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Re-uploaded due to technical issues

A 15-year-old boy has been frozen 100 years into the future to kick-start life...but can he do it alone with an unknown world facing him? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jan 14, 2012    Reads: 20    Comments: 1    Likes: 0   

--Chapter 1--

"Carson! We need to activate it now, or else he will die!"Professor Claude shouted towards his lousy excuse of an assistant Peter Carson, "Sorry Sir, I've never worked under these conditions before...I mean cryogenic freezing...It may be the greatest step that we have taken! Imagine, a primitive time mach--" Carson began before a wave of Claude's hand made him stop, "Just give me the stabilizing solution or we may lose him...forever!". Carson briefly danced about the cramped Lab and finally found a vial of fusicia liquid and then quickly ran over to the cryogenic chamber, then he poured the vial into a small tank that was by the side of the tank...He then stepped back and admired his and his boss' work..."and three months ago I was just a lowly mechanic" he quietly said to himself, then he jumped back to work and began typing up complex equations on the rusted computer that was on a desk outside the chamber. A rotating picture of the human that was inside the tank showed up the screen, small parts of the body flashed red, "Sir, his blood level is stable, but I'm concerned about how his nervous system will last in there...It's already decaying and he has been in there for 2 hours" Carson shouted towards his boss. Claude ran over and observed the computer, before running off in a different direction and then re-appearing with a vial of purple liquid, he then went on and poured it into the tank. The flashes of red began to slow before completely disappearing. "Carson! Is everything ready? We need to activate this before it's too late!" Claude shouted out, a small shout gave the O.K and Claude approached the tank, "Here, I know you can't hear me but, I want you to have this" Claude put a bright orange jewel in the hands of the human, he wrapped a note around the jewel and closed the tank, he stepped back. "Professor Claude! Come out with your hands up! Your are breaching MI5 rules, If you don't come out soon we will have to get in by force! A voice shouted with a cascade of thumps, "Carson, go out the back, I will take the fall for us...deadlock the chamber, no one must interrupt...It may save the world" Claude shooed Carson off and then approached the thick metal door...and stepped out.

Carson entered the chamber room and typed on his computer, "Right, so, he needs to wake up in 1000 years" He typed in some digits "And...deadlock will activate in 3 minutes" He then collected his stuff and made his way towards the back entrance, closing the door behind him. But if Carson had looked back, even for a second, perhaps he would have noticed the large shadow that was emitting from the chamber...maybe he would have seen the mistake he had made on the computer...It should have read: '1000:59:04' but instead it read: '10000:59:04'. Or even if he had simply double checked the equipment he would have seen that the deadlock wouldn't activate for another 3 days...


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