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the society of shadows

Novel By: Audrey Wilson
Action and adventure

When Sammy sees an odd being dashing around in the fields, she thinks nothing of it, but when the same thing is standing in her room as she wakes up in the middle of the night, she knows that something is very worng. View table of contents...



Submitted:Mar 13, 2012    Reads: 20    Comments: 4    Likes: 1   


The sky was spread with puffy, round clouds and was a fine, light blue- and the air itself was hardly as humid as it had been the past few days. The atmosphere was rather light colored, considering the sky, the golden weeds, and the blue water of the small stream. Of course, the knotted brambles and red thorns that lined the area ruined the whole view, seeing as they were somewhat spacious.

Sammy listened to the relaxing chirp of birds and the swish of weeds and trees, and savored the sweet air. Sammy was average sized [for an 11 year old] with light blonde hair, a thinner appearance, and a typical green shirt and blue jeans. Her blue eyes crinkled as she inspected the land, the animals, and the plants with great interest. Sammy had a fascination for nature, the greatest passion for the outdoors. Everything seemed interesting, especially anything that had to do with birds. Although she also enjoyed playing on her small digital device, the wilderness was the greatest wonder she could imagine.

She slightly sighed. Such a nice day, she thought dreamily. It was actually quite the normal day, although it was most likely just the relief of the recently passed winter. She counted each bird that flew past- a fine looking cardinal, a gold finch, and then- something else. It flew out of sight, past the other birds, and into the brambles.

Interesting, she thought curiously. She stood as high as she could, struggling to get a view- failure. She tried yet again, going so far as to letting the leather on the uppers of her shoes bend right forward- failure. Failure, failure, failure. She trotted forward, onto the weedy slope near the edge of a tree line. She saw it again, this time heading in to the southwest, by the tree line.

Again, she thought, inquisitiveness pounding vigorously in her heart. This time she ran, her arms swinging at her sides. It must be here!

But it wasn't. It was plain out of sight, probably somewhere in the trees. She at first felt out of luck, but then perseverance skidded through her mind. She went towards the trees, threw herself under the shade, cracking several twigs and branches. Dusty light poured through the branches. She then saw what looked like the end of a cloak swish through the ground. Vitality made her pant with excitement.

She followed, and saw a black form about her shape split through the trees, back into the open. She again saw something fly through the air, and a blast of wind flittered her hair and chilled her face. What was that? She thought, slightly disappointed.

She trudged back home, slumped onto the living room couch, and didn't say a word on the subject. A bit later that night, at about midnight, Sammy was fast asleep. It wasn't that deep of sleep, but it was a bit hard to wake her, and the ring of chatting adults from dowstairs didn't seem to bother her.

Then, suddenly, she awoke. Cold sweat dripped down her pale face and there seemed to be no apparent reason for her awakening. Her hair was sweaty and matted to her face- and hair covered her eyes so much that she could hardly see. But it didn't seem to matter to her her, for she was staring at the huge, black being at the other side of the room.


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