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The Guardian Knight

Novel By: Argetlam
Action and adventure

The story itself will take time, but here is the character list and a list of the different creatures. The picture is a cover made by an author on this site you would know as VoiceOfZora. View table of contents...



Submitted:Dec 23, 2011    Reads: 26    Comments: 1    Likes: 2   

Raphael (Ra fie el')
He is a knight and a Guardian. He is elven. He is loyal, protective, strong, patient, kind, generous, etc...Basically he is a
traditional knight. Everything you think of when you think knight in shining armour, that's what he is. He cares for
five dragons he has cared for since they were hatched. He doesn't actually reside in the castle like most knights,
because he feels unworthy of that title. He lives in a clearing in the center of a forest, in a cabin. He has a well-built
body, and tanned skin. Think blacksmith's physique. He has long black hair, deep blue eyes, and a deep voice smooth as butta.
Slayde (slayd')
He is Raphael's commander. He is human. He is protective, especially of his daughter. He is kind and strict. He has short,
shaggy silvery hair. His eyes are a very light blue color. He is tanned, but just enough to darken his complexion to the point
he does not look snowy. :) He is strong and agile for his age, which is about 50 years old.
Obsidian (ahb sid' ee an)
He is the eldest of the dragons that Raphael cares for, and loyal to the end. He has a bad temper when threatened or angered,
but he is usually good natured. True to his name, he is black as obsidian. His eyes are deep red. He is very strong, even for a dragon.
He is also the largest of the five dragons Raphael cares for.
Scylla (Skee' la)
The second eldest of the five, white as snow with golden-yellow eyes. She is a very caring dragon.
Has sort of a mother-like personality.
Anwen (ahn' wen)
A child dragon. Smallest of them all and very self-conscious. She, like the other two small dragons, is very curious...
sometimes to a fault. Her scales are red and her eyes are silver.
Amatae (Ah' ma tay)
Another child. Eldest of the three young ones. Purple like amethyst, with light blue eyes.
Mykel (Mee kel')
The youngest but not smallest of the dragons. Dark blue, black eyes.
Omak (Oh' mahk)
An orc-like race, with horns and sometimes tusks when adulthood is reached.
Srylkin (Shril' kin)
Shadowy creatures of the night. Much like a wraith, looks like a banshee, with a touch of human mixed in. Mysterious
and mischivous. They have many powers unknown to most.
They are like knights, but a little different. They are my own spin on guardian angels. They answer to a group of
leaders called "the elders". The guardian angels are the lower ranking guardians. They're sort of like "rookies".
They are sent out on assignments to stop or prevent different problems. The Arch Angels are like an elite group.
Each of them is assigned to a specific person to keep them out of danger. Those in less danger than others will
have a guardian (rookie) as their guardian angel. Most of the time their charges don't know they are guardians,
but accidents happen. Especially if they are in a LOT of danger. Obviously, they have wings like a dove's but
appropriately proportioned to their bodies, as is the traditional image of angels. There ARE both male and female
guardians, but the females are a minority. These guardians are chosen when they are born, but are not told or given
wings until they reach the age of 13. Then they are, of course, trained once they do become a Guardian. Guardianship
is not hereditary. The elders have the power to see the future, but it is hazy. Basically they can predict how a
person will be (that's how they choose guardians), but nothing specific. It is a very difficult thing to predict
specific instances, so they generally can just know when something bad is going to happen,how bad it will be,
and where. Their weak spot is the area on their back between their wings. When pressed upon, the victim will
experience a state much like catatonia, except they are aware of their surroundings. This is so that if a guardian
violates their creed (basically the same rules a knight must follow....basically: don't be mean, don't be evil sort
of thing...) or goes rogue, they can be expelled from guardianship by the following process. The guardian is laid on
the ground on their bellies. The person charged with expelling said guardian will then step and press upon the spot
on their backs between the wings. This will virtually paralyze temporarily the guardian. Then the expellor will
grab both of the guardian's wings, the source of their powers (they are magical creatures), and pull, effectively
ripping off the wings. This will leave a guardian weak and vulnerable until they heal, then they will go back to
being a normal elf or human or whatever they were. If this procedure is performed on a guardian who is of pure heart
and has not violated the rules, he will generally regrow the wings, but until then, he is vulnerable and weak. This
spot on the back is very sensitive to both positive and negative feelings. If struck, it will cause the guardian to
experience extreme pain, but if it is massaged, for instance, it will feel better than any sensation would otherwise.
The story still needs work but I will post the first chapter ASAP. :)


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