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Calling All Assassins 2: The Gentlemen Assassins

Novel By: Artemis Lykaios Nightshade
Action and adventure

Say hello to the new assassins, they are diffrent than what you would expect from many assassins, they are The Gentlemen Assassins and welcome to Sayon, a world where the past, present, and future meet. Where dragons and griffins roam the sky. This is the start of a new journey for our assassins, a matter of life and death. I am Xander and this, is the near end View table of contents...


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"Sir, Dagrun," One of Dagrun's henchmen called out. When he approached his master, he bowed in respect.

Dagrun was the nost ruthless, merciless, unforgiving man in Thystra and every other worlds alike. He held coldness, lust for destruction and blood in his eyes. He now rules Thystra as their "king".

"What?" He asked, his tone impaitent.

"I came to inform you that he is dead sir. They killed him." He said, trying to calm his voice and not show any sign of fear. Dagrun hated that.

Turning away from the man, Dagrun looked out into the horizon of his falling world with his hands behind his back.

"So I've heard. We must not underestimate an assassin or many. But they haven't met me." He said, with a grin that could even send the most fearsome man on his knees.

Hesitation filled the man's mind as he took a deep breath. "She is also with them. Zarina."

Using his powers, Dagrun snapped the man's neck killing him. Turning around and walking towards him, not feeling at least a bit sorry or 'gretful, Dagrun looked down at the now motionless, dead man.

"So she is. Well I will not be here Zarina." He said, walking outside to inform his men.

"Where are we going sir?" One of them asked, preparing for the voyage ahead.

Turning his head away from the man, Dagrun thought then finally said, "Sayon".


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