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Jago: The Rise of the True Kai

Novel By: Anon Amous
Action and adventure

The Jago is one of the most successful bounty hunting ships in the galaxy, rapidly raising to Class 1 within only a few years.

This is book 2 of the Jago series.

Cashel: Captain - Former Millennium Galaxy Racer
Tamsin: Navigator/Pilot/Doctor/Technician/Mechanic/Tactician - The last Livindev
Akiko: Extractor - The Greatest fighter in the galaxy
Rei: Intel Gatherer/Sharpshooter - The Most wanted Eyes of Red
Trash: Companion - The only human in the crew

This is their past...
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Part 1: 1,000 Human Years Ago

Prologue: Flash-forward

1. Cashel (~35), Tiberius (~35)

"Cashel… where's Nema?" Tiberius asked, quickly calculating his motives while staring at the caked silver blood that could only come from a type of species known as a Mechanite.

Cashel's body tensed at the sound of her name. His discomfort caused Tiberius dismay as he glanced around behind Cashel for any sign of their Mechanite companion.

"Where is she?" he asked with a stern whisper, his voice carried by a breeze atop the high rock plateau.

Their eyes met.

Cashel's eyes… his eyes said it all. He had seen these hostile eyes before, hundreds of years ago, when they first met. He thought and hoped he would never see them again.

Cashel knew there was no point in hiding the truth from him.

"I killed her" was his simple response, with eyes that never faltered.

Tiberius shook his head, "No… you couldn't have…"

Cashel's hand went to his hip and held up a steady sword, "Where are the stones?" he demanded.

Tiberius stood, staring at his friend, the friend that only a moment ago he would have easily given his life for him if needed. How did it come to this?

His chest tightened. The gray blood shimmered on Cashel's body… Nema's blood. A light breeze crossed their paths as the last of the sun's rays disappeared into the ground, dulling the silver blood into a coating of gray paste.

"You… killed her?" he whispered, letting his words soak into his tortured heart.

Tiberius swiftly withdrew his sword and gripped it tightly by his side. None of this made sense, but he was determined to uncover the truth and reveal Cashel's true intentions.

"All of this for the stone of power?" he scowled. "I'll make you regret betraying us…" He took off the pouch that was slung around his body and held it out in front of him. "Here are the three stones that mean more to you than your own friends."

Cashel reached into a pocket in his vest and took out a glowing violet stone.

It was the closest the four stones have been to each other since their separation, many decades ago. Once put back together, a powerful object would be formed, granting a single person the means to rule the galaxy and infuse with newly formed stone, Vo, as one.

Re-shaping the war-torn galaxy was their goal, their plan. For decades they fought together for this ideal, and now the galaxy's defining moment would be decided by this final battle.

"Tiberius..." Cashel urged, "Give me the stones…"

Tiberius' eyes narrowed on him as he set the three stones safely aside. "You'll have to kill me for them."

Cashel readied himself against his only friend left in the galaxy. "Then I will…"


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