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After the humans leave when the mysterious glowing lights come to earth, the wild cat Tamarin gets a message from a mysterious tom who stops by the family inn- he is the one to save the world from the light people. View table of contents...


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The sky was a warm, peach/ gold color. The trees were swaying a bit dully today but the wind chorused a nice, easygoing song.

Tamarin struggled to keep the rickety, swaying inn on the branches. Railus inched his way up the thin vine, although stepped back in fear; it wavered dangerously and both he and Tamarin dug their claws in the leaves for hold.

"There's no way!" Railus shouted over the screaming wind. "The walker is blown out, we'll have to re-hand tomorrow!"

But Tamarin was still determined. His father was back soon, and he was expecting the inn to still be on its hinges. He took a fierce leap, looking with lighting speed back at Railus to see if he was holding on- and he wasn't.

"Railus!" he hissed/ yelled, but felt his lungs fail him as the vine thinned and loosened by the half-second.

"I told you it was loose!" Railus snapped. "Alright"-

But it was too late. There was a faint crack and the vine was flying down; the entire inn was down, they would have to rebuild. Tamarin's claw were latched the leaves, and air rushed through his fur. He yowled, and he could hear Railus's cry of pain as a whap came after the recent crack.

"Railus, you fool!" Tamarin barked, but Railus was already falling, groaning all the way.

Tamarin sighed, and outstretched a claw to reach higher on the now half-missing inn.

"Tam, you'll tear it even further off!" he heard Railus call dozily. "Probably rip it in half while you're at it."

Tamarin looked down at his brother's bulky, muscular shape lying upon the forest floor far down below. From there, he extended his claw upwards again and then again until he was nearly to the top, where he could grip the exposed tree bark and climb to the other side from above.

He leaped high and strained to stay in the air as the branch came within slight reach, but his heart dropped as he felt himself falling down. His claws felt an odd sensation as his claws latched back onto the tree- but at least he was safe and still on the tree.

He expanded his claw yet again towards the gray bark and this time got a more stable grip and then heaved himself up; he could feel his ears prickling with strain. But then he felt his elbows press flat against it, and then his chest.

With a groan, he was up, and his paws were now sore with tension. He padded against the branch and looked down at Railus, whom was now slinking back towards the hanging inn. Tamarin quickly crossed it, and then faced his real problem- fixing the inn. He goggled at the yellow tendrils of the tree and his mind sunk. It was a long jump, about three yards that spiraled downwards towards a rocky outcropping.

He took a great chance by jumping that day, but as the wind rushed through his fur and the pressure stung his eyes, he made it. He landed with triumph, heavily breathing, eyes wide, but he had made it, and he could at least now fix the inn.

It took just a few minutes- all that really had to be done was to lift the vine up and tie it securely, and afterwards Railus sewed a cover so that further damage was preventable. The same was done with the other side and Tamarin took a light nap while Railus sewed some extra edging to the inn.

Within a few minutes, Tamarin flew into the air and looked out over the scenery around them. That smell, that familiar smell that was of Sodava, that retched old mother of his.

"It's her…" Railus groaned, rolling his eyes. Tamarin nodded feverishly in agreement.

"We'll just have to endure it", he sighed, and then prepared some fresh mouse soup for his stickler of a mother.


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