so take the route with less eyes watching."

"Alright," I said and we broke apart from each other.

I tried to sense where Kiko was but it was impossible. I could only see where she was through the eyes of others and even then I didn't have a good visual because they seemed to be in a flat area with nothing but a large rock wall around. Luckily that rock wall had a bird watching their confrontation. Kiko was fighting Ozias but he was easily overpowering her.

I was too busy watching their confrontation to notice that the Eyes of Red had shifted their positions and I had almost run right into a batch that had congregated in front of me. Suddenly I had the urge to roll out of the way of something, and I did, but nothing was there. Then I remembered that I was sharing Rei's emotions and I looked to see where she was.

One of the Eyes of Red spotted her and she was now taking cover behind a tree as a gruff Eyes of Red man was slowing advancing, shooting a large blaster in his arms. Rei grabbed the medium-sized blaster off of her back and began firing back.

I watched as a flood of red glowing bodies made their way towards her and instantly took off in her direction. I was close enough to reach her before the crowd of red eyes would appear. I sprinted until I came into view of the man who was firing at Rei. He saw me coming and quickly changed his blaster's direction to me. The S.E.E.S. allowed me to easily dodge his blasts and that's when Rei shot him in the neck with a gooey black ball. The man put a hand to his neck to feel what it was and then his head contorted sideways abruptly, his eyes rolling behind his head and he clunked to the ground.

"What was that?" I asked running to her.

"A type of projectile gun I got from Balt. I'm glad I finally got to try it out." She said checking out the weapon. "Unfortunately, because it shoots projectiles it'll eventually run out of ammo." She continued checking all the weapons she had on her.

What was she doing?! "We gotta go, they're coming!"

"We're already surrounded. We're gonna have to fight through." I checked to see what she was talking about. All the red figures were already circled around us. My stomach dropped at the amount that had gathered. "Hey, don't feel so depressed!" She chided. "Positive thinking will help the both of us." I took a deep breath and imagined us making it to Kiko together. "Thank you, that's much better.

She clicked a cartridge into the medium-sized gun, put it back on her back and took out two smaller blasters. One of the blasters had a twineulator attached. I took out mine as well.

"Ready?" She asked. "We'll make a run for it."

"Let me go first. I have a blaster shield on this." I pointed to the exoskeleton.

"Alright then, I'll follow you."

"On three…"

"One… two…"


A large explosion erupted out of nowhere at the base of the tree we were both bracing against and we both flew backwards as shards of the tree shot in every direction.


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