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The Ancient Ones: Founding The Tribe of Screaming Tigers

By: BaniTheKitty

Chapter 1, Above

                                                  The Ancients

Blowing Wind- Ple gray tabby tom with silver brown streaks and amber eyes. Darkened Clouds mate.

Darkened Cloud- Dark gray she cat with black patches and Yellow eyes. Blowing Winds mate.

Rabbits Leap- light brown tabby tom with white paws.

Falling Petals- Creamy brown she cat with ginger patches.

Spiders Web- black tom with long, white legs and white muzzle. Darkened Cloud and Blowing Winds.kit.

Fluffy Tail- Fluffy, 6 moon moon white tom with blue eyes. Soft Paws brother.

Soft Paws- soft, 6 moon moon silver white she ct with blue eyes. Fluffy Tails sister.

Leopard Tooth- golden dappled she cat with amber eyes. Cheetah Breezes and Lion Manes sister.

Cheetah Breeze- yellow golden she cat with black spots and.pale green eyes. 

Lion Mane- Goldn tabby tom with a fluffy neck and pale yellow.eyes.

Streaming  Brook- Brown tom with white paws tail and pale orange eyes.

Tiger Heart- Orange and Blackk she ct with dark geen eyes. Future leader of Tribe of Screaming Tigers.

Lions Blaze- Golden tbby tom with mane and amber eyes. Reincrntion of Lionblaze. Mate of Tiger Heart.



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