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This is the end for Thystra, there is no more hope for it, this will be the final battle, the final war. The world will fall and many will die, brothers against brothers, and the true reign of terror shall rise to the max. This is the end for our assassins, their kin, and Thystra. Are you ready to meet the end? View table of contents...


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The end was drawing near. All creatures, all assassins that were once her enemy have all now gathered, including her split father, Dagrun. This will be the day, her world, their world, will be destroyed along with them.

Zarina, the Marionette Omen Master of Thystra, continued to stare out into the horizon not bothering to see whose footsteps it was, approaching to her. She knew who it was.

"Zarina, what are we to do about the children? You know they are all too young to fight and to die so young and in a battle meant to destroy the world along with us, the children have no need to be apart of this." Zendaya, her twin sister, stated quietly.

Zendaya looked out where her sister was looking and looked down to notice three guys. Two twin boys and an older whose arms were crossed, an impression on his face that reminded everyone of Zarina in her time of vengence. She giggled silently.

"I will think of something Zen but for now, I must go meet with Daltus and Dagrun. Our father." The female Thystran said as she began to walk away from her twin who kept looking down at the boys.


Raxton still couldn't believe Locke had convinced his wife, Zarina, that he could stay in with them. Him, being the younger brother of Colvane and son of Keiros, the most feared man in Thystra, it's hard, difficult, to gain anyone's trust without having to bleed to death, and that's what happened to him with Zarina.

Though Zarina and Jaxe, her son, both are still cautious about being here under the same roof as them all, Locke is fair, the twins love him, Daltus and Dagrun found him useful, but what about Zendaya?

The thought of her, the image of her, made his heart stop then race ten times more and his mind wander in all diffrent places.

With her now in his mind, he began to go into a trance, a deep trance. He didn't even notice Locke coming in the room and trying to snap him out of it.

"Thystra to Raxton!" Locke finally shouted, making Raxton jump and rub his ears. The blond haired dragon assassin smirked a bit. "Welcome home my friend. Was it her you were thinking of?"

Raxton said no word but blushed a denying blush.

"I have just one thing for you. You are walking on very thin ice with her and below are the burning fires of Hell. She still does not know whether Samson still feels for her or not. So I suggest you tread very lightly, you do know what you are up against." Locke said turning his heel and walking towards his son, Osirus who was calling out to him, sobbing.

Raxton nodded slowly, Zendaya was now the Great Divider and Zarina was the Marionette Omen Master, them two together are highly dangerous and just as frightening as his father and their mother if combined.


Dagrun paced back and forth in the room, waiting for his daughter to arrive. How they manage to crossover, forget about their feud, and work together was beyond him.

Not stopping his pace, he heard the doors flying open and footsteps approaching. A sly smile formed on his face.

"I was beginning to think you would abandon your post Zarina." He said, hearing the doors close with a loud "click". The young Thystran who resembled his looks very closely stood by his side when he stopped pacing.

"You underestimate me father," She said, receiving a chuckle from him. "Let's go, what are of the plans?"

Dagrun turned his attention to his daughter, a look of concern in his eyes. He knew what she wanted to do to destroy Thystra and Keiros but it was far too dangerous, even for him.

"You are not going to do it, I forbid you as your father." He deadpanned.

Zarina looked at him, "it may be our only hope, you know and I know, Keiros is powerful, just as powerful as Zephaniah. I will promise you this, I will not summon until we know for certain it's our only hope".

The man nodded but still, crossing his arms over his chest, he knew, summoning all seven then dividing will not only cause Thystra to fall, be destroyed, but not never return for the next generation of Thystrans.


Zendaya invited herself down to the where Orias and Jaxe where. When Jaxe saw her, he glared at her like he does to everyone then walks out of the room.

Orias on the other hand, came crawling to Zendaya and planted himself right beside her, wrapping his arms and legs around her leg. Zendaya looked down at the boy and smiled a smile that reminded her and the rest of Zephaniah.

She bent down and picked up the little boy resembling his father Locke and sent him flying up in the air, catching him when he began to fall. The joy of flying made him giggle and squeal.

Zendaya didn't hear the door open and another cry of joy coming in tune with Orias'. She stopped to see Osirius, Locke, and Raxton. She looked at Raxton and forgot about the playtime with Locke's third son. She set him down so he could crawl to his father.

"Raxton." She acknowledged as Locke left the room with his sons so they can be alone together but before he left, a smile formed in his hazel/golden eyes.

"Zendaya," Raxton repeated and took a step closer to her but still keeping a few spaces between them. "You look just like your mother, well maybe a bit more beautiful."

Taken aback, Zendaya stared up at him. How dare he tell her she was more beautiful than her mother? Every man in Thystra wanted her mother, only two wanted her. A Thystran and a Sayon. Now one is dead and has been for a while and the other has moved on, forgotten about her which was what she wanted from him.

"You think that?" She asked with both doubt and hope in her lavender eyes. She received a nod and a light kiss on her cheek.


Raxton returned to his room, glad Zarina wasn't there to see him flirt with her sister. He knew how protecive she can be.

The young man ran his fingers through his hair and sighed. He still couldn't believe he actually did it. He finally kissed Zendaya, well sort of but still.

He walked over to his bed and sat on the edge of it, his face buried in his hand, hiding the heat and red color forming.


Daltus stood at the grave stone of his wife. No tears falling down from his eyes as he looked at the name engraved on the stone.

Though he still misses her to this very day, he knew Thystra needed strong warriors, none weak. Giving a last silent good-bye, he departed and towards the house.

Before he could make it even half way there, a sudden flash of blinding light blanket his veiw of the house so close yet so far.

"Damn, what the hell?" He asked himself, using his hand to shield himself from the blinding light.


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