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5 Elements and A World In Peril

Novel By: AntonioWestley
Action and adventure

A dramatic novel written back in 2012 that is based on a retro cartoon action series created to demonstrate my story telling skills. What was considered to be a silly anime created for both entertainment and educational purposes has now been transformed into a must read tale of struggle and triumph. The realism brought to this tale was inspired from me revisiting a childhood favorite of mine named "Captain Planet". Anyone who was familiar with the anime will be pleased to read into this since it will show case the 5 characters brought together in the cartoon all grown up and how they have been coping in modern times.
Of course with the number of parody videos that have been emerging online over the last few years its clear that bringing this series to life wouldn't entirely be hated especially in a pro activist world. So i decided it would be fun to try my hand at attempting the impossible by taking a crack at potentially reviving a dead cartoon anime. And so far i have been pleased with the results in fact so pleased that i have even considered pitching the idea to the C.W. Especially after seeing how the promotional banner i created above really fit in with the channels usual way of promoting their shows.
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"Five Elements and A World In Peril"

Written by Antonio Westley


Long ago the world was once at the mercy of power hungry profiteers who were responsible for consuming the planet of its natural resources. The end results were catastrophic on a global scale and caused a disruption in the solidarity of nature's habit. But such behavior would not be tolerated by Green organizations and they were forced to unite world wide against this cause in order to protest for a more eco friendly environment. Sadly the fight of course would only fuel the money making moguls into furthering their agendas to a dangerous degree. And thee abuses led by these criminals were so immense that it nearly destroyed the earth in little under a decade. Eventually they were sought out and held responsible for potentially being the reason a hole in the ozone layer had been created. What experts believed to be the disastrous results from their contribution to the worlds pollution. After being exposed for this they were labeled as pioneers for a dark future and chased away into obscurity.

It was only after recognizing the danger of what these power players were doing where laws were put in place to prevent any further interruption of nature's natural order.


History would remember this as being humanities finest hour but despite global scrutiny it didn't stop the opposition from attempting to further their personal gain. So instead of abiding by the rules placed on them they decide it was in their best interest to improvise and take their ideas underground in hopes of retaining what little pull they had left. Power they weren't willing to lose even if it meant the world would suffer for it. However the earth's spirit would not be broken and their actions would only inspire her fortitude in putting a stop to their destructive ways. Her name was "Gia" and after it was made clear to her that there was no limit to how far the bottom feeders were willing to go, she felt that it was time for her to intervene. The stakes were high and after having her hand forced she was left with no choice but to summon a group of brave young activists in order to counter this threat. And so 5 rings were granted to them and each possessed a variety of elements at their disposal.

Earth, Fire, Wind, Water and a key element that was required to bring life to a champion they could call on when ever they faced problems that were beyond their control. The element was heart and it was the centerpiece of a faction that would help put a stop to the abuse of these tyrants once and for all. She called them the Planeteer's and with these abilities they were able to stand up to the corruption and finally give the world a fighting chance again. Of course their adversary's defiance led to a long and hard fought battle that would change the fate of the planet forever. And when faced with the possibility of losing the strong hold they possessed they did everything they could to prevent that from happening.

Some believe their desperation brought about the creation of some of the most deadliest creatures and foes the world had ever seen. But somehow the heroes always managed to pull through no matter how difficult the challenge. How ever the very idea that they were teenagers was considered laughable to the villains and usually caused them to foil their propaganda based on the minimal threat they believed them to be. And after using that to their advantage over time they were able to best them and put an end to their reign of destruction. Of course this came at a price and after putting their lives on the line for so many years eventually it dawned on the waned fighters that maybe it was best they relinquish their rings to avoid the risk of it falling into the wrong hands.

The Planeteer's were confident that with Gia watching over the world they could return to their normal lives and only use the rings if they were ever needed again. Of course they were rewarded and recognized world wide for their valiant efforts and yet despite their accolades it never made them feel at ease. So to keep a peace of mind they each made sure to keep a close eye on the world from their homeland just in case things ever got out of hand again. The same way the spirit of the earth did for them only they each did it the only way they knew how to. And that was by excelling in their previous endeavors and reinforcing their responsibilities as activists.

Kwami the leader of the Planeteer's became a spokes man due to the horrors that were taking place from his homeland in Africa. It was his actions that helped inspire the others to keep fighting in their own way and his efforts kept them motivated in the pursuit to over come the world's endless battle against evil. Wheeler an Irish man from New York became a police officer for this reason, Gi from Asia became an animal rights activist to help stop the abuse of marine animal life and an European woman named Linka was recruited to become a spy for the U.N. in order to keep tabs on the villains they used to combat. Sadly Ma-Ti is the only one of the group who had suffered from the break up after he is forced to return to South America and take on an overwhelming spur of construction companies alone.

Due to the collapse of world wide economies the forests become more at risk then ever all due to financial demand. The printing of money and corporate expansion led to South American villages being wiped out as his people are forced out of their homes and left with no choice but to scour the lands for a new place to live. He manages to muster up outside help from activist from different parts of the world to create protests in a desperate attempt to stop this. But despite risking life and limb their minor efforts of tying themselves to trees to prevent bull dozing of what was left of the remaining Forrest life did little to change things. And it was in the midst of this struggle were he ended up losing his closest chimp friend Suchi to an ancient tree that had been knocked over on him during a large dispute with a heckled Lumberjack.


The heartbreaking loss was enough to break his spirit and finish what seemed to be an endless attempt to counter the threat that was posed to his people. So the former Planeteer did thee unthinkable and excluded himself from the fight for his homeland - never to be seen again.

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This was made to give a small example of the dramatic and keen mold of novels that is currently in the works and apart of the 10 year assorted genre movement that i have set into motion. A big part of why alltheeabove has been created as the future showcase site and home for what will be the line up of books coming to all eyes near you. Stay Posted!

Captain Planet and The Planeteers is the creation of Cartoon Network and i am in no way nor do i claim to be its creator. I wrote this story as a fan to share to my audience what ideas could have manefested from the series.

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