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This is America; land of the free, home of the brave. In four major cities around the country, a criminal organization flourished in its dealings. The Four Aces, as they were known, is probably the biggest multi-generational gathering of gangsters and criminals in the land. They had a finger in almost every business which had to pay them a regular sum of money since the inception of the Aces’ and the business’ new alliance. In return, not the protection that the lowlife scum promised where a rival gang would happily lay waste to the business and the protection would be none the wiser; instead, the Aces provided protection like ‘soldiers’ to guard their investments and their interests. Because, you see, loyalty means everything to them. With the police cracking down on crime lately, they are stepping up their game. They need all the help they can get for one great heist that would earn them their crown.


The Duke of Diamonds (Atlantic City)
The Baron of Spades (New York)
The Lord of Hearts (Miami)
The Bishop of Clubs (Boston) View table of contents...


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For one moment, John was losing himself in her eyes. Then he truly drifted away when their lips touched. He held her neck in his hands as he kissed her and there was no way he could disconnect his passion from the kiss.

AsAileen felt him kiss back, she could feel his hand moving to the back of her neck and rest there. She wanted to stay like this forever but knew it wasn't possible so she decided to enjoy the moment while it last.

This was all he ever could need from her. A kiss. A taste of her lips. Here he was, locking lips with the daughter of his boss who was now missing. Could it have been mistimed? Did John even care anymore what was going on around them? All he seemed to focus on was the kiss. His hands now moved down her back, resting at her waist where he wrapped his arms around her and held her body to his.

The dutchess felt herself being moved closer to him as they kissed. She was kissing one of her father's clients and she knew it but didn't care. She wrapped her arms around his neck and deepened the kiss.

The kiss deepened and John's tongue emerged through his lips and entered her mouth in search for her tongue. He found that he was walking slightly forward and she was going back. Eventually, they'd reach something but at this moment, he only thought of her.

The touch of his silk smooth tongue tingled her own and a slight moan escaped as she was walking back when he walked foward.

He felt her moan against his lips and it only made John deepen the kiss further with his tongue in her mouth. They kept walking until they reached the coffee table, hearing her hit the edge. He put his hands on her hips and lifted her onto the table, their lips still kissing. John then pulled his lips away but only for a little bit while he removed his shirt from his body. He didn't care that she could the scars over his body, he leaned in again and continued to kiss her, his hands on to holding her thighs.

Aileen took the oppertunity when he removed his lips to breath before kissing back. She did notice the scars on his chest but didn't matter to her it meant that he was strong as any true man. Her hands snaked down to his chest and rested there, she also felt his hands on her thighs and couldn't help but feel them tingle.

John's hands now ran up her legs to her waist and then he found her stomach, lifting her top just enough to put his hands over her stomach and felt her skin. Her smooth, flawless skin contrasted to his rough, solid skin. His hands rested on the small of her back, taking hold of her waist in both of his hands.

The dutchess moaned a bit when shefelt his hand run up her thigh and onto her stomach for a bit. She removed herself from the kiss and lifted her shirt up leaving her bra on then she went back and kissed him again.

He continued to kiss, her now nudity meant his hands traversed up her back over her bra. While they kissed, John put his hands on her breasts and gave them a light squeeze.

She felt John's hands lightly squeeze her breasts. She thought this day would have never come and another moan escaped her lips.

Her moans urged John to continue and his own groans were leaving his lips. He took her legs in his hands and coiled them around his waist while he carried her into the bedroom. He laid her down with him over her, still caressing her lips and his hands now on her waist.


Death Bringer/Samuel had now sent them all on a wild goose chase. Police cars were coming right on their tail and when one or more were down, another follows.

"If you hadn't caused a commotion at the bank NONE of this would have happened!" Shadow Rider/Xavier shouted out, taking out his gun and unbuckled himself out of the seatbelt.

Dark Knight/Stacey, no longer drunk, pressed the sun-roof button and stood up after she unbuckled herself, gun cocked and ready. Shadow Rider/Xavier did the same thing as well but he rolled down the side window and leaned out.

When one police car on his side started shooting, Shadow Rider/Xavier ducked back and began shooting until he died, all that was left was the driver. Soon he was eliminated and the car flipped and exploded three others.

"I for one am glad Death Bringer/Samuel caused the commotion. This is fun!" Dark Knight/Stacey shouted, eliminating two police cars with her machine gun.

Death Star/Sarah pressed a button in her car while driving and the headlights flipped and out popped two machine guns. Pressing another button, the machine guns on the headlights started to fire bullets.

She pulled a lever and spikes appeared on all for wheels. One police car drove on Shadow Rider/Xavier's side and jerked his car once causing the vechle to knock out Rider back in the car.

With him blacked out, that gave him and his partner the oppertunity to shoot but little did they know that when Death Star jerked her car, the spikes flattened the tire causing them to spin around and eventually explode when they came in contact with another.

Death Bringer/Samuel lead out a heaving sigh of exhaustion. "I hope Blackjack and Aileen are ina better situation than we are". Soon, he got out of the car from the window and climbed on top of the car.

He waited for just the right moment before jumpping onto a SWAT car where about fourteen SWATs sat, ready to fire. Death Bringer/Samuel fired the first shot and killed one soon the rest heard the gun shot and fired a bigger hole on the roof to kill Death Bringer/Samuel.

He ducked down low and fired in the hole. Half of the SWATs came out and up on the roof, both the SWATs and Death Bringer/Samuel were bulletless so they settled in for a hand-to-hand and knife combat.


With his hands still at her waist and him still on top of her, Aileen lightly traced the scars on his torso. Though he was consider a grunt to many, he was a hero to her and the other Aces.

John kissed where his lips could reach, her lips, down her neck, over her collarbone. His hand ventured down into her trousers and slipped between her legs. He began rubbing her gently, feeling the moisture built on his fingers. Their lips separated but his forehead rested against the side of her head while his fingers entered inside of her.

Aileen felt her body tense and heat up at his solf touch. Her lips parted slightly as a moan escapes her lips. Never, in her entire life would be able to feel this way. She was twenty-one but her caretaker was always onto her about how her body was a temple and how it should be treated by the right man.

If she saw John, Blackjack; she would go balistic.

Aileen's groans added to the hardness growing in his jeans. He removed his hand from her trousers but only to undo the buttons and slide them down her legs. Her underwear followed and his fingers reentered her but continued with increased force.

She felt a slight cool breeze when her pants and underwear were removed down to her legs. When he reentered his fingers inside of her she felt him increase the force thus making her body scream.

John's other hand took her wrist gently and led it to straight to the bulge forming in his jeans. He unzipped his jeans and slid his boxers down, putting her hand on his cock so that she could stroke it while he fingered her.

Feeling his cock, Aileen got the message of what he wanted and began stroking what he pulled out from his pants and boxers. She began to stroke him harder and faster. With her thumb, she brushed the tip of the head.

Now he was moaning and groaning like she was, the other's hand touching each other. He stopped rubbing her and finally took off his jeans and boxers, letting her see his whole cock. He laid down and pulled her on top of him, kissing up her neck to her jawline and caressing her weak spots.

Soon she was on top of John which caused her for a second to let go of his cock. She began to stroke it again and brushed the head with her thumb while moaning as he kissed her neck and caressed her weak spots.

His hands found her breasts again and he returned to her lips, his tongue slithering into her mouth of its own accord. He pinched her nipples as well as squeezing her breasts, enjoying the feel of her tits in his hands.

He soon let go of her breasts and removed his fingers. He rolled on the bed so he was on top of her. John lined his cock up with her pussy before he thrust it into her. He started thrusting relatively slowly, trying to get his full length inside her. His groans could be heard when he kissed her once again.

Aileen felt the length of his cock enter her andhis thrusts. She reached up to his hair and tugged on it.

Her fingers tangled into his hair and his tongue was entwining with hers while his hips thrusted upwards and banged their hips together. He never expected to eventually sleep with the Duke's daughter but he could not resist her. His lips didn't want to let go of hers either, they were just too delicious.

She felt her hips bang with his as he thrusters upwards. She continued to kiss him not wanting withdraw. She was in bed, having sex with her father's client and one of the most dangerous men.

He had to release her lips, still clinging onto her bottom lip just so he could speak. "Aileen...I'm cum...cuming." He mumbled, feeling the semen start to flow down his cock.

Aileen felt his semen flow inside of her. Her body was on fire and felt herself cum as well. She felt her semen leaked out of her vagina and thighs. She was pretty sure he could feel her cum on his cock.

John'ssemen was inside of her before she finished speaking and his thrusts slowed to a halt, coming back to rest on the bed. He was sweaty, exhausted and hot. She'd probably been the most fun he'd had with anyone ever since he abandoned the boundaries of school.

"You're so beautiful." He admitted, looking into her golden eyes, mezmerised.

Aileen felt herself blush as she thanked him and told he was handsome. The two kissed together until they could not kiss any longer.


Death Bringer/Samuel managed to kill four and severly wound three, soon afterwards, Shadow Rider/Xavier woke up from his knock out, and grabbed two guns. One for him and one for his fellow Ace.

"Need a gun?" He asked, throwing Death Bringer/Samuel a gun who smiled and caught it with one hand. Soon, Shadow Rider/Xavier jumped on the roof of the SWAT truck and helped Death Bringer/Bringer kill the remaining SWATs.

The two men fell flat on their stomaches when the driver tried to shake them off. Bringer went sliding down but caught himself by grabbing on. He yelled for Rider to help him up. Crawling towards him, Rider extended his hand out to reach.

Stacey/Dark Knight saw the two men from the window and drove towards them as fast as her car could take. "Guys! Jump!" She shouted out once she was right beside them. The two nodded at each other and Death Bringer/Samuel let go and leaped while Shadow Rider/Xavier stood up steadily and jumped as well.

"Thanks Stacey." Shadow Rider/Xavier said, cocking his gun as well as Death Bringer/Samuel and together they eliminated the driver. Once the driver was killed, the car swirlved around and flipped over a few times until it exploded when it came in contact with another SWAT car.

The two men got in once they hit a red light. Breathing heavily, Rider/Xavier, Bringer/Samuel, and Knight/Stacey all filled their guns with fresh bullets before the light hit green.

"That was a rush." Samuel/Death Bringer said recieving a bunch of nods and agreements from the rest as Stacey made a turn to a motel.


Blackjack and Aileen were cuddled together on the bed and thought about the lust affair the two had together. Blackjack snaked his hand down to the base of her bottom and relaxed them there.

"You know, your father and the other Aces will kill me for doing this." Blackjack said, watching the dutchess's face glow and her eyes brighten.

Aileen nodded in agreement; she knew very well they would kill him for sleeping with her but she will not allow it. They would have to face a full wrath of a dutchess if they dare try and execute him.

"I won't let them kill you John." She stated, resting her head on his chest.

He laced the locks of her hair around his fingers, running his hand down the long length of her hair and looked down at her. "You'd do that for some grunt?" He asked.

Aileen smiled and nodded "I've always had a crush on you ever since you joined the Four Aces. Probably didn't recongize or knew me as the duke's daughter because I was in disguise. So yes, I would."

He never had someone care this much about him before. She was willing to stop the Four Aces from killing him for sleeping with her. That showed how much he meant to her.

"You know that I'd do anything to keep you safe, regardless of what happens to me." He whispered into her ear while rubbing his hands up and down her thigh and kissed her collar bone as well.

She felt herself moan as John caressed her thigh and kissed her collar bone. "I know it's kind of your job as well but I still won't let anything happen to you either." And it was true, she would sell herself to any enemy if anything happened to him. Aileen gave him a hug while still snugged against his chest, giving him comfort and warmth.

Her hug comforted him when he thought of when the Aces found about their affair. What price that he'd have to pay.

"I will follow you to the ends of the Earth." He said, his head falling into a pillow. His drowsiness took control and his eyes began to close.

Aileen smiled against his chest and replied the same thing. She loved him and she showed him how much she loved him through both body and heart. Soon, she drifted off to sleep in John's arms, recoiling in her dreams, what they have done.


Stacey/Dark Knight drove them all to a nearby hotel place. She parked the car in an open parking space. The others got out and headed inside the hotel room. Samuel/Samuel couldn't help but watch how Death Star/Sarah's hip swayed as she walked towards the front desk.

He mentally shook his head out of the trance and lifted his head up. Over at a corner, a couple were fighting over who gets to pay the bill. The argument reminded him so much like him and Xavier/Shadow Rider or sometimes even Stacey/Dark Knight and Xavier/Shadow Rider themselves.

Stacey/Dark Knight and Sarah/Death Star returned to the two men with two diffrent keys, one for the women and one for the men. "Let's go". Sarah/Death Star said, taking the lead towards their room.

The four walked together in the same hallway until they reached their rooms and departed. Stacey/Dark Knight stacked up her beer in the small fridge while Sarah/Death Star went staight towards the bathroom to take a shower. After her shower, Sarah/Death Star came out with a towel wrapped around her moist body. She faced the large mirror in the bathroom and began drying her wet hair.

"I wonder if the boys want to have a drink with us?" Stacey/Dark Knight asked, taking a chug on one of the drinks. Still facing the mirror, Sarah/Death Star nodded. "Sure, why not? Invite them in".

Stacey/Death Star nodded vigrously with a smile as she practially skipped towards the men's room they were staying in. Stopping, the woman knocked on the door. She could hear the shower running and the TV on.

The sound of the water soon died down and Stacey/Dark Knight knocked on the door a couple of times once again. She waited patiently for an answer. She heard the handle of the door turn. The door opened and revealing a wet Xavier/Shadow Rider.

He was wearing nothing but the towel wrapped around his waist to cover his private parts. Even seeing him like this made her flush and her heart stop. She, at first, did not realize he asked her a question until he snapped his fingers in front of her face.

"Stacey, I asked if you needed anything." Xavier/Shadow Rider asked again, grabbing a nearby towel to dry his hair. By that time, Samuel/Death Bringer showed up without a shirt as well but with his black jeans still on and his hands in his pockets, thumbs sticking out and inside the loop-hole of his waist-band.

Stacey/Dark Knight shook her head mentally and out of the trance. "Oh yes, well um. Sarah and I wanted to know if you two would like ot come over for drinks". She waited for the two boys to anwser while listening to the TV.

"Sure, we'll be out in a few." Xavier/Shadow Rider said as the three said a quick see you later.


By the time the two men came in the room where the women were staying, the two were in near drunk. Sarah/Death Star stumbled towards the two men with two full bottles in each of her hand.

"Welcome to the drink off!" She said in a drunk mood. "Take your drinks and drink off!"

Seeing her drunk made Samuel/Death Bringer shook his head. He was practicaly the most mature but even he had wit. He opened his bottle and took a drink. Xavier/Shadow Rider opened his as well but before he could take his drink, Stacey/Dark Knight pulled him to a chair and she sat on his lap. She would never do this if she wasn't as drunk as she was.

Soon enough the two guys became as drunk as the two gals and together, they drank and drank and drank until they fell into a deep sleep on the hard carpet floor.


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