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After surviving a natural disaster, Yankee, must search for his daughter, while fighting off smugglers, the natural elements and a population of people turned insane and cannibalistic because of a mercury vein that had split open. And while a secret organisation set up camp in the chaos, with a horrible goal!

Will he survive? Can he keep his sanity long enough to save his daughter? WARNING:MAY CONTAIN SOME STRONG VIOLENCE!

PLEASE COMMENT ON THIS NOVEL. You can help me to write this story, just comment me with Ideas or what you want to do with a character. I shall read all the comments and try to comment back. View table of contents...


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Chapter 3

Suddenly it happened: The house shook as I stumbled towards the door. It shook so violently that I fell more than a dozen times before I reached the front door. The water was flowing over the floor and causing a small waterfall to form on the 2 steps at the front door. I stumbled towards the door, falling right in front of the steps. Using the open door as an anchor, I pulled myself up, looking down at the floor until I reached my full height. Then I looked up. A wall of water was racing towards me. It smashed into me, flinging me towards the back of the house.It sent me crashing through the window into the side-alley.With a struggle, I broke the surface of the water and was breathing air again. The water continued it's journey down the alley. The water turned me around, just in time to see a Volkswagen Beetle's headlights smash into me. My lights were out.

"French, what is your real name?" Susan asked.

"There you go, walked you all the way to school without getting in to a fight.That's a new record for me." French said.

"French, did you hear me?" Susan asked.

"Oh, look at that! I've never see'd one of them before!" He said gesturing to the school bus.

"A bus?" Susan looked very confused.

"What? No, the dog on the bus." He pointed at the advertisement on the side of the bus.

"O.K.,"She id hesitantly,"but really now, I've known you of years and I still don't know your name." She persisted.

"Yes you do. My name is Uncle French.And that is all you need to know." He then hugged her and kissed her lightly on the forehead,

"Have a nice day,kid"

"Thanks, French" she replied and climbed onto the bus.

Her water bottle felt out just as the doors closed. French picked it up, and looked at the bus that was starting to leave.

"It hadn't left yet. He thought. If I ..." He thought.

And with that, he started to run after the bus. The bus was getting away.

"Oh shit, it's gaining speed!" He thought and increased his speed to full sprint.

The bus was still getting away.Susan was talking to her friends when she saw French through the back window.She excused and went to the back of the bus, to the back door. She started to pick the lock with the lock-picks I gave her for her twelfth birthday.She couldn't help but smile, because I was the only dad she knew who gave his daughter lock-picks as a birthday present. She finished picking the lock and waited. The bus slowed as the neared the stop-sign.Only when it stopped did she flung open the door. The open door helped French get in, but because he was running at full speed, he was unable to slow down fast enough and decided to dive into the bus. And he did dive into the bus, but he dived straight onto a girl who was standing in the aisle.

"Sorry" he said to the girl as he helped her back to her feet. She just shook her head and left for the front of the bus.The security-man on the bus came with a tazergun. French stood ready for him. The He dove behind a pair of seats just as the man fire the gun.The wires embedded themselves in the seat and the shock burned the fabric. "Now's my chance" French thought and sprinted down the ail, tackling the man. The driver suddenly applied the brakes, sending French and the man sliding into the dashboard. French pinned the man down and hit the man, in the face, with his fist repeatedly until the man lost consciousness. He then punched the sawn-off shotgun,that the driver had produced from the side of his seat, out of the driver's hand, into the aisle.

Meanwhile, truck driver, that was coming in behind the bus, wasn't paying attention and crashed into the truck, sending French flying back into aisle.The driver of the bus climbed out of his seat, and was advancing towards French. The driver was a beast of a man. His shoulders was almost as wide as the bus. French jumped up. "Listen, can't we talk about this?" French asked. He just grunted and swung a fist at French. French dodged the swing and planted a punch in the his face. The driver just grunted again and send a punch into French's stomach. French collapsed onto the floor. As French was laying on the floor, he saw the shotgun. He grabbed it and slammed the pistol-grip of the gun into the driver's family jewels. The driver collapsed onto French in pain. French wiggled himself out from under the the driver and pulled himself up, using a bus-seat. The passengers on the bus was staring at him, wide-eyed.

"Guess it's true. He could be the biggest, toughest man you'll ever fight, but one swift hit in the balls and he's a bag of pudding." He said to driver.

He unloaded the shotgun and lightly threw the shells to the driver.

"Is it always this hard the to get onto the bus?" He asked Susan, who had stood up from her seat and walked towards him.

She just laughed at him. He then remembered why he was here in first place. He looked all around him for it. He searched under the closest seats. He went to the front of the bus to see if it was there. And it was under the pedals. He picked up the water-bottle. As he came up, something caught his eye. It was under the steering-wheel. He reached for it. It was a small plastic bag with some white powder in it.

"Well," he said looking at the man, whom he had hit unconscious,"no wander you didn't want any-one else in front".He then gave Susan her bottle and kneeled by the driver.

"I gauss this aren't sugar?" He said to the driver.

The driver spat into his face. French grabbed the driver's head and pressed his thumb into the driver's eye. The driver yelled in pain.

"Because of this!",French said, bringing the white powder to the other eye, "You placed, not only yourself, but a friend of mine's daughter in harms way, every day, you fu...".

A violent tremor came through the ground. He and the driver lost their balance. As he stood back up, he saw the wall of water. It smashed into the bus. French hit the side of a seat, and lost consciousness.


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