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Okay, this isn't a hostage or anything to do with violence. So, it's about this girl who wants to experience the world View table of contents...



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The trees flailed in the wind, the wind whizzing past the branches, leaves twirling around the fields, the fields of Coventry Field.
A girl sat, underneath an apple tree, she was young, around eight. Her name was Fantasia. A keen brunette willing to travel around, her dazzling hazel eyes roamed the fields, searching for something, no clue. Her small pink lips were cold and saw, as the cold spring breeze brushed past her.

She gave a sigh of boredom. Bit her lips and stood up, slowly. Daisies and long grass weaved in between her toes, causing a cold sensation through her feet. The sun beamed down as she wandered up to her cottage, where her mother and father lived.
"Fantasia!" her mother called from an open window. She looked up at the house, and flew across the field towards the front path. She opened the door, panting. "You needed me?" she asked, looking at her mother in the eye, her mother sighed, annoyed with Fantasia's restless soul.
"I told you not to go into the field," she replied, "I said that people go in that field, including strangers," she clarified, pouring boiling water into a mug, "But mother, I was not adventuring!" she exclaimed with anger. Her mother looked back at her, her sky-blue eyes widened, "What did you say?" she demanded, turning to her and looking at Fantasia in her face, who tried to be confident, "I was-" she started, soon being interrupted by her father who had just walked in, who had a piece of toast in his mouth. "What is with all the racket?" He asked looking at both his wife and Fantasia, "I- I'm sorry, Mother, Father." she responded, quietly, looking down at her toes. "I should think so!" retorted her mother, turning back to finish making a cup of tea. Her father looked at her in the eye, anger flared in his eyes as he bit into his toast, and soon, strutted out the room. Fantasia looked back up at her mother, 'Sorry' was written all over Fantasia's face, "Mother, I'm sorry." she said, biting into her lip, not wanting to get into more trouble. Her mother looked at her, "It's okay, just don't talk back to me," reaching out to Fantasia, "I'm sorry too," Fantasia expressed confusion on her face, "What for?" she asked, curiously. Her mother stood up and looked down at her clustered face, "Well, I shouted at you, I'm sorry, you may return to the field," Fantasia's face brightened, "IF you promise not to wander off," Fantasia paused for a moment and looked at her mother, Smiling and nodding with joy, "I promise!" she announced with gleefully and ran out of the screen door and into the field.

~End of Chapter 1~


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