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All connected, but yet different.
4 individuals' lives are about to change, but for the better or worse? View table of contents...


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The last thing Dan could remember before it all went dark, was the quiet whimper of a girl and the overpowering stench of the foul water that covered his ankles. Dan could remember the cackle that followed the darkness, he wouldn't forget how depressed that made him feel.

"He should be Ok, nothing too serious, slight concussion but nothing a little rest can't cure" A female voice calmly said, "Although, I wouldn't advise crawling through sewers again young man". Dan opened his eyes and was surprised that he was lying in a hospital bed, the white walls seemed to be intensified by the sun, which made them near blinding. "You're awake now, Dan, you may need to stay over night again, just so we can run diagnostics, is that ok?" the calm voice of the nurse said to him, Dan nodded and fell back onto the pillow, what had happened?

Dan woke up several hours later, he assumed it was night as his curtains were closed and no one was moving or talking, he got out of his bed and moved towards the window. Outside he could see the bright moon shining up the sky. A searing pain in his hand stopped his daydreaming, he screamed out in pain and then collapsed onto the floor.

• • •

Ava looked down on her torch, worried it would fail on her and she would be left in the dark....alone. She was slowly creeping through what seemed to be a sewer system, her best friend had gone in alone and she had been forced to follow him...at least that's what she kept telling herself. The actual reason was because of her curiosity, her friend had said he needed something from inside, but Ava wasn't convinced and had crept inside. Only a few minutes ago Ava dropped her torch in the murky water because someone's laugh had echoed down the tunnel and then moments later she heard a cry of pain and dashed towards where she heard the cry. "Look, you don't know who I am" A voice shouted out "Let me go or you will all be out of a job!" Ava looked above her and noticed she was below a lab of some sorts, she pushed the cover up and quietly sneaked out, "No, don't activate it!" the voice shouted, then an electric blue light blinded Ava. When vision returned to her she noticed she was still in the lab, but she was in a cage, the blue light was creeping towards her cage, "So, feel you can spy on us, is it?" a short man yelled, he had little hair and any hair he did have was stuck to his hair in an unstylish way, he pulled a lever and Ava could feel herself shaking uncontrollably, "Wait, someone is in the cage? Shit, the she got away, I can't cancel the phase" the short man said angrily. The last thing Ava heard was the evil laugh of man and a voice screaming in pain.

♦ ♦ ♦

"So, feel you can spy on us is it?" Maurcio yelled, Aurora noticed a girl inside the electro cage, she could see the tears rolling down her face in fear, "Wait, someone is in the cage" Maurcio shouted, Aurora took this chance and leaped elegantly over the large window that covered the lab, she began to climb the large tower that would lead to her objective, "Shit, the she got away" Maurcio's voice was quieter now, Aurora was glad that Maurcio wouldn't hear her giggle. Aurora dug the metal claw into the top of the tower, a rope was released from the claw and Aurora began to climb the tower. When Aurora got to the top, she rested her muscle and sat down, her feet dangling over the ledge, "If I were to fall now...." She said to herself, Aurora heard Maurcio laugh as a bright blue light was emitted from the electro lab. A tear left Aurora's face as she imagined the scared girl....now dead, but Aurora didn't have time to feel sorry, she threw the metal claw down the tower, holding onto the rope as it fell. Aurora was surprised when the rope began to melt into a blue goo, then she noticed that she was also melting away into goo, "Central...please come in, I need imed--" Aurora was cut off as her mouth melted and fell down the tower.

* * *

"Please, Dad, let me go with you!" Leo shouted at his ignorant father; His dad was once again going into the deeps of his work place, "Look, people have been going missing from that factory, I'm worried about you Dad" Leo jumped in front of the door, not allowing his father to pass, "Look, son, I know you're worried, but I own the place, if I don't go, what will that do to the factory and, plus your mother will be worried if you don't go home" Leo's father answered back, Leo sadly moved out of the way of the door, "thank you" his father said as he punched in the passcode to open the door, "see you at dinner" his father shouted. Before the door locked, Leo jumped through the small gap and waited for his father to go into his office, Leo followed the sound of intelligent voices, left,left,right,left. Soon Leo forgot which way he had gone, "Oi, what you doin' in here, sound the alarm, we have an intruder!" a voice shouted from behind him, Leo began sprinting around corners, he took a left but then nearly fell over when three guards appeared, Leo skidded around and contiued running until he fell off a balcony. Leo's body was floating, "How come I have'nt hit the floor?" Leo shouted "Look, you don't know who I am, let me go or you will all be out of a job!". Two pipes that were by the side of him opened up, Leo thought he saw the silhoutte of a girl climb into the room that was opposite this one, "No, don't activate it!" the panicked voice of one of his father's co-workers yelled. Two balls of blue light escaped from the pipes and spun around Leo, they slowly edged closer, until the colided into each other, the only problem: Leo was in the middle of the two balls. Leo screamed in pain, until his body completely turned to dust.

"So....Who's going to tell the boss" A scientist awkwardly said after the dust hit the floor.


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