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The Ghost - A Superhero Novel

Novel By: Basil Grayce
Action and adventure

Being s superhero isn't all it's cracked up to be. Trust Annabelle Grayce, AKA The Ghost, she knows! Here is a behind the scenes view of the life of a superhero. View table of contents...



Submitted:Dec 29, 2012    Reads: 23    Comments: 4    Likes: 0   


For every action there is a consequence. Whether it is a good consequence or a bad one is up to the action that you perform. Unless of course if you are a superhero. There are no good consequences for being a hero, unless if you count having everyone you care about, including yourself, put in danger every day a good thing. Yes, there is the fact that you are saving countless people from destruction and harm, but you could end up making the ultimate sacrifice for doing so.

The feeling of wind flowing around me. This is the greatest part of being who I am. Every day the same things occur: I wake up, don my super-suit, and save the citizens of Greytown from countless evildoers. The only thing I look forward to during the day is flying. The freedom, the escape, and the beauty make up for every bad thing in my life.

You see, I was born to two loving parent, Don and Sarah. When I was born, I had a strange gene which gave me my powers. I had a very normal childhood, until I was 7. This was the year that my parents were killed in a car crash. This was also the year, and the same incident, where my powers exposed themselves. Without my abilities, I would have never survived the crash. From that day on I lived at an orphanage. People thought that I was a perfect child when they first met me, and I had many friends. I was pretty girl with my long dark brown curls and piercing green eyes, and I never showed my powers. Ever.

AS the years progressed and I got to be older, people started to notice that I was different. My chores took me less time due to my strength and stamina, and I had no trouble getting perfect grades in school. Eventually I found a family who wanted to adopt me. I was 11 years old, and very surprised when I received notice of the adoption. My new mother and father, Jane and Ty, were very excited to have me since they couldn'thave children of their own. Life seemed good, until my mother contracted cancer. She died when I was 18 and left me a letter explaining that she knew about my abilities (I'm still not sure how she did), and that she had created a special outfit for meso I could fulfill a duty to society. Being their superhero.

This is the same night that my father committed suicide. He also left a note saying that he was sorry for leaving me, but that he couldn't live without his Jane. He said that knew about my abilities, and that I should take up the name Ghost because I always seemed to move in an airy, silent, ghostlike fashion, and to keep the streets of Greytown safe.

My days were spent attending parties and keeping up the Grayce family name. When Ty died, heleft me his business, house, and even his butler, Raymond. So I now live with 5 maids, 2 ladies in waiting, 3 chefs, and Raymond in a huge mansion. I always feel like a mixture of Batman and Superman (Batman's life, and Superman's powers).

Know a bit about me, I hope you stick around to learn all of the details, my fights, loves, issues, and happy times!


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