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Calling All Assassins Book 1: The Callings

Novel By: Artemis Lykaios Nightshade
Action and adventure

This will be their final assassination. My name is Xander, and I am calling...All Assassins. View table of contents...


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Chapter 1

"Hello?" Leighton asked pressing the blue tooth closer to her ear as she waited for the caller to reply. "Hello?" She asked again while putting dishes away; Leighton now worked at a nearby restaurant since there is no one to be assassinated.

Yes, she was an assassin along with some others but they have gone through their separate lives. She didn't know what the otherswere doing or how are they were doing.

Still not replying, Leighton decided to end the call but then a male's voice comes in, preventing her.

"Don't hang up Leighton." The man stated, making Leighton stop, she was done anyways so returning her apron to her manager, then headed out into the blazing sun.

"What do you want?" Leighton asked the same time she opened the door, hertone sounded very annoyed.

"You and I know exactly what I want. Now, you know who this is and I want you to go to where we've first met. I'll call the others as well you do not need to worry so." The man explained before he let her protest or ask questions, he hung up.

Pressing on the blue tooth, Leighton sighed and started walking towards the destination of where he and Leighton first met.

'Why? Out of all these years did he call me back?' She thought but continued walking, leaving her car behind.


Spinning around in his chair while listening to some music, Uruvion stopped when he thought he heard his phone ring.

Uruvion kicked to floor towards the phone to answer the call, "yes?" He asked after pressing the speaker button.

"Uruvion meet me where we have first met. Leighton is on her way." The same man who spoke to Leighton explain to him without giving him time to say anything.

The impression on Uruvion 's face were both curious and concerned. Pressing the speaker button again, the blonde haired man got up and put on leather gloves before heading out.


Walking together into a coffee shop, Kaito and Hall, were both stopped dead in their tracks by two very large,muscularmen.

"What?" Kaitosaid, his tone calm but deadly.Hall looked up at the two men slightly, he was only a few inches shorter than those two men; before he could speak his peice, the two suddenly grabbed Kaito and Hall. Swinging them over their shoulders like bags of potatoes.

"I feel awkward." Hall explained as one of the men explains in a whisperthat their bosswas waiting for them plus the others.They were not to say a word until they all have fully arrived.

Shrugging their shoulders, the two resisted and let themselves be carried away to wherever they were going.


Leighton arrived an hour earlier and was sipping on some tea in a small café like room. But she wasn't alone no; Uruvion was their but in a different room.

When Kaito, Hall, and the two men finally arrived at their destination, the two men put them down and guide them inside.

Leighton arrived an hour earlier and was sipping on some tea in a small café like room. But she wasn't alone no; Uruvion was their but in a different room.


"Wait here while we get the others." One of the two men stated letting Kaito and Hall examine the room they were in.

'Why are we here? Why are we at this place again?' Kaito thought looking outside with his legs spread out a bit and his hands behind his back.

Seeing the suspicion on his face, Hall began to think of some answers that might be true, but none of them seem right to him so kept quiet.


Meanwhile at the café, one of the men who took Kaito and Hall informed that two others are waiting for her.

"First off, who are you?" Leighton asked standing her guard.

"You know or do you not remember?" He said with a small grin but Leighton looked at him in a confused way.

"I'm Thatcher! You remember now?" Thatcher said, nearly shouting. Looking at him in an odd way, Leighton's impression then turned into stone.

"Yes, unfortunately I remember. I also remember that you once tried your hardest to kill me and my comrades." Leighton explained, following Thatcher to the other room where Hall and Kaito are.


"My friend will get Uruvion, you don't need to worry." Thatcher explained when they got half way to the room.

Leighton at first doubts that but by the tone of his voice, he wasn't kidding so Leighton had no choice but to believe him.


Harailt and Iain both walk into where Uruvion was and stop in their tracks to see a snoring Uruvion.

"He… snores?" Iain asked raising an eyebrow in confusion.

"Apparently yes." Harailt explained with an annoyed sigh as the two try and wake him up.

"Have you ever considered that he is a dead sleeper?" Iain asked giving up a bit.

Nodding his head, Harailt went to the one person who could wake him, Hall.

Hall and Uruvion are step-brothers and Hall was the only person who could wake Uruvion up when he is dead asleep.

Uruvion could sleep for hours and when he does, he forgets everything; to eat, to wake, heck to do anything.


When Harailt arrived where Kaito, Hall, and Leighton are, he noticed that Thatcher was there too, watching over them like a father watching closely at his children while they socialize.

"Hall, we need you. Uruvion won't awaken." Harailt explained walking away not bothering to see if Hall would follow.

'Every time!' Hall thought, running up to catch up to him. The others stayed, they were not needed.


"URUVION THIS IS HALL AND I COMMAND YOU TO WAKE UP NOW!" Hall yelled out making his step-brother jump out of his "bed".

Glaring at his brother ice cold, Uruvion started yelling back causing a small riot.

Harailt had to call out to Iain for reinforcements.

Harailt took Hall while Iain took Uruvion and they drag the two to the other room despite all the struggles by them.


When they finally arrived, the two have calmed down and when Uruvion saw Leighton and Kaito, his jaws dropped as far as he could.

"Hi Uruvion, did he call or drag you here?" Leighton asked jokily making Uruvion stammer an answer that anyone could hardly understood.

"So what are we doing here anyways?" Kaito asked.

Harailt, Iain, and Thatcher said nothing to explain why they were here but simply left to the door behind them, leaving the four alone but together for the first time in a long time.


When Harailt, Iain, and Thatcher finally arrive, the four notices that there's an addition. This man wore a black trench coat, sunglasses, black gloves, and a white collared shirt which is tucked inside his dark jeans which looked worn out.

When Kaito noticed the additional, he started glaring and demanded what he wanted but the man didn't reply.

"What do you want Xander?" Kaito asked again nearly yelling.

Taking his glasses off, Xander, as he's called looks at each of the four and smiles that didn't reach his eyes and never will.

"Your question will be answered later." Xander explained but Kaito demanded to know the answer now.

Sighing, Xander turned his back on him and said, "More of your question will be answered but this is all I could say my boy."

"Quit saying that." Kaito stated getting even more irritated.

Not turning around, Xander smiles again and continued to what he was saying, before he was interupted.

"All that I could say is, Kaito, Leighton, Uruvion, and Hall is that… I'm calling all assassins once more." Xander explained, then he and his three henchmen walked away leaving the four with all sorts of questions on their minds.


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