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After surviving a natural disaster, Yankee, must search for his daughter, while fighting off smugglers, the natural elements and a population of people turned insane and cannibalistic because of a mercury vein that had split open. And while a secret organisation set up camp in the chaos, with a horrible goal!

Will he survive? Can he keep his sanity long enough to save his daughter? WARNING:MAY CONTAIN SOME STRONG VIOLENCE!

PLEASE COMMENT ON THIS NOVEL. You can help me to write this story, just comment me with Ideas or what you want to do with a character. I shall read all the comments and try to comment back. View table of contents...


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The next day Almon came to fetch me. Susan greeted him and invited him in. I didn't allow her to go to school for obvious reasons. It was still raining.

"Hey, Almon, what this? Checking up on me?" I asked.

"No, I need your help to pull the plug." He said.

He had only used that expression once before, and that was when I had to sink an old fishing boat. I knew what I was going to do today. Susan brought him coffee.

"And the evidence?" I asked.

"Safely on board." was his casual reply as he looked at the coffee with a far away expression.

I nodded and grabbed my coat. I held it in my hands but I gave it to Susan. She wasn't going to stay alone at home for awhile. So I followed her and Almon out of the door.

"So you'll finally see what your father does for a living, right?" Almon said to Susan.

"No, he had brought me there before, after Mother died." She replied.

Almon stayed silent. He didn't want to press to subject any further. Luckily we arrived at the docks. As we entered we saw French and Reynard arguing with each other, pointing at each other, then at the objects rapped in cloth beside them. Almon went up to them to find out what was wrong. I led Susan to Almon's office. It was still in the same state that I last saw it. We waited there for Almon. French and Reynard were still arguing when Almon kicked one of the objects into the ocean. All the objects were connected to each other with a chain, so all the objects followed the first object into the blue. Reynard and French still argued even after the last object disappeared under the surface of the sea. Almon returned to us.

"What was that all about?" I asked.

He looked at Susan and shook his head at me. He entered his office, stopped in the middle of the floor and pulled an old wooden plank out of the way. It revealed a secret compartment. Out of this compartment he produced two old leather bags and a small device.

"Here you go and don't drop it." He gave one of the bags to Susan.

He gave me the other bag and the device. We exited his office and walked to a fishing boat that French prepared for us before he started to argue with Reynard. I told Susan that she should stay on this boat and wait with Almon. And I took the bag from her. I continued on until I came on the deck of the container ship from yesterday. Several men greeted me as I came onboard.

"Had you been briefed?" I asked them.

"Briefed, what the hell does "briefed" mean?" One of them asked me, in a british accent.

"Were you told why you are here?"

They all said yes, so I continued to the bridge followed by three of the men. This was the crew that was going to steer this big ship out of the harbor. After half an hour of sailing they stopped the ship. We were far enough from the harbor for me to finish the job. We dropped anchor. It was still raining. The fishing boat came in to pick up the crew and I disappeared below deck to the engine room. I took the two bags I've been carrying off my shoulders, opened them and took out the timed plastic explosives. I placed them strategically throughout the ship. I placed the last one of the explosives. Then I placed the frequency of the explosives into the device. It was a dead-man's detonator. The fishing boat came to pick me up. When we were far enough, I gave the detonator to Susan and she eagerly pressed it. Nothing happened.

"Tell me those weren't duds..."

French started to saying when several explosions torn open the hull of the ship and it started to sink. It was still raining. I brought me hand up to shield my eyes from the light of the blast. We returned to the shore and I, with Susan's help, started with that day's work. One time she had my welding-kit, I took her hand and showed her how to weld. She started laughing when the first sparks were flying. She was like a small child again. The rain hadn't stopped, not even little. After getting home, it started pouring. French had to stay with us because his place had flooded.

"All my stuff. Everything. Its all gone to shit!" he said.

"Hey, watch you language in front of Susan!" I said angrily.

"Oh shit, sorry." He replied.

All I could do was sigh. She was reading her book in the corner.

"Don't worry dad, You've said worst things before." she said still reading.

"Yeah, but stopped for your sake."

"Think the rain will stop, 'morrow" French asked, looking out of the window.

"Doubt it. Press says it's gonna go on for at least a week." I said and turned to Susan.

Pointing at her I said: "And you better get to bed. You have school tomorrow."

"Aa, dad. I'm traumatised!" she replied.

"So am I everyday when you're home, but that doesn't stop me from going to work."

"Come on dad, please, I ..."

"At school you will be safe. That is, if you go to the school building and sit in it's desks, not gallivanting with smuggler boys." I said angrily. "Now get to bed!"

She then took her book and went upstairs to her room.

"Wasn't that a harsh?" French asked.

"I kept her home for four days already. If I keep her any longer she might have trouble getting back on track with the schoolwork." I aid to him.

"Can I ask a favor of you?" I asked French.

"Sure" he said.

"Can you take Susan to school tomorrow? She is still going to be mad at me."

"Sure." His mind was not with him.

"Thanks. And tell Almond that I may be late."

"Sure..... Wait, what...Why?" he said, a surprised expression on his face.

I whispered: "It's Susan's birthday tomorrow and I what to get the place ready before she gets home. A surprise party, if you will."

"A surprise party for Susan!" he said aloud.

"Shhhhh!" I said, with my index finger on my lips.

"Oh shit, sorry." He whispered. She probable heard that but I hoped not.

"Now, shut you trap about this and sleep, you stupid." I couldn't contain my smile.

After that I went upstairs to check up Susan. Her bedroom light was off but under the duvet, sure enough, was Susan, with a flashlight, reading her book. I sneaked into the room, took the tip of the duvet and yanked it off.

"What are you doing?" I said, the duvet in my hands. "I was...it is...." she tried to explain. "Give me that." I said and took the book, placing it on her bedside table.

"Now, go to sleep. Tomorrow is a busy day."

"Especially your's, dad." She said as she turned onto her side and went to sleep.

I smiled and pulled the duvet over her. After kissing her on her head, I went to my room and went to sleep.

After Susan and French left for school, I started with the decorations. I placed the "Your-17" banners all over the house. It stopped raining.


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