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This is America; land of the free, home of the brave. In four major cities around the country, a criminal organization flourished in its dealings. The Four Aces, as they were known, is probably the biggest multi-generational gathering of gangsters and criminals in the land. They had a finger in almost every business which had to pay them a regular sum of money since the inception of the Aces’ and the business’ new alliance. In return, not the protection that the lowlife scum promised where a rival gang would happily lay waste to the business and the protection would be none the wiser; instead, the Aces provided protection like ‘soldiers’ to guard their investments and their interests. Because, you see, loyalty means everything to them. With the police cracking down on crime lately, they are stepping up their game. They need all the help they can get for one great heist that would earn them their crown.


The Duke of Diamonds (Atlantic City)
The Baron of Spades (New York)
The Lord of Hearts (Miami)
The Bishop of Clubs (Boston) View table of contents...


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Aileen woke up the next morning sunrise with the sun hitting lightly on her face. Moaning and shifting slightly, she fluttered her eyes open like a butterfly's wings. She could vividly remember the chaos happening just yesterday. She hoped everyone was alright and none she held dearly closer than the rest were dead.

Walking down towards the bathroom, Aileen began to wash up her face clean. She looked up at the mirror and she saw Blackjack coming in with a tray for food for breakfast. She was thankful she was dressed but at the same time not.

"We are ready to depart when you are milady." Blackjack stated, being a gentlman and looking over at the clock above her.

The Duchess nodded and watched as he turns to leave, "excellent, I shall be back in a bit. John"? She notice Blackjack stopping in his tracks and turned his head to face her.

"Yes ma'am?"

Aileen took a deep breathe, "where is my father? Is he alright"? Hesitation filled his veins. He has no clue as to how to tell her of her father's passing, murder. There was no telling what she would say or do.

"Why don't you eat, finish, then head out. We will talk then." He replied, closing the door behind him.


Blackjack sighed in relief and ran his fingers through his hair. He had more time, just a tad bit but, enough to get his story straight and simple. He worried about what would happen to her once he told her the truth about her father's death.

Would it be a great sorrow for the rest of her life? Would be go balistic? Would she blame him for not protecting him?

No, he could not dare to think the last part but it seemed all the more reasonable. Though he was not of The Duke of Diamonds, his duty was to protect him and his family no matter the cost and he had failed.

From the corner of his eyes, he saw Sarah/Death Star approaching him, her blonde nartual curly hair swaying back and forth within the wind as it blew.

"So, have any plans on how you're going to tell her?" She asked, taking a cig out for him and herself. After she gave one to Blackjack, he lit his and puffed out a good amount of smoke up in the cold air. He was begining to relax but was not enough to keep him wondering about what Aileen would do.

"I think I do. I am just worrying how she'll react." He stated, inhaling and exhaling the smoke again. Sarah did the same with her's then leaned back against the wall. Her mind wondering off the same as his. She decided to change the subject.

"You love her," She blurtted out, taking him aback for a split second. She chuckled a bit before it turned into a giggle. "It isn't hard to figure out, don't worry. Your secret is safe with me along with who else knows."

Blackjack nodded, not bothering to be taken aback when she told him she knew he loved Aileen. He watched her go inside for warmth against the cold weather. Was she ever going to admit to Death Bringer? Samuel?


Stacey and Xavier were inside the hotel's eating area, both having coffee and a muffin. Stacey stared at the image of her partner.

He was buff but not too buff. Ripped with muscles and his hair split perfectly, the ends like sharp, black thorns. his chistled lips ready to be greeted by her own. But by god she hated him. Or did she?

As much of a dare devil, "Shadow Rider" he is, he always finds a way to get himself into the brink of death and them escaping it at the last minute. She feared for him and every time, she wanted nothing but to smack him, punch him for his foolishness.

"Are you going to eat that?" Xavier asked, snapping her out of her trance. Stacey looked down at her untouched muffin then nodded shyly. She mentally hit herself. Punished herself. She was never shy. Shyness of another form of weakness.

"Oh, yeah, I am." Stacey murmured, taking a bite out of her blueberry muffin as she watched him lean back and take a sip of his coffee, watching the waitress go by, winking right at him, he winked back.

Jealously reign through her veins as she chewed and chewed, taking slow, demonic bites.


Death Bringer/Samuel was just finishing packing up the bags when he heard the door open. The small creak alerted his ears as well as footsteps. He thought it might have been Blackjack but the steps sounded more lighter than a man's.

From the corner of his eyes, he saw a curly blonde haired girl coming in towards him, Sarah. She came right next to him and placed two baggage on the bed then swung the third from over her shoulder and placed it on top of the two.

Sarah/Death Star turned her attention to Death Bringer/Samuel who was looking at her, stareing at her, like some kind of predator, examining, stalking his prey up close. She blinked a few times in wonder before she snapped him out of his trance.

"Sam? Samuel? Are you doing alright?" She asked, worry in her tone of voice.

Samuel snapped out of his trance and went back to the luggage and snapped them all securely before lifting two of them in each hand and stalked out, not awnsering her question, her worry.


Xavier/Shadow Rider seated himself on his scratched up motorcycle with Stacey/Dark Knight behind him. He handed her his helmet leaving him without.

"Are you insane Shadow? The road we're about to head for is more than hecktic but insane. At the full speed we'll be going you're going to die."

The young rider rolled his eyes receiving a hard smack on the back of his head by her as he started the engine up, the break pulled up to the side, his foot planted on the ground to keep his bike steady as the rest of the Four Aces joined in before they all hit the road.

Stacey/Dark Knight held on tight around his waist, nearly cutting off his breathing system. His groan alerted her she was holding too tight. She loosen her grip and he took off at full speed when Blackjack drove off at the lead.


The car ride was silent, too silent. Blackjack stopped at a red stop light and turned on his turn signal, waiting both patiently and impatiently for the light to turn on.

Sarah/Death Star was whispering to Samuel/Death Bringer who was chuckling at her comment then looked up at Blackjack whose impression was of curiosity and sterness. The light turned green and Blackjack made a right turn.

Aileen started to grow impatient. Blackjack had promised her that after they ate, he would tell her what happened to her father at the peak of the chaos. Had he forgotten to tell her by accident? Was there too much on his mind? Or was it he just didn't want to tell, so he forgot to tell her on purpose. All those questions reign through through her mind. She rubbed her temple with a few of her fingers, a headache was coming.

"Princess, are you alright?" Blackjack asked, noticing the stressed look on her face from the corner of his eyes.

"I am fine Blackjack. Tell me, have you forgotten your word by accident or on purpose?" Aileen asked, turning her head to look at him. She noticed his grip on the stirring wheel tightened, his knuckles becoming white, the color on his face drained. She had never seen him like this at all.

Death Star/Sarah and Death Bringer/Samuel both had the same impression and sunk lower on their seats, not wanting to be involved between the two.

Blackjack sighed and started to speed up a bit, something he did when he wanted someone to change the subject. Aileen took notice of this, she straightened up and demanded, "as the daughter of The Duke of Diamond. I demand you to tell me what happened to my father or so help me I will summon the Force".

Blackjack pulled to the side and died the engine. He turned to face Aileen with a concern look on his face. He looked into the eyes of his secret lover and knew she was not going to like the news at all.

"Are you sure my princess?" He asked, she crossed her arms and nodded, demanding also, he stop calling her "princess". He nodded and sighed heavily. He looked up at his comrades and they nodded, their seatbelts unbuckled and their doors unlocked incase Aileen decided to do something drastic when she recieved the news.

"Very well. Aileen. I have no comfort words to say about this so I will tell you straigh forward as it would be best. Your father...was murdered."

Aileen's world stopped, fell apart.


This must be a joke! This has to be a joke. Her father? Murdered? Sure he need to be protected but he could take care of himself and surely there had been people, allies surrounding him. Why hadn't known protected him from the bullet who struck him down?

Aileen got out of the car and began pacing around, the loud sounds of cars driving by deafen her ears as well as tears of disbelief and rage. She took no notice when Blackjack got out of the driver's side and towards her.

When he walked up to her, she stopped her pacing and punched him square in the nose sending him backwards a few steps. Blackjack held his bleeding nose and cursed, luckily it wasn't broken.

"How could you? How could you let my father be murdered?! John! I trusted you to protect him and now he's gone because of you!" She yelled at him, tears flooding in her eyes.

Aileen started to sob at the thought of her father being murdered, soon her grief turned to pure rage as she looked up at Blackjack, tears burning her eyes as she glared hard at him. She stompped pass him, hitting his shoulder on purpose, as she made her way back to the car. She got back in and crossed her arms, not wanting any comfort from anyone.

Blackjack/John watched as she scold him, blamed him, the thought he feared the most. She now hates him, he had never felt the feeling of heart break, he didn't want it, never wished it. With a deep heaving sigh, he made his way back to the car and drove off again.


Xavier/Shadow Rider and Stacey/Dark Knight arrived at the destination in just a nick of time. It was a hide out that only they knew about. Aileen would be their newcomer to the hideout addition.

Xavier/Shadow Rider parked his bike once Stacey/Dark Knight got up and gave back his helmet, as he parked the young blonde haired rider/assassin fixed her messy hair before turning her heel and walked up the stairs.

She turned on the lights and inhaled the fresh air of the house. It had everything. A kitchen, bedrooms, safe rooms, safew for money and guns, phones everywhere, a large TV, a den, etc...

The kitchen was full with food, some from around the world, their safe was loaded with extra money and guns as well as memories each wanted to hold dear and in individual smaller safes, there were secrets. She looked her head over her shoulder to see if Xavier/Shadow Rider was coming her way.

She heard the TV come on and knew he liked to sleep while the TV was on, no one knew why but they all have nothing against that now, they were all used to it.

Stacey/Dark Knight turned the dial of her safe to unlock the code and opened it. She looked for a note and pen to write on. She knelt back down on the ground facing her safe and wrote on the note.

Shadow Rider.


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