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This is America; land of the free, home of the brave. In four major cities around the country, a criminal organization flourished in its dealings. The Four Aces, as they were known, is probably the biggest multi-generational gathering of gangsters and criminals in the land. They had a finger in almost every business which had to pay them a regular sum of money since the inception of the Aces’ and the business’ new alliance. In return, not the protection that the lowlife scum promised where a rival gang would happily lay waste to the business and the protection would be none the wiser; instead, the Aces provided protection like ‘soldiers’ to guard their investments and their interests. Because, you see, loyalty means everything to them. With the police cracking down on crime lately, they are stepping up their game. They need all the help they can get for one great heist that would earn them their crown.


The Duke of Diamonds (Atlantic City)
The Baron of Spades (New York)
The Lord of Hearts (Miami)
The Bishop of Clubs (Boston) View table of contents...


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The rest arrived soon after. All miserable about the death of the Duke of Diamonds. Aileen went straight up the stairs when Samuel/Death Bringer lead her in. They heard the loud slamming sound of the door, it woke Xavier/Shadow Rider up.

He got up at bullet speed and turned his attention to Samuel/Death Bringer who shook his head in sadness. He knew, in the other's eyes, that Aileen has finally heard of the news. He felt sorry for her.

Death Star/Sarah went over and stood beside Dark Knight/Stacey who had her mouth stuffed with a sandwich, her stomach becoming satisfied from being famished. All were speechless and concerned about the duchess.

"Just give her some time to chill Blackjack, I am sure once she calms, she'll let you explain what happened to her father and why. I'm sure she'll understand, it wasn't your fault of her father's passing." Death Star/Sarah said placing a comfort hand on his shoulder.

Blackjack nodded as if he were agreeing with her but he knew well that Aileen's father was everything to her. He took care of her alone after her mother passed, though he suffered deep sorrow, his dark feelings meant nothing, little Aileen needed to be surrounded by safety and happiness. Blackjack had failed that from the moment the Duke was murdered.


Tears poured down from her eyes, burning, as she shook with sobs of her now dead father. The Duke of Diamond, was dead.

Now, whose to take over? She was still unfit, she did not need to be married but she's still inexperienced of being a leader, a ruler. Her father talked of no other relatives so she had none to take over.

No brothers, no sisters older, just her and her alone. Without an heir to the Diamonds. All would be lost.

Her cell began to ring at an unexpected time. It rang four more times before she decided to answer with precaution. She placed the cellphone up to her ear and quietly said her hello.

"Oh Aileen, thank god your alive!" She did not recognize the voice but she knew the tone was of a man. He had a deep voice, deeper than her father's. "Listen Aileen I do not have time but since now you're father is dead, all will be after you."

Before she could ask who was coming after her, why, and who he was, the man hung up leaving her in deep question.


Blackjack downed himself with as many alcohol as his body can handle without going into drunk insanity. When he was about to take his fifteenth shot, Shadow Rider/Xavier took the glass away and shook his head, drinking it himself.

"Blackjack, drowing yourself in various of beers will not change the situation we are in now. Now with her father gone, Aileen is now left alone in this wild goose chase. First they were after him, now it's her, she has now become the replacement target." Shadow Rider/Xavier said in a matter-of-fact way.

The scruffy assassin looked up at his comrade and nodded sincerley. He was right, his comrade, he can't just sit there in sorrow and expect nothing will happen no, things will happen, and it will be to the young woman.

Blackjack rose from the chair and brushed his coat, straightening it before he walked towards Aileen's room. To apologize.


She needed to protect herself. No longer will she rely on the Four Aces, the friends, comrades she once knew and loved now felt betrayed, dishonored, and hated especially the man she onced loved.

Who could she love a man who had let her father be killed? They had betrayed their loyalty to them both. They were meant to protect her and her father, now that the Duke of Diamonds was gone, long gone, Aileen was left alone, completely and utterly, alone.

Though some were of diffrent Aces, they all pledged their lives to protect all, the Lord of Hearts, The Bishop of Clubs, The Baron of Spades, and her father, The Duke of Diamonds but, her father now lies cold dead on the ground and his spirits up high.

The fault was their's, they all had broken their vow. Aileen made a vow herself out of frusteration, anger, dispair. Run. Never look back. Never rely on the Four Aces ever again.

When she finished her packing, she took off from the window, down a tree so close to where her window was and ran. Ran far, ran fast, ran hard. Never looking back, never wanting to look foward.


Blackjack went up to her room and knocked on the door and waited for a response. When he didn't recieve one, he knocked again, and again, and again. After what seemed hours to him, he jiggled the door and found it locked shut.

He attempted to open the door when it wouldn't budge, he had no choice but to kick it down himself. It took several tries before he finally got the door to collide with the carpet ground. What he found on the otherside of the door was not what he had expected.

Aileen was gone.

"AILEEN!!!" He shouted in both anger and frantic, alarming the rest of the Four Aces.


"Damn it all to hell! Where is she?!" Blackjack shouted in fury, angry at himself for letting her go without protection. He was a fool, a damn fool for doing so and now, he has to pay the consequences.

The rest of the Aces got up from their spots and followed Blackjack out the door. None could stop his determination, his rage, his fury.

"Dammit Blackjack, slow down!" Death Bringer/Samuel shouted, taking everyone aback including himself. Death Bringer/Samuel had always been the quiet one, Shadow Rider/Xavier or Dark Knight/Stacey were the only ones who had the guts to yell out to Blackjack.

Blackjack stopped in front of Shadow Rider's bike before he sighed. He slipped his hands deep inside of his pockets before he turned to face the Aces, his impression like none they and seen in years.

"I know Samuel, but the fault is mine, I must go after her or who knows what will happen to her. With the Duke now gone, all will be after her and then the rest. They had after the Duke and his daughter for years because they had the equipments most need for the rest of the Aces. Aileen shouldn't be the one to suffer the consequences for her father, nor it was her father's fault for the mess we've always been in." Blackjack stated, his tone determined.

All of his comrades nodded and let Blackjack go. Shadow Rider threw his keys to the bike towards him and the helmet as well. They all took a step back to make room for him before he turned the bike on and rode out to find her.


Aileen had just hung up her conversation on one of the payphones in the airport. She looked left then right before she picked up her bags and walked towards her number and sat down on one of the many seats. Her ticket was in her hand and she waited patiently for the flight number to be called as she watched people getting on and off of diffrent other planes.

She hoped to god above that Blackjack would not come after her and if he did which she knew he would, was in his instincts, she highly hoped he wouldn't make it in time to drag her back to the house.

Aileen continued to watch the people come and go, not bothering to worry about being captured or not, none of that meant anything to her anymore. All that mattered was her father, she wanted him back but she knew that was too good to be true.

She wanted to be away. Away from the state her father had been murdered, away from the Aces, away from adventure, away from him. She sighed heavily and leaned back in her seat as a flight number before her's was called.


Blackjack pressed hard on the bike and with all his might, went full force speed passing every car who was in his way. He passed some police cars and gave them a wild car chase to try and catch him. He had no time for thrills. He managed to lose two out of four, the rest were on his tail.

"I don't have time for this." He muttered to himself, reaching in his backpocket for his gun, he glanced over his shoulder for a second to verify the tires before he turned his head back to the main road and began to shoot the tires until all were flat.

He hoped to god Aileen hadn't left before he managed to arrive in time before she leaves for good. He had wondered though. Had the Duke planned all of this? Did he actually planned his own death? No, he mustn't have. He couldn't...would he?

All these questions, frusteration, and determination all ran rapidly in his mind, he nearly collided with a cement truck if he had not made a sharp turn and held on tight, he would have become a statue, then what good would he be to Aileen? To all of the Four Aces.


First was the Lord of Hearts, the eldest being at the age of forty-one, then came in the Baron of Spades at the age of thirty-seven. The Duke of Diamonds, her father, at the age of thirty-one and stopped when he breathed his last. The last was the Bishop of Clubs, age twenty-eight. No one knew how old the King of Aces was, some suspect he was older than the Lord of Hearts, others say he was as young as the Bishop of Spades.

Aileen sighed and sank in lower into her seat then straightened when she felt herself falling onto the ground. Sooner before she fixed herself on the chair, her flight number was called. She let the others pass before her and sighed before she followed the crowd towards the airplane.

She gave the lady her ticket to scan. When the lady was gone, she smiled and wished her a wonderful flight. Aileen, again, let the others pass before her as she looked around, she was going to miss Atlantic City, but she knew she must.

Aileen turned to her heel and walked inside the plane and waited for the flight to descend. Her mind was blank, without protection, what was she to do? She would have to permantely change her whole look. Was she ready?


As buff, dark, and mysterious as Shadow Rider/Xavier was, he was one hell of a demon in the kitchens. The three other Aces who have remain behind all seated around the table with beers either on their hands or the table as they waited and drank for him to be done with the food.

"Xav, we're starving over here!" Dark Knight/Stacey complained, trying her best to ignore the painful feeling of her stomach, begging for even one bite.

Shadow Rider/Xavier couldn't help but roll his eyes as he placed the cold servings on the table then went back to get the main dish in the oven. When he arrived, he was wearing no ovenmit, nor did he have pot-holders to protect him from the burning heat.

Sweat already appeared on his brow and his hands were red, if he didn't put the dish down, he was, for sure, going to have blisters.

"Are you nuts Xav?!" Dark Knight/Stacey yelled out as he placed the dish in the center of the table then looked into her eyes, her impression was of disappointment and worry. Her hands were on her hips, he couldn't help but admire those hips and waist. To have them all beneathe him, for him alone to touch and her hands alone to touch him.

He shook the fantasy out of his mind and grinned a teasing grin. "Don't worry about it Stace, it's good training. Why do you think I bathe in only iced water"? He could tell she was about to protest but she huffed and seated herself back down, no longer hungry.


He was too late. He arrived at the airport since he had that gut feeling she would fly to runaway. When he asked about a young woman about Aileen, the man behind the counter knew who Blackjack was talking about but was upset to tell him, he was too late.

Blackjack couldn't believe it, didn't want to believe it. He wanted to strangle the man for possibly lying, for making a huge joke just to scare him but when the man gave him proof, he knew, it was too good to be true.

She really was gone.

And it was all his fault...


Blackjack made his way back to the bike, his hands in his pockets. He wasn't the same. He exctually obeyed the traffic lights and got himself a ticket in which he paid right away before the police could leave. What had she done to him?

He had to stop for gas on his way back to the house. He phoned Death Bringer/Samuel saying he was going to be late. He told Death Bringer/Samuel he had failed the task, Aileen was gone.

From the other line, Death Bringer/Samuel told them all about Blackjack's news and that Aileen was gone. Atlantic City, The Diamond City, was now doomed. Doomed to all whose loyalty remained to the deceased Duke of Diamond.


Aileen had gallen asleep during the flight and once it was over she had to be woken up by the flight attendent. Aileen smiled shyly and got out of the plane with her bags and looked around. She was lost.

She began to.follow the signs telling her where the exit was. No such luck. No matter what she kept on getting herself lost even with the signs, pictures, as her guide, she's still completely and utterly, lost.

"You lost. Duchess of Diamonds?" A man's voice appeared from behind Aileen, startling her. She took a deep breathe and turned around to reveal a black haired man and ice blue electric eyes. The white skin man wore a stripped tux with a blue silk tie, dress pants to match the tux and a white clean ironed shirt to.cover his torso.

Aileen couldn't help but gasp in surprise. She was now standing right there, right here in front of him. It had been so many years since she had seen him but yet she was but a child of merely six when she first met him then thirteen when she last saw him. Finally, after so many long years, she was now face to face with...

The Lord of Hearts.


The Lord of Hearts was like her father, one of the most mysterious men but King of Aces was extra mysterious, no one knew where he dwelled, his looks, or his name. All they knew was he was the KIng of all the Aces around the States.

Aileen followed the Lord towards his black limo which parked not too far from them. He let her go in first before he went in himself. Once he got in and settled, he told the driver to drive to his house.

"Aileen, may I ask what are you doing here and not with your bodyguard and father?" The Lord of Heart asked, taking out some wine for them both. Aileen refused the wine with a gesture. He shrugged and drank his glass, waiting for her to anwser his question.

"My father is dead and Blackjack means no more to me," She said as tears threatened to fall from her eyes. It took her all not to let them fall down her cheeks, she could feel her eyes burning from doing so. From the corner of her eye she saw the Lord of Hearts nod in symphony. Aileen turned her head to face him. "What is you name my lord?"

The Lord of Hearts chuckled and set the two glasses down and closed the cuboard beneathe him where the champaine and other wines were before he turned his attention to Aileen with a broad smile.

"Matthieu. My name is Matthieu."


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